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Buying an Apartment Refrigerator might be the only option for those with a very small kitchen. The size of these refrigerators range from 2.9 cubic feet to 18 cubic feet. But for a fridge to be true “apartment size” it’s usually between 7 cubic feet and 16 cubic feet. Most refrigerators in this class come with a small, but separated freezer unit which allows for a limited amount freezer storage.

One of the best things about apartment fridges is that, unlike compact refrigerators, they have the look and functionality of a full-sized fridge and offer up enough storage space for about two people. If you have limited floor space, but still need a refrigerator that functions like a full size that you plan to use every day, an apartment sized refrigerator is for you. (Some consumers choose to use these refrigerators as their main fridge but you can also use them as a secondary fridge for a game room or guest house.)

  • Tip: If you’re looking for a second refrigerator for extra storage, an Apartment Refrigerator is not a good option as they are meant to keep smaller portions of food on hand and are meant for every-day use in smaller spaces.

Common Apartment Refrigerator Features

Here are just a few of the features you might find in a typical Apartment Size Refrigerator:

  • Frost Free which is important considering how small the freezer space is to begin with - add a layer of ice and you'll have nothing left.

  • Clear crispers for fruits and veggies making it much easier to see what's in the fridge at a glance and adding a larger refrigerator feel.

  • Some come with an ice compartment or even a factory installed ice maker, adding a great deal of convenience.

  • Most newer models are Energy Star Qualified to save you money on your energy bills and decrease the energy you consume.

  • Glass Spill Proof Shelving

Apartment Refrigerator Styles and Finishes

Apartment refrigerators come in many different finishes to match almost any décor, even stainless steel. Some more international brands we found made a few with pictures and bright colors.

As for styles, due to the limited amount of space, there are generally only top freezer models available. Although we were pleasantly surprised to find a handful of models have a freezer on the bottom allowing for a much easier use.

Apartment Refrigerator Brands

The five brands we found offer a great deal of selection as well as quality. Just be aware that a lot of selection is relative in this category as not the need for an apartment size refrigerator isn't as large as that for a full size one.

  • Absocold: In our research we were able to find one model that came in two different colors which was Energy Star Rated as well as frost free. The two model numbers are: ARD1031FW (white) and ARD1031FB (black)

  • Avanti: They pride themselves in the fact that their refrigerator/freezers of this size have more space and have more features than others making them the perfect choice for apartment use.

  • Danby: Danby has one of the largest selections of apartment refrigerators that we could find. With seven models which ranged from 7.8-11 cubic feet and came in either white or black and stainless.

  • Fagor: If you live in Europe this is a great line of products to look into for an apartment refrigerator. Their models are quite sleek in design and are made with a finger print free stainless steel just to mention a few neat features.

  • Haier: The two different models they make have a capacity of 8.1 and 12.2 cubic feet for storage space though if you are looking for different finishes Haier won’t do as these two only come in white.

    • TIP:If you are looking for a smaller size Haier refrigerator than either of the models listed above, then take a look at Haier compact refrigerators.

  • Sanyo: In this range they only have 3 models that range from 9.5 – 10.3 cubic feet. Just be aware that two of three have a freezer (SR-4800W and SR-1031W/S) and the third only has an ice compartment (SR-9512W). Of the three, only SR-4800W is Energy Star Qualified and has an option of stainless steel.

  • Summit: We were pleasantly surprised to find 3 options of 24” wide apartment sized models that offered factory installed ice makers and several different finishes. We also loved one model which had a bottom freezer, making it much easier to use this fridge (though it was 27.5” wide).

Apartment Refrigerators are great options for those who need the feel and functionality of a full-sized refrigerator, but simply don’t have the space.

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