Apartment Size Refrigerator

Perfect Refrigerator to Fit Your Smaller Space

Whether or not to buy an apartment size refrigerator can be a bit confusing because there are several different types of small refrigerators the fall into this category.

Here's the most important questions you'll need to ask yourself to make this decision:

1. Does it fit in the small amount of space you have?

2. Will I be able to store more than a few cans of soda and a sandwich in it.

3. How much freezer storage space do I need?

You'll be happy to know that apartment refrigerators do vary in size as well as in storage capabilities. Using these to factors as your guide we feel that you should be able to find the perfect small size refrigerator to fit all of your needs.

Different Types of Apartment Size Refrigerators

If this is the first stop on your journey to getting a new apartment refrigerator you probably think small refrigerators, mini refrigerators and compact refrigerators would be the three categories. You'd be one third correct, though they are actually called:

  1. Compact cube refrigerator (1.5-2.7 cu ft)

  2. Compact refrigerator (3.5-6.0 cu ft)

  3. Midsize refrigerator (7.0-16.0 cu ft)

As you can see, the biggest difference between these 3 is storage space. More often than not a compact cube or a is perfect for a very small studio apartment (with only one person) or a dorm room.

If you actually have the space for a midsize refrigerator (also known as an apartment size refrigerator) then bigger is probably better and the right choice for you. Even though a midsize refrigerator is smaller than a regular size fridge, you should have enough food storage to cook for yourself more than a few times a week. Click here to learn more about apartment refrigerators.

TIP: If you have the space for it, you may want to consider looking at compact freezers as well so that you'll have plenty of freezer storage space.

5 Questions in Deciding Which Apartment Size Refrigerator You Need

1. How much space do you have in your kitchen?

  • If you don’t have a kitchen then you can go right to the compact or compact cube refrigerator sections. If you do have a kitchen, albeit probably pretty small (especially if you live in NYC) by measuring the space you have you will be able to figure out which apartment size refrigerator will actually fit and what is the largest capacity you can place in your kitchen.
  • The first set of measurements you’ll need is the size of the opening you have in your kitchen. This will encompass the height, width and depth of the opening. Read on to question number two for more measurements you’ll need to know. 

  • 2. Do you have enough room for a single door or do you need a half sized door? Also do you need an apartment size refrigerator that opens to the right or left?
  • To know how much space you have for the ‘door swing’ take a tape measure and extend it out as far as you can without hitting any furniture or cabinets. 
  • The key to this is to remember that doors swing at an arc and to check from the floor level as well as from waist level throughout the entire arc. It is from this measurement you will learn whether you can get a single door refrigerator or if you need a double door refrigerator (e.g. - Side by Side or French door). Tip: Don’t be surprised if you need a double door as we’ve found that quite often smaller sized kitchens often do need this due to this fact.  
  • 3. How much fridge storage capacity do you need? The best way to determine this is to first consider how many people will be living there and how often you cook at home? The basic rule is you should have 4-6 cubic feet of storage space per adult in your home.

    4. Do you cook with a great deal of fresh foods? Then you might want to consider buying a French door refrigerator as they typically offer more fresh food storage space.

    5. Do you cook and freeze a food a lot? If this is more of what you do than question the question above, then a side by side model will help you a great deal with that but be aware that you won’t be able to put any large trays or items in the fridge as well. Which ever fridge you purchase just make sure there is a great deal of freezer space.

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