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A car refrigerator is the ideal purchase for someone who spends a great deal of time in their car either for business or for travel. Most of us forget how nice it is to have the ability to take along food that might otherwise spoil and have cold beverages cool at the same time.

These refrigerators are also known as travel coolers and are great for other uses as well. One great feature is that most of these refrigerators can either be plugged in with the AC/DC adapter into a wall plug or instead use 12V plug in your car with the lighter.

TIP:In case you need something to keep something frozen you’ll be happy to know that there are also portable compact freezers that have the same abilities as a refrigerator for your car except it keeps things frozen. We've found that many fishermen love this due to the ability to freeze their catch even before going home.

Different Sizes of Car Refrigerator

In our research we’ve found that most manufacturers have created three different groupings of their models and each is based one the number of quarts it can hold:

Small: Less than 18 Quarts

  • This is perfect small refrigerator if you only have a small amount of space such as behind or between a car seat. Typically this size can hold around two dozen cans of soda or two 3 Liter bottles. These are quite often called mini refrigerators.

Medium: 19-40 Quarts

  • We were able to find sizes from 26-36 quarts in this range. On the smaller end of this range the capacity basically means this portable refrigerator can hold around 32 cans of soda and on the larger side should be able to take care of an entire family’s need on the road or even a perfect size for tailgating.

Large: 41 and up Quarts

  • Capacity is no issue here because we found sizes from 45 – 86 quarts so the bigger question here has more to do with whether or not you have enough room in your car than enough room in your car refrigerator for your food.

Car Refrigerator Manufacturers

Due to the smaller demand of this product, we've found that there are a much smaller number of manufacturers that make this product. Though we were able to find four different brands that are worth looking at:

  1. Edge Star: They don't make portable refrigerators but instead primarily make portable freezers ranging from 43-86 quarts.

  2. Koolatron: The selection here was beyond our expectations ranging from 18-52 quarts with 3 models being able to be used as a cooler as well as a warmer.

  3. Wagan: These models are really perfect for a personal use as they range from 7 – 12 liters and some of them are both cool and warm.

  4. Peak: These range on the smaller side as well going from 9-12 cans in size.

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