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Finding the Perfect Compact Fridge for Your Dorm Room

Looking for the perfect dorm refrigerator for your dorm room? You're probably wondering which size you need and if it comes in some better colors than just plain old black and white.

First thing you'll need to know is that it also referred to as either a compact refrigerator or a compact cube refrigerator. The name dorm refrigerator is pretty much self explanatory.

Typically these refrigerators are just big enough to hold a few snacks (and leftover pizza) and a few cans of soda (and more than likely beer – sorry Mom and Dad!).

  • Rent or Buy?
    Students are often presented the opportunity to rent a refrigerator at the beginning of the year. But in comparing the costs of purchasing vs renting for 1 to 4 years, it seems much more logical to buy. (More money for beer…er, uh, we mean school books.)

4 Things to Consider When Buying a Dorm Refrigerator

Before we can help you pick out the right refrigerator you'll need to answer these questions:

  1. How much space do you have in your dorm room?

    • This will help you to decide whether or not you should buy a compact refrigerator or a compact cube refrigerator (which is about half the size of a standard compact refrigerator).

    • Typically a compact cube is perfect for when there is no floor space for a refrigerator unit and it is instead placed on or below a desk. Though you may want to consider a compact refrigerator (instead of a compact cube) if you have the floor space, because not only will it allow you to have more storage space inside the refrigerator but you will also be able to use the top surface of the refrigerator for either a small microwave or even possibly a hotplate (depending on whether or not your school allows such an appliance) for cooking.

  2. How much storage space inside the refrigerator do you really need?

    • Are you on a full school meal plan? Do you eat out for every meal? If so, you really won’t need that much space considering all of your meals will be taken care of, and you’ll just need the space for leftovers. You’ll probably just use the refrigerator for things like soda, milk, creamer and a few late night snacks.

    • However, if you are on a partial meal plan or none at all then you will need to consider a larger size refrigerator (and that hot plate and/or microwave if you’re allowed to have one) as you will probably be preparing more meals at home. Also remember that while you might be a freshman this year, you may want more space in it for your sophomore, junior or senior years, assuming you’re no longer on the meal plan and still living on campus.

  3. Do you need a freezer or just an ice tray area?

    • Consider how much you plan on eating in your room. If you think it will be a lot (be sure you’re factoring in everything from your Lean Cuisine and Stoffers entrees to those frozen burritos and ice cream cravings that come at 1:00am) then you will definitely need more than just an ice cube tray.

    • If you need specifically frozen storage space they do make a compact freezer

  4. What type of refrigerator does your school/dormitory allow?

    • Be sure to do a little research on exactly what types of refrigerators (and other appliances) are allowed in your dormitory. You might be surprised to find that your particular school has a policy that may prevent you from having a compact appliance.
    • It could be due to excess strain on the electrical circuit, space limitations, or any number of reasons. Just be sure you check with your Resident Advisor upon arrival or contact the General Facilities office of your specific college.
Remember, the goal here is to pre-determine what your needs are and then decide what model of dorm refrigerator is best for you.

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