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In looking for a Haier compact refrigerator you will first need decide if you are looking for a regular every day refrigerator or if you need a specialty fridge like one of the Haier wine refrigerators.

If indeed you need a Haier mini refrigerator for regular everyday use then this page is the one for you. If you need more of a wine refrigerator then click here.

The good and bad news in looking for a Haier mini refrigerator is that you will have many different choices to choose from. We’re going to do our best to lay it out for you as simply as possible to allow you to make the best choice whether you are looking for a dorm refrigerator, an office refrigerator, or something to just hold your snacks and drinks while you watch the game.

Sizes and Styles of Haier Compact Refrigerators

The easiest way to break things down really is by size because that typically is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to buying a compact fridge. It’s also the easiest way to look at the different styles available.

Haier makes many different sizes of refrigerators. Considering the closeness in size we have grouped them into 4 different categories going from smallest to largest.

  1. Haier Compact Refrigerator: Compact Cube

    This size (1.7 cu. ft.) is typically called a compact cube or cube refrigerator and you’ll be happy to know that there are three different models in this size:

    • HNSEW02 - The Write Fridge
      This fridge is ideal as an office refrigerator or for dorm rooms as it is a huge white that’s great for leaving notes to yourself or others. It is truly a small fridge but it does have space in the door for one 2-liter bottle of soda. The freezer is truly for making ice cubes and doesn’t even have a door.
    • HNSB02
      This fridge looks just like the Write Fridge above but it doesn’t have the same writing surface though it does come in as a compact black refrigerator.

  2. C-RNU1708B NuCool™ Coolant-Free Refrigerator

    While the size of this refrigerator is the same as the two mentioned above, it is much more of a “green refrigerator” than either of them. It doesn’t have a compressor which makes it very quiet and still uses a very small amount of energy. The best part is that it doesn’t use Freon which has become a very serious issue having to do with global warming. If you want a compact fridge that will help the planet, then this is the one to consider.

  3. Haier Compact Refrigerator: Small Compact

    The storage capacity ranges between 2.5-2.7 cu. ft. Here are the three models of compact Haier refrigerator are:

    • Haier HNSE025
      While you wouldn’t think this size would hold much more than the category above that isn’t true. The biggest difference is in the height of this fridge.

      As for the interior, it actually has two shelves on the interior and has a can holder in the door that holds 5 cans of soda.

    • Haier ESRN025
      This refrigerator looks exactly like the one above except that it is an Energy Star compact refrigerator which should save you a bundle when it comes to your energy bill. This is one of the only 2 compacts with an energy star rating made by Haier.

      The interior is also like the one above as well.

    • Haier HSB03

      The interior storage of this model is 2.7 cu. ft. which is only slightly larger than the others.

      The biggest difference here really has to do with the door storage as there are two full shelves that will hold a great deal more as well as a door on the interior freezer which the other two do not have. (This will help decrease the amount of frost built up on the freezer.)

  4. Haier Compact Refrigerator: Medium Size Compact Fridge

    These four models range from 3.3 – 3.9 cu. ft. and may be similar in size but not in design. The smallest one actually has a separate top freezer while the 3.9 cu. ft. version has everything under one door.

    • Haier HSNE032 (3.2 cu. ft. version)
      If you are looking for a bit of an upscale model of compact refrigerator then this is the one to look at. It has a double can rack in the door to hold up to 8 cans as well as a gallon storage that can hold up to 2 gallons. The one real difference here is the 2 glass shelves. It’s very rare to find a compact refrigerator with glass shelves.

    • Haier HNDE03VS (3.3 cu. ft. 2 door refrigerator/freezer)
      This refrigerator actually looks like a “real” top freezer refrigerator with separate door for the freezer. That may not seem like such a big deal but in compact refrigerators it’s HUGE!

      You’ll also be surprised at the amount of storage space in the freezer. It also comes with a stainless steel finish so it actually looks like a miniature version of a full size fridge.

    • Haier HSA04WNCWW (3.9 cu. ft.)
      This fridge has a huge amount of storage space in it and is great for apartment living as well as an office refrigerator for a small staff.

      The 3 wire racks allow for a great deal of room but the freezer is quite small and is not a frost free refrigerator so it will probably need to be taken care of from time to time.

    • Haier HNSE04 (4.0 cu. ft compact refrigerator) –
      This large compact refrigerator works great for a bar refrigerator or as a dorm refrigerator. It’s perfect for snacks and sodas and won’t take up a great deal of room.

      It does come with glass shelves (3) like the refrigerator above but the freezer is much smaller and will hold very little more than in ice cube tray and a single frozen dinner.

  5. Haier Compact Refrigerator: Large Haier Compact Refrigerators

    These 3.6 cu. ft. models of Haier compact refrigerators are the perfect fit for extra storage in a smaller place such for an apartment refrigerator or for an office refrigerator. One of them is also Energy Star rated.

    • Haier HSNE05 (4.6 cu. ft refrigerator freezer)
      This Haier fridge comes in 3 different finishes: Black, White and Faux Stainless Steel. A great option for any dorm or office as it has a great deal of refrigerated space though a very small amount of freezer space. It does come with 3 glass shelves that make it feel more like a full size refrigerator than a compact.

  6. Haier ESRN046B (4.6 cu. ft. Energy Star fridge freezer)
    This is one of the only 2 models of compact Haier refrigerators with an Energy Star rating. (The other one has a capacity of 2.5 cu. ft.) It has 3 glass shelves and only comes in the color black.

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