Mini Personal Refrigerator

Small Refrigerators That Add Large Amount of Convenience

A mini personal refrigerator can range from a compact refrigerator (2.5-10 cu ft) to a compact cube fridge (1.5-2.7 cu. ft) and ending up with something as little as a mini fridge which pretty much just holds a six pack of cans.

We have a specific page that covers everything you need to know about both compact and compact cube refrigerators. If you would like to learn more about either of these please .

Mini Fridges, also known as the mini personal refrigerator and a personal fridge are fun little fridges that come in a variety of colors and styles. (Some of which are branded Coca-Cola refrigerators made specifically to fit a six pack of Coke products).

Styles and Colors of Mini Fridges

What these small refrigerators lack in storage capacity they certainly make up for in style. In our search we’ve found these personal refrigerators in almost every color – white, black, pink, purple, orange, blue, red, silver, we even found one with spinning lights on it and one shaped like an open can of Coca-Cola!

There's also a line of metallic colored mini fridges which come in purple, pink, green, blue and red and would certainly add a little flair to any dorm room or teenagers' bedroom.

If you are a Coca-Cola collector we have good and bad news for you. The good news is there are probably well over a dozen different styles of these personal mini refrigerators that have been adorned with the Coca-Cola logo on them.

The bad news is choosing which one (or several) to add to your collection may be a bit difficult as there are so many to choose from!

Mini Personal Refrigerator Features

While these coolers don’t come with a freezer capacity, there are many models that can be used to heat things up as well. While they aren’t really meant to cook something in them, many of these units can reach an internal temperature of 149 degrees.

What makes the cooling/warming process really interesting is that the majority of these refrigerators also come with a 12V AC/DC car adapter or a 12V cigarette adapter plug making it the perfect refrigerator to take on trips such as that local pre-game tailgate.

They are also perfect as an office refrigerator, outdoor refrigerator or even strictly a beverage refrigerator.

Considering the cheap price of these mini fridges quite often companies as well as sporting teams will have these made into promotional coolers to use as giveaways.

Think of how great it would be to have a cooler that you can plug into your car’s lighter that has the logo of your favorite team on it when you tailgate before the game?

Due to the relatively low price, there is really no specific mini fridges manufacturer that we would recommend over another for this type of refrigerator. Find a specific model that you really like. That has the color or shape you desire and that fits your needs.

But also realize that the longevity of these types of mini personal refrigerators is limited to 3-5 years on average.

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