Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

The Best Top Mount Whirlpool Gold Refrigerators

Looking for Whirlpool Gold top freezer refrigerator reviews? Then you’ve come to the right place. We here at RefrigeratorPro.com try to make your reviewing and buying process much easier with concise reviews and price comparison shopping. When it comes to Whirlpool Gold top mount refrigerators, you’ll see that the choice is rather limited.

Below there is a short overview for each of the three refrigerators. If you desire more information on any of these refrigerators, either click on the picture or the link titled "Read the full review".

  • Tip: Reading many reviews often makes the right fridge jump out at you. Though if none of them work, we suggest you take a look at the line of Whirlpool Top Freezer Refrigerators

The Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

Since there are currently only 3 refrigerators in this category we've reviewed all three. All of the possible choices are listed below. They range in size from 19 cu. ft to almost 22 cu. ft in storage space and come in Black, White and Stainless Steel.

1. Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Resource Saver Refrigerator G9IXEFMWS
Whirlpool Gold G9IXEFMWS
OVERVIEW: This is one fantastic, inexpensive top freezer refrigerator. It’s not huge but it has certain amenities like an ice maker and an internal water dispenser that really add something. Between the extra features, the added styling and the Energy Star rating this top freezer refrigerator is a must see. Read the full review.
Rating: .5

2. Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Resource Saver Refrigerator GR2FHMXVY
Whirlpool Gold GR2FHMXVY
OVERVIEW: This monochromatic stainless steel refrigerator is quite unique not only in it’s finishes but also in the added features for ease of use. It’s energy efficiency should save you a great deal of money, possibly even pay for the fridge over it’s lifetime. This fridge is a very interesting choice amongst many similar fridges. Take a look to see what we've found. Read the full review.
Rating: .25

3. Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator G2IXEFMWS
Whirlpool Gold G2IXEFMWS Top Freezer Refrigerator
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator takes the top freezer style and puts it on it’s ear. The sleek, updated styling as well as the automatic features take an old classic and make it updated classy. If you need a top freezer and but want a new fridge feel, then this is the fridge for you. Read the full review.
Rating: .75

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