Amana Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

The Best Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators on the Market

If Amana top freezer refrigerator reviews are is what you need then this is the perfect place for you. Out of all of the refrigerator styles made by Amana, you’ll find the most choices in top freezer refrigerators.

While Amana has implemented their “Good-Better-Best” concept into the choosing process of their refrigerators (not too many to choose between), this really doesn’t work as well with this style. If you are looking for just those three, there’s no problem but if you are interested in the smaller sizes or specialty top freezer refrigerators then you'll have to look beyond those three.

Though Amana is truly a company that is known for it's top freezer refrigerators. It started with them many years ago and, unlike other brands, knows that even though a top freezer refrigerator isn't as 'sexy' sounding as a bottom freezer or french door, they don't plan on discontinuing this model.

  • Tip: While not every one of these refrigerator reviews will be perfect for your needs, reading them all makes the decision process easier. Once you’ve seen what you do want, the ones that you don’t want become all the more easily to see.

The Best Amana Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Reviews

If you take a look below you’ll find the three Amana top freezer refrigerator reviews on the Good, Better and Best models we referred to as well as a good smaller top freezer option.

For more information then click on the link below to see our entire review on that specific model.

*Be aware that Amana has shrunk down the number of models that they make in the past few years. The 3 Amana top freezer refrigerators we've reviewed below are the only 3 that Amana currently makes.

1. Amana ART104TFDB Top Freezer Refrigerator (GOOD)
OVERVIEW: This 14.6 cu. ft. top freezer refrigerator is what Amana puts in their “small & good” category. If you are looking for a very basic top freezer refrigerator then this model is the one you will want to look at.

It comes in white, black & stainless steel finishes and is a must see if you are looking for an inexpensive top freezer. Read the full review.


2. Amana ART308FFDB Top Freezer Refrigerator (BETTER)
OVERVIEW: The first difference in this Amana top freezer refrigerator review is the finish which is stainless steel. This model is in the "Better" category and comes with a few more bells and whistles than the ART104TFD.

When we did research sales price for this refrigerator and were pleasantly surprised. Read the full review to see the deals we found on this refrigerator. Read the full review.

Rating:  .5

3. Amana A1RXNGFYS Top Freezer Refrigerator (BEST)
OVERVIEW: This model falls into Amana’s "best" category and the first obvious difference is the increased storage capacity at 21.9 cu. ft. The organizational abilities of this top freezer refrigerator is definitely an upgrade from both of the two Amana refrigerators above.

The will update any kitchen at a very comfortable price.Read the full review.


4. Amana A6TXNWFX Top Freezer Refrigerator (Smaller)
OVERVIEW: This refrigerator is something to consider if you are in need of a smaller fridge. We love the fact that you can change the side from which the door opens especially if this is going in a smaller space. While the wire shelves aren’t our favorite, though they are pretty common in a refrigerator of this size.

As for the price of this fridge, it’s very comfortable. Look at all of the other features and the deals we’ve found. Read the full review.

Rating:  .25

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Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators:
  Here's more information on what Amana Top Freezer Refrigerators have to offer!

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