Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator

The Best Top Freezer Refrigerators from Whirlpool Refrigerators

In reviewing Whirlpool Gold top freezer refrigerators you will find that your choices are limited. Whirlpool refrigerators makes their "Gold" line a superior quality and features.

While refrigerators began as top freezer refrigerators, all of the other style choices have made it much less popular. Though for those looking for a cheap refrigerator, this is the style to choose as they are the least expensive model on the market.

There are three (3) Whirlpool Gold top freezer refrigerators range from 19-22 cu. ft with an MSRP from $1299-$1349.

Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer Refrigerator Features

  1. ADA Compliant: To be classified like this there are many regulations that make these refrigerators great for disabled persons such as: the controls, all of the fresh food and half of the freezer storage must be kept lower than 4.5ft high.

    Everything needs to be easy to access with only one hand and need less than 5lbs of pressure to use.

  2. Energy Star Qualified: Now that energy conservation is at the top of everyone’s minds, all of the Whirlpool Gold Top Freezer fridges currently on the market are Energy Star qualified.

    • Tip: If you are looking at a discontinued model, double check to make sure that it is Energy star rated

  3. Filtered Water for Ice: While none of these top freezer refrigerators come with a in-door ice dispenser, they do come with a factory installed ice maker and a filter to make your ice taste great. Some even have an interior water dispenser.

  4. Updated Look: They may be top freezer refrigerators, but they don't look like it. They add ambiance to any kitchen. Whirlpool Gold did this by removing any sharp corners and giving it a sleek, stylish appearance. Top freezers never looked so good.

  5. Easy Food Storage: As you read through the reviews, you will see all of the compartments added for freshness and others specifically for utilitarian uses.

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