Our GE Monogram Refrigerator Is Complete Junk!!

by Jennifer

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We bought our GE Monogram Refrigerator in 2002 and have had at least 12 service calls trying to get it fixed.

You would think spending over $5000 for a refrigerator would mean a reliable product. In this case, it certainly doesn't.

The problem is wild swings in temperature between the freezer and refrigerator.

A number of parts including damper and electronic components have been replaced.

It simply will not stay fixed.

After untold hours of loading and unloading, spoiled food, and frustration , I am sorry we ever bought this beast.

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Comments for Our GE Monogram Refrigerator Is Complete Junk!!

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Feb 15, 2017
Ge monogram made to break
by: Anonymous

Ge monogram fridge and DW are complete garbage. Motherboards failing, leaking DW..Simply put GE puts out a deliberately defective set of appliances. We all tell all everyone to avoid GE at all costs. Jail GE executives for fraud!!!

Dec 27, 2015
Junked mine 3 years ago!
by: RayK

After haggling with GE about their crappy refrigerator (my side by side) they offered me s new fridge for about $2200 saving about half the price over a new one, instead I junked mine and bought a new LG French door fridge of the same size for about $2500. Same size, counter depth, similar functions. The only drawback was that it was not stainless steel wrapped on all sides.

See my GE complaints below.

We did it anyway since only 1/2 of one side was visible when in place.

Are we happy! No mold, quieter, better temp controls, longer warranty, and no regular repairmen needed! Seems roomier!

Highly recommended.

Dec 26, 2015
by: WORN out!

In 2005 we remodeled our kitchen and wet all out!
Wolf range soapstone counters and sink, and a GE built in side by side.
Model ZISB360DRG. I get sick every time I type that out! I've had GE out at least 10 times and only once it was to repair a problem successfully the solenoid for the ice dispenser door. All of the other visits, phone calls etc. were to figure out why does my freezer drop to -16 and fridge warm up to 48 every other month. Without rhyme or reason. I changed the Mother board, but quite frankly the old board was fine, yes I threw a part at it at after a tech on the phone thought it may be faulty. That didn't really bother me. What bothers me is this is a $5000.00 built in and NO ONE can show me a legitimate fix other than clean everything out, shut off the power, open the doors for 24 hours, then restart. It works for anywhere from 1 yo 6 months then "here we go again!!"
I would pay $500.00 today, if GE would say "we had a problem with such and such, but we have an updated part to address this." Hell I'd pay more!
I'm stuck, and I've patiently asked for help but I don't believe it exists. GE. PLEASE HELP US!

Dec 16, 2015
ge monogram junk
by: Anonymous

I've lost count of how many service call we had in the last 7 years of ownership but it's at least 7 times for sure. It's making noise again (non-stop) and the last service was a few months ago. No more call to ge though, I am surfing the net to see what would replace this piece of caca. Shame on ge ...american made ... trash. Btw, in the mean time our spare refrigerator run with no problem in the garage (it's a whirlpool, I think).

Oct 19, 2015
Monogram fridge
by: Susie

BLACK MOLD BEHIND MY FRIDGE SO WE HAVE Had this issue for 15 years ( I guess) without knowing it! I am on phone with GE now!

Sep 02, 2014
ge monogram side by side refrigerator
by: ivanka

this refrigerator is the worst! black mold problem!!! so many people have the same problem yet GE will noT recall. they offered to send a service guy free of charge but asked me to foot the bill to fix the problem or they offered to sell me another ge refrig at slight discount. i cant afford that GE!!! I have to clean my refrig every few weeks and my son developed respiratory problems and i firmly believe it has to do with this refrigerator.

Jul 11, 2014
I Couldn't have said it Better....or
by: Randy H & Family

Many service calls + $, Spoiled food ,moving food into Ice Boxes,finally purchased a back up fridge... always, 3 times a year,Big temp swings. We shut it down for 72 hours,as suggested by GE, and restart and all is good for from4 to 6 months and it does it again. Thanks to all the GE engineers who allowed this thing to get to market!!! If you only need a part time refrigerator, this is the one for you....

Jun 28, 2014
It's A Piece of Crap--I Agree
by: Anonymous

I've got the same refrigerator. Nothing but problems since 2003 when we bought it. In 11 years: two controller boards shot, one compressor shot,spring has broke 3 times. So many other problems, I can't remember. Bottom door does not sit tight enough (is uneven), no matter how many times we've had it adjusted, so there is always some ice buildup around the left corner. I'm an expert at replacing the rubber seal, it cracks on top about every two years, and on, and on. Last controller board I kept to look at. All parts from China, Thailand, and Indonesia (crap, I though all they made in Jakarta were Nikes). It looks nice with all my other stainless steel appliances (all of which are working perfectly after 11 years), that's about it.

Then Jeff Immelt tells everybody in the U.S. he has to ship manufacturingoverseas to be competitive. Indonesian electronic parts. Whew... Ship Jeff Immelt over there, that f--n ass-hole traitor.

Never A GE Again.. over and out from Southern California

Jul 07, 2013
Never buy a GE Monogram (Hotpoint) Refrigerator
by: Sean

We have had nothing but problems with this GE Monagram Hotpoint Refrigerator (Model # ZICS36NABLH) and will never buy a GE Refrigerator again....EVER.

Most recently we called GE as the Freezer will not keep anything cold and we have been forced to throw out all of our frozen food.

GE sends out a Repairman who charges us $99.95 to tell us that we need a Slide Support Kit (part # WR72X10313) which will cost us $1104.36 which is $805.00 parts plus $230.93 labor. Absolutely ridiculous.

The guy thinks nothing of it like it happens all the time and after 25 minutes leaves. Nice service and now I have a refrigerator with a freezer that doesn't work and an estimate of $1100 to fix it.

So much for having bought a high end GE model during our remodel.

GE has shown awful support and service during the tenure of this Refrigerator and I would never recommend that anybody purchase one.


May 06, 2013
Monogram mold issues for 4 years
by: Ray K

I also have a mold problem with my Monogram side-by-side fridge. GE has made numerous service calls even after the 5 years was up. Purchased in 2005, mold started in 2008 and it is now 2013 and mold re-appeared after their last fix lasted 1 year. They refuse to replace it unless I pay $2600 additional dollars. Wife and I are both experiencing respiratory issues and will not use the fridge section unless items are completely sealed.

Obviously this is a manufacturing or design defect! Only buy GE appliances if you want to gamble with your health!

Mar 15, 2013
Mold in GE Monogram
by: Anonymous

I have a GE Monogram that has had black mold built up regularly since 2009. I bought it in 2007. The GE Service technician in 2010 said it is "black soot" from the fire place in the other room, without taking anything apart in the fridge to inspect. That is absolutely ridiculous. I complained about the service call. GE made me pay the service call for this "diagnosis". The mold kept coming back monthly. I regularly take the fridge apart completely to clean it, and it lasts about 1 month or 2 before the mold is back. I am having more and more respiratory-related health problems, including asthma (which I never had before). No regular appliance service seems to repair this complex refrigerator, so I decided to take it apart myself. I stopped already after taking the light, the middle inside panel and the styrofoam block behind the vegetable drawer off - THERE WAS BLACK MOLD behind everything, in all the places where you would never usually look! This is a health hazard and I cannot imagine that this can be repaired. What do I do?

Nov 22, 2012
2005 GE 48" Monogram
by: Dennis

We just spent $400 to have new seals installed on the doors of the freezer and fridge and new ice maker installed. The freezer still doesn't completely freeze food. Ice machine still won't keep up. The wall separating the freezer from the fridge is hot to the touch where the seals touch the frame and the compressor located above the fridge seems extremely hot. Any suggestions before we change out to a different brand?

Jun 12, 2011
GE Monogram Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
by: Colleen

We bought our GE Monogram bottom freezer refrigerator in 2005 (5 years ago). We paid over $5000 for this appliance and have had nothing but trouble with it.

  • The ice maker and associated water lines have been replaced at least 3 times.

  • The handle broke because they said the weld was defective and it dented the stainless steel front.

GE paid for the replacement parts, which would have been $2100. However, we get stuck every time with the service call for $90.

Today, I opened the door and heard a big pop, and discovered the spring on the top door hinge broke. So, guess what, another $90 service call in my future.

I hate the poor quality of this refrigerator/freezer and would never purchase another one.

Dec 22, 2010
GE Monogram 48" all Fridge - Freezerless
by: Anonymous

Did you ever get your GE Monogram freezerless refrigerator issue worked out? We also have had a nightmare with our GE 48".

It was installed in 4/07 and only 3.5 years old it has excessive condensation.

Please report if you worked out your issues so that we might have a good idea of how to handle it.

Oct 25, 2010
GE doesn't care
by: Maureen Hutton

I also bought the GE Monogram all refrigerator (freezerless)and GE Monogram all freezer in 2002.

After months of the frezer sitting broken and countless wasted days of having to be home while they tried to fix it, GE finally replaced the freezer.

The refrigerator had mold growing in it from day one. I threw out so much food. It has been fixed a number of times and sits broken again with mold all through out.

It shut off a week ago. I am waiting for GE to fix it. w

Get this...When I called to get a prorated price on a new one, they had the nerve to quote me a higher price than our local appliance store.

Bottom line - GE DOESN'T CARE.

Stay away...

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Sep 16, 2010
Monogram Refrigerator
by: Wendy at GE

Hello, This is Wendy at GE. I saw your comment and am sorry you have had so much difficulty with your Monogram refrigerator. Please e-mail us at eresponse@ge.com with details and we will be happy to look into it for you.

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