GE Monogram Appliances are All Pieces of Crap!!!

by Rick

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We built a new home five years ago and bought all GE Monogram appliances.

Ever since then, our GE Monogram freezerless refrigerator (all fridge) has continually given us problems. Just like others we've read about on this site, we have had to throw out tons of food because of mold.

It has been worked on numerous times for many different things. One good example is the drawers and baskets no longer slide . The techs have not found the problem yet.

The customer service at GE does not have a factory service person out of corpus. You'd think after all these times they'd get on it.

We also have a stand-alone ice maker in our island that needs repairing continually. The technician that came out told us that it is cheaper to purchase a new one than to repair this one -- another $1400!!


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Dec 19, 2015
GE Profile Refrigerator failure
by: Donna C

I purchased a new GE Profile (PFSS6PKXCSS) from Lowe's and in less than 5 years the entire unit completely failed. First, water started draining underneath the deli tray and freezing. I’ve seen this noted as a common problem in other reviews. Then the ice/maker and freezer failed and the refrigerator followed shortly thereafter. It was initially diagnosed as defective coils and replaced TWICE within a two-month timeframe. Each time it took two weeks just to get the parts. On the third failure, it was finally discovered that the heat exchange was defective from the factory and deemed irreparable (per GE Tech Support). The best GE can do is offer me a "discount" on a new unit (PFE28RSHSS) which is more expensive than the unit I originally purchased.

In fairness, the CSR was attentive to my case and did offer $150 toward a $600 repair but the ordeal itself has been a total nightmare. Since August '15, I've taken off a total of 8 days of work to deal with this issue, am out of pocket $450, lost and replaced food 3x, and now have to completely replace the unit. Major appliances should last longer than 5 years and GE should do more than offer a "discount" when a major factory part has failed and it cannot be repaired. I do not recommend purchasing GE appliances. They do not last and are not worth any investment.

Mar 11, 2015
thanks a lot GE
by: Anonymous

So disheartened !!!!!!!! we too did a new kitchen and purchased the high end monogram refer,dishwasher,gas stove top, oven, micro and the range hood ALL have been broke within 5 years. if your reading this you know the hell and SHIITY ASS CUSTOMER SERVICE
( thats a joke in its self) they don't give you service the just literally hang up and you have to keep calling back. gas top $300 WIRE HARNESS really yes!! igniters constantly and the poor finish, refer thawing its self out OR freezing the shit and there goes the food!! again ice maker haha the micro needed a diode haha $400, oven day one the shelfs would not extend out fully so we tried the others and all shit.interior thermometer not even a year!!! shit, keep in mind I'm calling ge about this all the time, ahh the dish washer loud loud and the best part ..the display doesn't light up anymore or work you have to take a butter knife and flip the catch so you can press start and then real quickly flip it back and shut the door, and it goes!!! not sure what setting its on but at least it is working!!! i owe an apology to my range hood he works fine other then his bulbs go out once in awhile. fuck ge don't waste your time,forget the money

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