Consumer Reports Said GE Monogram Appliances Were Worth the Purchase -- Such a Scam!!

by Cindy A.

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We purchased all GE Monogram appliances for our kitchen seven years ago because it received high ratings from Consumer Reports. What a joke?!?!

Not only will I never again buy a GE appliance, I will never again subscribe to Consumer Reports!! Somebody must have paid them off to give this junk such high ratings.

My refrigerator has had two plastic shelves replaced, costing me an extra $350. The new shelf on the door is cracked again, and I'm not replacing it, so it is duct taped. Looks lovely for a $5,000 refrigerator!!

Both GE and Consumer Reports are the biggest scams!

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Jun 02, 2022
Nothing has changed - Still a disappointment
by: KathiOH1

I just bought the whole 2021 Monogram line of appliances and regret it. The fridge & freezer came with dented & scratched stainless steel panels, and the door seal & handle were missing for the freezer. The freezer frosted over brand new which the installers said was not due to installation & we needed to order a service call. Several weeks later, the new stainless steel fronts came in & were both dented & scratched (again!) in the box. We're still waiting on the missing parts to stop the freezer door alarm from chiming non-stop. The dishwasher is another disappointment. The wheels keep falling off. The bottom rack bottom is also too far apart on the back half so most of my dishes fall too low & stop the spinner. So frustrating. The range hasn't disappointed me yet but I'm holding my breath. Our hood insert took 8 months to come in so I haven't installed it yet. DON'T BUY GE MONOGRAM.

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