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An Outdoor Refrigerator Makes Enteraining Outside Easy

What makes a refrigerator an outdoor refrigerator? Aren’t all refrigerators created equal? The simple answer to this question is - no. Models that are made to be stored outside need to be more resistant to temperature and weather.

If you’ve already done some research on the models out there you’ve probably found many with a stainless steel finish. This is because stainless steel is very resistant to heat, cold and most importantly, won’t rust if it gets wet.

In our search, we’ve found many models that are perfect under the counter/cabinet depth versions. The reason for the decreased size is that most people don’t use their outdoor fridges in the same way.

Outdoor refrigerators are typically used as beverage refrigerators that hold beer, wine, sodas and snacks.

They are great for enjoying your outside living space to the fullest without having to constantly go in and out.

This type of fridge is is a huge convenience, stay outside and enjoy yourself. Kind of like having a bar fridge anytime you need it.

One other type of outside refrigerators is more of a general refrigerator that can be a small compact cube all of the way up to a full size refrigerator and freezer.

They are great for cooking outside, such as for barbecuing, or for the perfect outdoor kitchen. It keeps everything fresh right up until you need it. No more leaving chicken before barbecuing and hoping that a trip to the ER isn't in your near future.

8 Different Brands of Outdoor Refrigerators

While it is easy to find a regular indoor refrigerator, quite often you end up searching a great deal more for outdoor refrigerators. This is why we've tried to cover so many different outdoor brands in one place.

  1. Avanti Refrigerators
  2. Currently Avanti has 3 models to choose from. Two identical models are 3.2 cu. ft. one with a glass door and the other with a stainless steel front. Great for beverage refrigerators that hold both cans and bottles (horizontally). Though there is only one temperature setting so not the best wine fridge.

    The third model is a portable outdoor beverage cooler. It's a cooler on wheels so it will allow you to take it where ever you desire but it really isn't a refrigerator. It has 2.5 cu. ft. worth of storage space on the inside.

    Click here for more on Avanti Refrigerators

  3. Bull Refrigerators

  4. Currently Bull only makes one model that has front venting as well as is rated for outdoor use. It has 4.1 cu. ft. of storage space and is made of stainless steel.

    A solid choice for an inexpensive investment.

    Fire Magic Refrigerators

    There are only two different models to choose between with very slight differences. Both are just over 4 cu. ft. in storage space but one has the ability to be locked while the other has better interior lighting.

    Take a look at the model we've shown to the right.

    GE Monogram Refrigerator

    Out of the entire GE line there are only two models of outdoor fridges. Between the two they are exactly the same except for the side the handle is on as well as which side the refrigerator door opens from.

    Take a look at the model in the picture to the right.

    Marvel Refrigerators

    If you are looking for a higher end outside fridge then Marvel is one brand to consider. There aren't many models but the few they make cover a great deal.

    If you need a fridge with a lock there are two models that have either left or right openings and just over 6 cu. ft. of storage. A similar model also comes without a key in either left or right hinges.

    Then for the really interesting one, they make an outside double drawer refrigerator. This is the only one of it's kind that we've seen for now.

    The prices are a bit higher for Marvel but so is the quality.

  5. Perlick Refrigerators
  6. While Marvel is great quality, so is Perlick but the biggest difference is the vast number of outdoor refrigeration choices.

    They cover the outdoor beverage cooler very well as well as a compact refrigerator for the outside.

    Though when it comes to drawer refrigerators they have them in 15" widths as well as four refrigerated drawers at a total of 48".

    As we mentioned above, this is one brand that you will pay a more for but the quality should be reflected in the price.

    Marvel Double Drawer Refrigerators

    A double drawer outdoor refrigerator is one of those luxury items you don't normally expect to find. But how convenient would that be? You have your meats and dairy right at your fingertips.

    These refrigerators have a surprising capacity, but more importantly, they can be installed in any number of configurations. We have ours in our barbeque station and let me tell you, the number of times it has been such a pleasure to be able to keep the hamburger patties, hot dogs, cheeses and more within a simple arms reach. This is one outdoor luxury that is SO worth having!

  7. Summit Refrigerators
  8. This line of refrigerators was quite a surprise for us as it offers quite a large number of outdoor refrigeration products but at a lower cost (around 2/3 the price of Marvel or Perlick).

    If you are looking for anything from a compact refrigerator (with or without a glass door), to a double or even triple refrigerated drawer fridge, then this is where you need to do some more research.

5 Outdoor Refrigerator Questions

Buying an outdoor fridge is a different kind of animal so here's 5 questions that are worth reviewing before you buy one:

  1. Do Outdoor Refrigerators Have to Be Built In?
  2. The good news is if you have two options:

    • A built in version that is a permanent fixture in your outdoor space
    • A portable model that you can take with you where ever you go.

      • Tip: Some of these models can even be used on the go or at a tailgate party as many come with adapters that plug into your car’s cigarette lighter or I mean, phone charger.

  3. What About a Keg Refrigerator?

  4. Outdoor refrigerators can come in very small portable sizes up to full size refrigerators. Many of the smaller versions are more often used as a beverage refrigerator for cans and bottles. Some of these units are SPECIALIZED units and are tailor made for very particular types of uses.

    One different type of outdoor refrigerator is a keg refrigerator that keeps a full keg of beer cold and ready for use at all times. Kegerators, as they are so often called, are a great addition to any outdoor living space for anyone who entertains a great deal. We’ve also been told how they help limit the amount of glass (really meaning broken glass) by using plastic cups.

  5. Are Outdoor Refrigerators Energy Efficient?

  6. To our dismay most of the models out there aren’t Energy Star rated. We feel that this is in part due to the fact they are going to constantly be fighting the outdoor temperatures. Though we have found one model that we've included in the picture to the left.

    While the refrigerator might be energy efficient on a day where it’s 75 degrees or less, it’s probably pretty difficult to guarantee that on a day when it’s 95 outside.

    • Tip: If you are looking for an Energy Star rated Garage refrigerator, we did find one model made by Whirlpool called the Gladiator Chillerator garage refrigerator. Though we don’t know how well it would work outside of a garage.

    Do I Need a Special Plug For an Outdoor Refrigerator?

    Just make sure that the plug has a GFCI unit attached to it. What this stands for is ground fault circuit interrupter. You’ve seen these all over the place lately and probably don’t even know it.

    A GFCI is a plug that has a test and reset button and if there happens to be a surge of electricity then it automatically cuts off the electricity coming to it. You usually find these plugs in areas near water such as your bathroom or kitchen.

    You might also want to consider putting in an outlet that has a watertight seal to it. The last thing you want is water dripping into a power line and wreaking havoc on your electrical.

    Can I Keep My Refrigerator Off When Not in Use?

    Sure but first we recommend that you completely empty it, fully clean it out and dry it. You may also want to put in something to absorb the moisture that builds up in it like a newspaper.

    One of the biggest problems with refrigerators that are turned off is a build up of excessive moisture which turns into a mold and mildew issue. By placing a newspaper in your refrigerator when it’s off you won’t have to worry about this as the newspaper will absorb any excess moisture that is in there.

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