Small Freezers

We'll Help You Find the Mini Freezer For Your Needs

The need for stand alone small freezers has greatly increased due to the popularity of frozen foods, making a mini freezer a much more common purchase.

Frozen foods are such a large part of a typical diet that more often than not, a typical freezer isn’t large enough. If you’re in the same position and need more freezer space your first question will be how much space do you have for your an additional freezer.

If you’re lucky, then you have enough room for a full size chest freezer or upright freezer. If not, the easiest solution is small freezers (a.k.a. mini freezer, compact freezer or portable freezer).

Different Styles of Small Freezers

Believe it or not there are four different types of mini freezers, each one with special reasons why you might prefer them.

  1. Small Upright Freezer
  2. This type of mini freezer ranges in size from smaller cube freezers miniature upright freezers (these look a lot like a dorm refrigerator).

    The storage capacity for these models ranges from around 1 cu.ft. to 5 cu. ft. While the overall storage space isn't huge, this range is quite large. What you'll need to consider is how much you will store and for how long? Frozen food is typically stored a great deal longer than fresh food especially due to the decreased amount of spoilage.

    In our research we found many cube freezers were made by Summit (medical), Supentown, Haier and EdgeStar.

  3. Small Chest Freezer
  4. If you are considering a small chest freezer then our first question is, “How organize are you?” The reason for this is even though you'll have more access to things in a small chest freezer, this is only the case if you can get to it easily.


    • We recommend buying a very cozy pair of gloves to help getting things in and out of your freezer without getting frost bite.
    • Make sure you put your chest freezer near a counter or shelves. You will have to stack things one on top of the other in your freezer and will probably have to pull things out to get what you are looking for.

    The internal storage capacity of a small chest freezer is much greater than that of a small upright freezer. You’ll be able to find them as small as just over 3 cubic feet to all the way as large as 15 cubic feet. Any larger and you’re really looking at a full size chest freezer.

    The brands to look at for these are Haier, Danby, Summit, Frigidaire, and Avanti.

  5. Medical Freezer
  6. The real difference with a medical freezer is the fact that they get can get as cold as -35 degrees. This some serious freezing we’re talking about here.

    These kinds of temperatures are really much more relevant to people who are trying to guarantee the status of a biological sample.

    The two different brands that make medical freezers that we found were Summit and Edgestar.

  7. Portable Freezer
  8. A freezer that you can take with you is a newer invention and definitely an interesting one. Most of these models have both AC and DC capabilities. What does that mean? They can be plugged it into your car or your home.

    One other very versatile thing about this model is it can be used for a very deep freeze or adjusted to be used as a portable refrigerator.

    If you are looking for a portable refrigerator, we've written an entire article about them to help you find which one you need.

    Click here to see our portable refrigerators page

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