Kenmore Top Freezer Refrigerators Are Made Cheaply!!

This Kenmore top freezer refrigerator (model 253.67882506) is made cheaply!

Here's the fun we've had with it:

  1. When we bought it 4 years ago we had to have the top shelf replaced because it wasn't airtight as it was suppose to be. Here were four years later and the seal has broken again!

  2. When they installed the refrig it wasn't level. We found this out when the freezer door won't stay shut. The repairman adjusted it and said the door will always be a little crooked because of incorrect installation. AT that time I should have just told him to take it back.

  3. One veg. drawer is broken (plastic cracked and broken)..not from abuse or anything, just normal use.

  4. A piece of the shelf is cracked. It is all plastic and is garbage.

  5. Now, the refrigerator is not getting/staying as cold as it should.

All of that happened in just four years of normal, everyday use!

If I were you I would take a look at Samsung or Whirlpool before buying another Kenmore.

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