Kenmore Elite Top Freezer Refrigerator Reviews (Model # 106.73202300)

by Deborah S.
(Burlington, MA, USA)

My Kenmore top freezer refrigerator review isn't a great one. This fridge is only 6 yrs old and a piston in the compressor went.

I contacted Sears for help since this is a very expensive fix (over $1000!). I was sent all the way up the line to the Chicago Headquarters.

Because the warranty was up at 5 yrs, all they would offer was $65 off the labor. As I continued to say it was unacceptable, they offered 10% off the part.

A new refrigerator is more cost effective. If they had offered to send the part for free and I paid the labor, I would have thought that a fair settlement.

As it stands now, I will NEVER buy my appliances at Sears again. This is unfortunate as that is the first place I go when needing a new appliance.

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Sep 15, 2012
Great Fridge
by: Anonymous

Bought this same model in 2004 in white. At this point I should be buying a new fridge specifically to match the other stainless steel appliances though I keep holding on to it because I have never had one single problem with it except:

The water dispenser was originally very slow but we changed the pipe from the original water source to a copper pipe and have never had a problem with it.

We fill jugs of water at a time...

I really hate to replace it because who knows what I will get next?!?!

Aug 08, 2011
They sure don't make 'em like they used to...
by: Anonymous

In Aug. '07, my 1987 Kitchen Aid top-freezer (ice maker, no water dispenser) bit the dust.

Ten years earlier, I'd bought a bare bones Whirlpool top-freezer (no ice maker) for the basement. It's still going strong.

So in Aug. '07, I did my homework and bought the 18 cu. ft. Kenmore top-freezer in question (Acceler-ice, plus interior water dispenser). I did not buy the extended warranty, as I figured that by the time another 10-20 years go by I'd want more bells and whistles should this one croak.

After two years, all the plastic bullnose edges on the shelves had cracked, and a couple of the fridge door shelves fell off and had to be snapped back into place.

Mind you, I don't have a huge family, and our kid was 22 when we bought this fridge--nobody was swinging on the door or anything like that. But gradually we noticed that though the freezer held temp as long as we kept the vents unblocked, the fridge was warmer in some places and colder in others than it should be--and that the door gasket was compressed at the bottom and there was a gap between the top of the door gasket and the top edge of the fridge compartment, with air getting in & out.

Called the Sears repairman to put in a new gasket, but instead he informed me I'd need a new door because the door had warped. When I told him that a door shouldn't warp unless it was defective, he told me that only the compressor & circuitry were warranted for >1 yr.! Cost for a new door? $650!!!

I decided to get a new refrigerator instead, and I certainly will NOT be getting a Kenmore (nor a top-freezer--they offer little for the money but capacity). I am awaiting a new LG French-door model, and you can bet I bought the extended warranty.

Apr 27, 2011
Kenmore Elite Top Freezer water dispenser in door... HORRIBLE!!!
by: Anonymous

We purchased all new appliances from Sears over 5 years ago. We also bought the 5 year extended warranty which just ran out a couple of months ago.

As soon as we received our appliances (all of them "Elite"), we had nothing but problems. They even had to swap our refrigerator out once. It's been worked on over and over again; perhaps 7-9 times.

As I said...nothing but problems, mostly with the refrigerator. Now that the warranty is up, it has stopped cooling. The freezer isn't even as cold as the food in our downstairs refrigerator (we have two).. and the refrigerator isn't even cold.

We fear we will have to purchase a new refrigerator, because Sears, I am quite sure, will not come through for the consumer. I went to the Sears website & don't even see it my Kenmore Elite refrigerator there anymore.

I'm wondering if they have discontinued this model... I wouldn't be surprised given all the problems we've had with it... ice-maker, freezer not cooling right, etc., etc..

I tried to get them to swap it out for a new one the last time they came, to fix problems with it, but they said the fixed it & we should have no more problems. Ha, Ha! What a joke!

We'll NEVER purchase our big appliances from Sears or Kenmore again!!! Trouble & more Trouble. My best refrigerator reviews for Kenmore Elite or Kenmore is DON'T BUY A REFRIGERATOR FROM SEARS!!!

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