Our 2 Yr Old Kenmore Top Freezer is Dead!!

by LeeAnn
(Murphysboro, IL)

Our 2 year old Kenmore top freezer refrigerator is dead -- stopped working just like that!We bought an entire kitchen full of appliances in November of 2007 (frig, stove, micro, dishwasher) from our local Sears Appliance Store. All were Kenmore except the Bosch dishwasher.

In March the freezer portion of the frig gradually began to warm up and a repair man came and recharged the freon. He said most likely there was a slow leak in the evaporator. He charged it and said hopefully it would last another 2 years before needing another charge.

It lasted just over two weeks and so the only option is to haul it in and have them take it apart to try and find where it's leaking.

No guarantee that it can or will be fixed and all will be at our expense. Estimated cost is minimum $300-$500. The best part of all is that Sears says it's our tough luck.

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Jun 22, 2010
Our 2 yr old Kenmore is also dead!!
by: Anonymous

We bought a stainless steel Kenmore fridge from Sears in 2008 and bought the extended warranty.

It is at a cottage so it has only been plugged in for for a total of 12 months. The freezer started to warm up so we called Sears who had trouble getting help to us (took two weeks).

Repair persons felt it was a leak and topped it off with freon. It also lasted only two weeks.

After injecting dye into the system, several leaks appeared and they wrote it off.

We paid 699.99 for it in 2008 plus the warranty. Sears will only reimburse use $560.00. When I pointed out we had extended warranty, they did not care. They said we used it for two years, that is why the lower price!!

So we said; fix it. They won't because it was written off. We then said to put the 560.00 on our Sears account, we will go else where for a new frig. They won't give us the 560.00 unless we buy a new frig. So now we have to pay the difference, pay for delivery and pay for a new warranty.

I strongly advise you not to buy appliances from SEARS. Satisfaction is NOT guaranteed!!

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