KENMORE ELITE Model Bottom freezer-french door refrigerator (Model 795.77552600)

by Ginny B.
(Fernandina Beach, FL)

I have had my KENMORE ELITE Bottom Freezer French Door refrigerator for only 4 years.

I am single so it doesnt't get excessive use, and yet the circuit board went out the other night.

Who would think to check that your interior lights stayed on all night. Well mine did in the refrigerator (the freezer was fine). I would have never guess that a simple light bulb would have caused everything from melted butter to melted plastic frame around the lights - boo hiss.

I pulled the circuit breaker so I didn't end up with a fire. Right now I'm over $100 in repairs and its not fixed.

Would I recommend it????? What do you think.

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Oct 11, 2014
Kenmore Elite Model 795.77552600
by: Susan

My "mother board" went out on this refrigerator this past week. I called Sears and they sent out a technician the next day. I was told that the service call was $69 plus parts and labor. I had a great technician. He told us the refrigerator was on recall, replaced the mother board, and called the office to have them change the service tor "recall." We were not charged anything. I have had nothing but problems with this refrigerator and have had the lights replaced twice due to them shorting out, the seals replaced after 3 years old and I don't have kids in the house. This is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever owned.

Nov 13, 2012
Poor Quality
by: Anonymous

I, too, only had this refrigerator four years before the light problem developed. It was an expensive repair, almost $500, but we did get that money back recently in the class action suit. I did lose a refrigerator-full of food, though, when the temperature went up above 70 inside, and no compensation for that. Besides the light problem, we find that the plastic parts in this product are inferior, and are constantly breaking. We are two elderly people and are not hard on our appliances, and the refrigerator has always gotten light use. It is made by LG, and for me, that explains it. I will never, never buy another product made by LG.

Nov 19, 2010
I Just Joined The Club -- The Problem with My Sears Kenmore/LG Refrigerator Club
by: Henry Lu

I too have experienced a problem with my Sear Kenmore/LG Refrigerator Model 795.77549600, Serial No 603KR00175.

This morning I opened my refrigerator only to find the bulb cover popped open & wrapped from the heat of the light bulbs being on all night long.

Every thing on the top shelf was extremely hot and items like the margarine melted. I removed the light fixture from the refrigerator and found the the interior of the refrigerator housing was blistered from the heat.

In checking the problem on line I found the problem dates back to being reported in 2008, here its now 2010 and I've just experienced the problem. I purchased my refrigerator in/about June 2006 just over 4 years ago.

It appears since the first report of a problem to this date nothing has occurred as to a refrigerator recall.

Sears adds to its profits by making service call and LG discontinues the model.

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