Upright Freezer Reviews

The Best Upright Freezers on the Market

An Upright Freezer is built more like a typical refrigerator model. They typically have the same dimensions as a standard size refrigerator though they are often a bit more narrow.

While an upright is the more common terminology, these units are also sometimes referred to as a freezer upright; but both names refer to the same thing.

Why Buy an Upright Freezer?

If your family uses a lot of different types of frozen foods on a regular basis (e.g., ice cream, frozen juices, frozen dinners, etc.) and the freezer section of your existing refrigerator is bursting at the seam, then a separate freezer is probably in order.

There are three key things to keep in mind when considering this type of freezer:

  1. How Much Space do You Need?:
    If you need a LOT of extra space because you like to either purchase or cook foods in bulk and don't need quick access to your frozen foods, then you might want to consider a Chest Freezer instead.

    • Buying Tip:The advantage to buying an upright USED to be that Chest Freezers didn't come frost free (that has since changed as there are a wide variety of models with this feature.)

  2. Styling Consideration:
    From the exterior, most Freezer Uprights look like a refrigerator and are perfect for those who may want to have an extra freezer in the kitchen. Typically, upright type freezers have more styling than chest freezers and range in size from roughly a small upright of just 5 cubic feet all the way up to a monster 25 cubic feet of interior storage space.

    Uprights are often more expensive than Chest Freezers, however, with shelving, baskets and door slots, they allow you to better organize the contents inside.

  3. Frost Free Please:
    Defrosting a freezer has to be one of the worst jobs on the planet -- so why do it? There are a number of options to choose from, so make sure you confirm that this feature is on the unit you select (typically, these run about $100 more than those models that don't have this feature.)

4 Features to Consider

Unlike some of the Best Refrigerators, there aren't a lot of features on uprights. But here are a few that are worth the extra money:

  • Adjustable Shelving: The biggest advantage of an upright is the ability to better organize the contents inside. So, adjustable shelving is certainly something to consider having as a feature for the model you choose.

  • Interior Lighting: As silly as it sounds, most uprights don't have an interior light -- so consider this option as well. You might want to look for those models that have an LED light built into the side wall (see Liebherr). This lights the interior without sacrificing storage space to do so.

  • Styling: Depending on where you plan to store your freezer, styling might be something you have to take into consideration. If you're planning on keeping the unit in a garage or basement, then there's no reason to spend the extra money on stainless steel doors or custom panels. However, if you're planning on putting this in your kitchen, then styling is probably something you'll need to consider.

  • Space: A small upright or compact upright freezer are good options if you just need a LITTLE more space. But typically, a unit that has at least 15 cubic feet or more is the best way to go. Keep in mind, that compared to the wide open vastness of a chest freezer, these units will always seem small.

    A small or compact upright is something worth taking a look at for families or individuals that just need a bit more frozen storage space.

Freezer Upright Brands to Consider

There are a number of great brands that make a frost free upright freezer. Some of the best uprights we've found are from:

  • Kenmore Freezer: Sears is a consistent winner when it comes to making quality refrigeration products and their Kenmore freezer line is no exception.

  • GE Freezer: General Electric's line of freezer products never seems to disappoint. There are a number of freezers from GE that we feel proud to recommend.

  • Frigidaire: The Frigidaire brand has quickly regained its prominence as one of the higher end brands in this realm. They offer up upright models that have a wide variety of features that aren't seen in competing brands.

  • Whirlpool: Whirlpool is a dominant player in this market segment, so definitely a brand to consider when looking for a an upright type freezer.

  • Best Upright Freezers: Here's a few of our favorite frost free uprights if you're interested.

3 Upright Freezers to Start With

To give you a place to start, we have added 3 upright freezers below that are worth looking at:

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