Freezer Alarm

An Important Feature for any Chest Freezer, Upright Frezer or Frost Free Freezers

What is a Freezer Alarm and why would anyone want one? The answer to that is a simple one, it alerts you when your freezer door hasn't been fully closed, or when the temperature has risen to a point that could lead to the loss of your food items.

These are quite handy because as you know if your freezer loses cooling power or the door is simply left open, you run this risk of not only losing hundreds of dollars in food but also the chance of getting pretty ill.

Why Do I Need a Freezer Alarm?

This feature should be mandatory in ALL freezer models, but sadly, it's a lot less common than you think. If you don't currently have one on your existing freezer, here are a few reasons why you should consider getting one:

  1. Bad Gaskets: If your freezer is more than 5 years old, you're freezer is probably no where as efficient as it could be. In fact, your freezer may not be able to maintain a constant temperature due to too much cold air is escaping. An alarm can alert you to such a problem letting you know it's time to change the gaskets.

  2. Young Children: Having of two young girls myself, I know how easy it is for little ones to inadvertently open a freezer door and how even more likely they are to not close it properly. Again, an alarm telling you the door is OPEN is a big money saver.

  3. Compressor Problems: A freezer's interior mechanism can only work so long. It would be good to know once it has started to give out and no longer freezing properly.

  4. Consistent Temperature Requirement: Laboratories, medical clinics and pharmacists are just a few of the situations where maintain a constant temperature is an absolute necessity.

    When just a few micrograms of an enzyme used in a lab can easily cost THOUSANDS of $$, your freezer not storing it properly can be financially devastating. For pharmacists, imagine what would happen if you discovered your frozen storage was not functioning properly.

How Much Does a Freezer Alarm Cost

There are a number of after-market (meaning you can add them to your existing chest freezer, upright freezer, side by side refrigerator freezer, compact freezer, etc.) available. They are very reasonably priced and for the most part, as easier to install than your average smoke detector.

Most units range in price from a few dollars for an alarm that simply shrieks a loud noise whenever something is amiss to as much as $300 for a unit that will not only inform you of the tiniest temperature changes in your freezer units, but will also NOTIFY YOU BY PHONE, TEXT or E-MAIL when these changes occur.

For the typical user, a $9.00 unit will probably suffice. But for those whose needs are much more specific and accuracy is critical, than these higher end units are the only ones that will do the job.

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