Best Upright Freezers Reviews

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Finding the best upright freezers on the market is a bit difficult as the majority of upright freezers, frost free freezer or manual defrost freezers, are made by one of three companies:

Knowing how few companies manufacture upright freezers in the US, it’s of little surprise that you’ll find minimal differences in performance or efficiency between the best freezers and medium grade models of the same year, style and size.

Something also to remember is that you may decide to pay for a bit of an upgrade for a certain freezer when in reality you could buy a very similar freezer for less money. Typically you pay more for the bells and whistles that are added in.

Best Upright Freezers Reviews

We thought that these two upright freezer frost free reviews would help to make your decision process easier. Here’s our pick of the best freezer for both small and larger capacity needs:

  1. Best Upright Freezer Frost Free - Small Basic Model:
  2. Frigidaire FFU12F2HW

    34" Upright Freezer

    This inexpensive, 12.1 cu. ft freezer is very roomy and quite easy to keep organized (much easier than a chest freezer). It comes with interior lighting; many shelves and an automatic defrost cycle. It seems quite sturdy and seals well though it can be a bit loud.

    Our biggest negative, besides the bit of noise, in this upright freezer reviews the fact that it isn’t Energy Star rated and is missing a freezer alarm to alert you of an increased temperature before losing the contents of your freezer. (Not a big deal, these are easy to find inexpensively and are worth the purchase.)


    • Performed well
    • Priced right for an upright freezer
    • Defrost cycle built in
    • Good lighting


    • Not a huge amount of storage space
    • Not exactly quiet but that has to do with the defrost cycle
    • Doesn’t have an Energy Star rating

  3. Best Upright Freezer Frost Free - Large Capacity Size:
  4. Whirlpool EV209NBTQ

    While this freezer has a huge amount of storage, it also comes with another special option – two doors. It looks very similar to a bottom freezer refrigerator though both compartments are freezers. What makes this perfect is the ability to open only a portion of the freezer at any one time which becomes a huge energy savings.

    Also comes with lots of extras like: alarm to tell you if you’ve left the door open, freezer alarm (tells you if your freezer isn’t cooling properly), many bins for extra storage space and it even has shelves that can be adjusted like in most newer refrigerators. Best of all, it has an Energy Star rating!!

    • Tip: If you want you can add an ice maker to it buy we don’t recommend it for the very reason of having to open and close your freezer every time you want some ice.


    • Works well
    • Huge amounts of storage space
    • Two separate doors/compartments
    • More bells and whistles than you would think an upright freezer would have
    • Energy Star rating


    • Runs a bit more expensive than others but you get a huge amount of extras with this freezer

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