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When you think about cheap refrigerators, your mind might instantly go a place where you picture an old rickety fridge, with an interior smell that resembles stinky feet. Well, the good news is, there are number of options to consider if you're on a tight budget.

It's no question that shopping for a refrigerator can be difficult. You have to wade through hundreds of Refrigerator Reviews to try to find not only a manufacturer that you feel is reliable, but a fridge that fits your particular style and budget.

Discount refrigerators are a bit harder to find because typically you're trying to find a model that fits a tight budget. But whether your budget is $1,000 or $100, chances are you can find a model that fits for you.

Tips on How to Find Good Cheap Refrigerators

A lot of this will depend on the budget you have available, so let's start with that issue. Let's break this up into two categories -- those who have $300 or LESS and those who have $300 or MORE.

  • $300 or LESS:

    In this price-range, finding a high quality refrigerator with any decent options or features is going to be a bit tougher.

    More than likely, you will NOT be able to afford a NEW model, and whatever you used models you might consider, might be so old and out of date that it costs you more to use it than to buy it. So consider two things:

    1. Figure out How Much (or Little) Space You Really Need:
      Meaning, you might just need a little fridge with room for a few small essentials (e.g., milk, butter, soda) and a few leftovers. If this is the case, a Compact Refrigerator might be all you need. These range in price from as low as $50 for a good used one, to as much as $500.

    2. Place an AD: has a great section called "WANTED" It's free and you can place an ad stating your need to buy a used refrigerator, but for your particular budget. Normally, you might not be able to afford much of a fridge, but sometimes there are people out there who just need to get rid of their refrigerator FAST. You can easily work this situation to your advantage.

  • $300 or MORE:

    Okay, so you have a bit more money to work with. The good news is, there are a number of Apartment Size Refrigerator models in this price range that might suit your needs. Top Freezer Refrigerators are what you'll most likely be looking at if buying a new refrigerator model. They are some of the best options for cheap refrigerators.

    You can also consider buying a USED Refrigerator, but again, you'll want to be sure model isn't so outdated that it ultimately costs you more to operate the fridge than it did to buy it.

    Try to buy a fridge that's no more than FIVE years old. That way, you can be sure it's up to modern standards as far as performance, but you're less likely to have a huge refrigerator repair bill should something go wrong. Your goal here is to get a fridge that can last at least five years or longer.

More Tips on Buying Cheap Refrigerators

Here are a few other things to keep in mind for shopping for your next refrigerator:

AVOID: Big Name Stores Any cheap refrigerators that they carry will often be part of their "SCRATCH AND DENT" or "Customer Returns" areas. They typically stage these like you're getting a GREAT deal, when in actuality, you're more likely to get someone else's headache.

CONSIDER: Resellers Third Party resellers often buy LARGE LOADS of customer return refrigerators and scratch and dent merchandise from retailers. The reason to Consider these options with a Reseller, is that they will often sell the EXACT models available in the stores but at a SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS. Up to 90% Off in some cases.

CONSIDER: Going Directly to the Manufacturer Many manufacturers might be will to let you purchase a refrigerator at a wholesale price. It's not always easy, but you'd be surprised how many manufacturers might be willing to sell to you.

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