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Wondering if your fridge is part of a Samsung Refrigerator Recall?

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We break down the refrigerator recalls from Samsung over the last 20 years plus it will help you to better understand how to handle things whether or not your fridge is included in a recall. Plus help you handle issues to get your fridge either repaired or replaced.

Most Common Samsung Refrigerator Recall Issues

Samsung Refrigerator Recall

Over the the last 20 years there have been various hazards associated with Samsung refrigerators that have led to recalls.

Some of the biggest hazards that have (and haven't) caused Samsung refrigerators to be recalled include:

  1. Fire Hazard: Defective components such as circuit boards and wiring can cause overheating, sparking and potentially lead to fires.

  2. Cooling System Defects: Faulty compressors or other issues with the cooling system can cause the refrigerator to stop cooling properly, which can lead to food spoilage and potentially harmful bacteria growth.

  3. Door Detachment: Defective door hinges or latches can cause the refrigerator door to detach, potentially causing injury to anyone nearby.

  4. Electric Shock: Malfunctioning components or wiring can lead to electrical shocks which can be dangerous or even fatal.

  5. Water Leaks: Water leaking from the refrigerator can damage floors, walls, and other nearby structures, potentially causing property damage or mold growth.

It's important to note that while these hazards have been associated with Samsung refrigerators in the past, not all Samsung refrigerators are affected by these issues. It's always a good idea to check the CSPC website for the latest information on product recalls and to follow proper usage and maintenance lines for your refrigerator.

These are just a few of the examples of the issues that have led to recalls for Samsung refrigerators. Other issues that have caused recalls include wiring problems, water leaks and cooling system defects.

Samsung Refrigerator Recall:
Samsung Recall List

Here is a list of all the refrigerator recalls we could find from Samsung over the last 20 years. We've done our best to also include affected model numbers and the reasons for the recalls:

Samsung Refrigerator Recalls for Defective Circuit

2009 Samsung Refrigerator
Circuit Board Recall:

Defective circuit boards caused 146,000 Samsung refrigerators to be recalled. These models were found in both French door and side by side refrigerator models. These defective circuit boards were a concern because they were seen as a fire hazard.

The affected model numbers include:

  1. RF266ASH
  2. RS263BWP
  3. RB215BSB
  4. RS2533SW
  5. RS267LASH
  6. RS267TDRS

Samsung Refrigerator Fire Hazard Recalls

2010 Samsung Refrigerator
Fire Hazard Recall:

Defective relays possibly overheating caused Samsung to recall 207,000 refrigerators because of possible fire hazards. The refrigerators involved in this recall were side-by-side and top freezer models.

The affected refrigerators have these model numbers:

  1. RS21
  2. RS60
  3. RSE8
  4. RSE1
  5. RSA1
  6. RSU1
  7. RSJ1
  8. RSF1
  9. RSG5
  10. SG5FHDXS

Samsung Refrigerator Wiring Issue Recalls

2010 Samsung Refrigerator
Wiring Issue Recall:

Faulty wiring issue caused Samsung to recall approximately 43,000 refrigerators were recalled due to a wiring issue that could cause the refrigerator to overheat and pose a fire hazard. The affected models were front door and side by side refrigerator models.

The model numbers we found in this recall include:

  1. RS263BWP
  2. RS265LBP
  3. RS267LBP

Samsung Refrigerator Temperature Sensor Recalls

2013 Samsung Refrigerator
Temperature Sensor Recall:

Temperature sensor issues caused Samsung to recall approximately 160,000 refrigerators due to a defect in the freezers internal temperature sensor that could cause the temperature to rise and spoil the food.

The affected front door and side by side refrigerators with the model numbers:


Samsung Refrigerator Door Hinge Recalls

2015 Samsung Refrigerator
Door Hinge Recall:

Top door hinge issues caused Samsung to recall approximately 200,000 Samsung refrigerators due to a defect in the top hinge that could cause the door to detach and potentially cause injury.

The affected included French door and bottom freezer refrigerators with the model numbers:

  2. RF263BEAESR
  5. RS25J500DSR

Samsung Refrigerator Over Heating Recalls

2015 Samsung Refrigerator
Over Heating Recall:

Top-mounted freezers that could overheat and catch fire caused Samsung to recall around 500,000 refrigerators.

The top mounted freezer models that were included in this were the following model numbers:

  • RT21M6213SG/AA
  • RT21M6213SR/AA
  • RT21M6213WW/AA
  • RT18M6213SG/AA
  • RT18M6213SR/AA
  • RT18M6213WW/AA

Samsung Refrigerator Compressor Recalls

2020 Samsung Refrigerator
Compressor Recall:

Defective compressors caused Samsung to recall approximately 2.3 million refrigerators due to a defect in the compressor that could cause the refrigerator to stop cooling properly.

The affected models were front door and top freezer refrigerator with numbers:

  1. RF28R7201SR/AA
  2. RF28R7351SR/AA
  3. RF28T8701SR/AA
  4. RF27T52O1SR/AA
  5. RF27T5241SR/AA

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recalls

Samsung Refrigerator
Ice Maker Recalls:

We've heard from so many about ice maker issues that we actually created a separate page full of all of the Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recalls along with lists of all of the affected models in each.

Click here to see them all.

Please note that these are not exhaustive lists of every Samsung refrigerator recall by Samsung over the last 20 years. In our extensive search these were the models we were able to find. If your model isn't listed in one of the recalls above make sure to contact Samsung directly.

Samsung Refrigerator Recall:
Where to Start

Should you be concerned that your refrigerator is a part of a Samsung refrigerator recall, here's a list of steps you can take so you can know for sure what's going on with it.

  1. Check: Contact the Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC keeps up a database of all product recalls including those related to Samsung refrigerators. You can search for the model number of your refrigerator on the website to see if it's been recalled.

  2. Contact: if you are unable to find information on the CPSC website or have questions about whether refrigerator is affected by a recall go ahead and call Samsung directly. In all honesty this is the only place that you will know for certain if your refrigerator has been part of a recall and if so they can tell you what else needs to be done plus give you instructions on what to do.

  3. Take Action: If your refrigerator is part of a recall, then follow the instructions exactly as provided by Samsung or the CPSE. This may include having your refrigerator repaired or replaced, depending on the nature of the recall. Just make sure that you don't do something different, such as hiring your own repairman to fix an issue that needs to be fixed by a certified Samsung repairman. Doing something like this can quickly make your warranty and any recourse null and void.

  4. Practice Safety: Whether or not your refrigerator is part of a recall it's always smart to take proper safety precautions when using and maintaining your refrigerator. These type of suggestions are similar to what you find from the manufacture recommendations on cleaning and maintenance as well as usage plus being aware of any potential hazards as electric shock or fire.

Overall it's important to take any concerns about the safety of your Samsung refrigerator seriously and to take action if necessary to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.

Samsung Refrigerator Recall
Steps for a Recalled Samsung Refrigerator

Should you find yourself in the position that your Samsung fridge has been recalled then we recommend that you take the following steps:

  1. Check: Check the details of the recall to find out what the problem is, what models are affected, and what you need to do next period you can find this information on the CPSC website or by contacting Samsung directly.

  2. Follow: As we mentioned above you want to make sure you follow the instructions given to you by either Samsung or the CPSC. It can include anything from having your refrigerator repaired or replaced or even cleaning it out and leaving it open for a couple of days to air out. The suggestions will be related to the nature of the recall.

  3. Unplug: Should you end up having a recall that has a potential fire hazard or electric shock it's imperative that you immediately unplug your refrigerator to reduce the chance of any possible hazards. (We know Having a refrigerator is really annoying but trust us it's for your own safety!)

  4. Schedule: If your refrigerator is part of a recall that requires repair or replacement comma then sketch an appointment with a Samsung authorized repair person or center ASAP. The reason for the recall will be the determining factor of whether or not Samsung may cover the cost of repair or even of a replacement refrigerator.

  5. Practice safety: Until your refrigerator is completely fixed or you have a new one, make sure to take the right precautions when using it. Keep track of the temperature to make sure your food is always safe, be aware of any flammable materials that could come near your refrigerator and keep them away from it plus make sure to be aware of any possible damages or malfunctions that could be happening to it.

Overall, it's important to take any recall notice seriously and to follow the instructions provided by Samsung or theCPSE to ensure the safety of you and your family period

Samsung Refrigerator Recall
Steps to Replacing Old Fridge

If your current Samsung refrigerator has been recalled the thought of finding a new one can feel a bit overwhelming. Here are a couple of tips to help you make the right decision for you:

  1. Check for Recalls: By now you're a pro at looking for recalls on refrigerators so before you buy a new fridge make sure the one you want isn’t part of a recall.

    The last thing you want to do is get one that has already had a recall but the good news is they (hopefully) would’ve already fixed the issue. Remember to check the CPSC website or contact the manufacturer directly.

  2. What do really you want/need?: Now that you're starting all over it's important to get 100% clear on what you want and need in your next one. Start by looking at your current refrigerator. What did you love about it and what it was missing?

    You'll need to be able to answer questions like:

    -How much room do I/we need?

    -Do I want it to be a counter depth or deeper?

    -How energy efficient do I want it to be? Will I get a rebate for buying one and not another?

    -Which features do I really need and which ones would I absolutely love?

    These can be things like a water dispenser or ice maker (regular or special ice), or do I want a smaller door to be able to open to take out drinks? If you’re a techie do you want your fridge to be connected to the internet with a screen on the front to remind you to buy eggs or let you watch the news while you make your morning coffee. And these are just the tip of the iceberg of bells and whistles you can find.

    What refrigerator that fits my budget?

    While we completely understand needing to scrimp and save on your refrigerator though don’t forget that hopefully you'll keep this fridge for the next 7 to 20 years. So when you’re choosing be honest with yourself on what you want. The last thing you need is to be kicking yourself every time you go to your refrigerator for not getting that bell or whistle that you really wanted/needed

  3. Read Reviews: You had to know we were going to bring this up. Try to find reviews of the refrigerator models you're considering. If you can find them they will show you it’s reliability & durable plus hopefully the real performance is like.

    The hardest part is finding a review is corporate entitiese like Consumer Reports spend a long time to come up with their reviews. While we’re so grateful that they are so meticulous with their testing, it’s very frustrating because most of the time the review is posted after the refrigerator is no longer being sold. This is why we love getting reviews from actual owners as well.

    When/if you find a negative reviews on a fridge remember that negative reviews are posted 10 times more often than positive ones. (When have you ever gone online to sing the praises of any appliance that did exactly what it promised?) A bad review doesn't mean the refrigerator is all bad – just that person had a bad experience. It’s in seeing many negative reviews on a fridge that we take it seriously.

  4. Compare Prices: Often prices are the same across all retailers but once in a while we are surprised that they aren’t. The same refrigerator model can tryly vary from retailer to retailer. Also remember to check if there are any sales on or coming soon (they often pair them with holiday weekends), or rebates that you can take advantage of. Simple things like these can help you get a great price.

  5. Buy From a Reputable Retailer: Buying a refrigerator is a big purchase whether you're spending $900 or $9000. This is why you want to buy from somewhere you can trust. Having reputable customer service and support is always a plus. This way should you have any issues in the future it can make the whole experience a much easier one.

Overall, taking time to research and compare your options will help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

Samsung Refrigerator Recall
Not Part of a Recall

There’s few things more frustrating than having a fridge that has problems that the company doesn’t have in a recall. If you find yourself in this situation with a Samsung refrigerator that’s not part of any of their recalls here's what you can do:

  1. Contact Samsung Customer Service:
    Just because your fridge isn’t in their recalls that doesn’t mean they aren’t up to helping you. Samsung’s customer service is still there to help you troubleshoot the issue to fix it and possibly find out if it can be repaired. They are there to:

    1) Help you figure out what the problem is over the phone
    2) Give you solutions to possibly solve it
    3) Make sure you find a certified repair person to fix it.

  2. Schedule Repair Service Appointment:
    If you can't seem to get a solution over the phone with their customer service people then we recommend you schedule a repair appointment with either Samsung directly or an authorized repair center. Should your refrigerator still be under warranty often Samsung covers the cost of the repair.

  3. Replacement Options:
    While many refrigerators are repairable, sometime the cost to fix can be quite high, close to that of a new one. Should this be the issue you're dealing with, then you may want to seriously consider replacing it and getting a new one.

    (Remember while you’re fixing one issue if your fridge is older there could be other issues on the horizon for this fridge.)

  4. Take Proper Precautions: Until you’ve fixed or replaced your fridge you’ll want to practice safety precautions when using it. These can be anything from making sure that the food stays cold so that spoiled food won’t make anyone in your house sick to keeping flammable things away from it should there be a possible fire hazard. You’ll want to periodically check it for any kind of signs of malfunction or more possible damage.

Overall, it's essential to make sure you take care of anything going on with your refrigerator as soon as you're aware of it to keep you & your family safe.

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