Hotpoint is a Horrible Refrigerator with Horrible Customer Service!

Hotpoint Refrigerator Review of Model: HTH17CBBWW 16.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in White

This is a disgusting piece of junk and has been since the day I got it and the repair men seem incompetent and consumer relations is not helpful.

It has been nothing but stress and more since I got it.

  1. It freezes and and thaws the food in my refrigerator.( I was told this is the design.)

  2. It frosts and thaws things in the freezer.( I was told this is the design)

  3. I was told the freezer door is suppose to open when I close the refrigerator and just make sure it closes back.

  4. I was told the seal is good when I know it leaks and is not a good seal.

  5. I was told that one of my problems is from a bad temperature control but they changed it and so it is not that even though it still has the same symptoms.

  6. I am told by design it has moisture inside as well as all the above complaints are by design .

None of the repair men really did much more than look at the refrigerator and I don't mean behind it.

Hotpoint is a joke and ripoff. Stay far away!!

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