Energy Star Rating

Are You Saving with an Energy Star Appliance?

If you’re wondering what an Energy Star Rating means, then you’ve come to the right place. The EPA, (Environmental Protection Agency) and the DEP (Department of Energy) created the concept of Energy Star appliances and promote it on a consistent basis to keep Energy Conservation on the top of our minds.

Energy Star Ratings for Consumer Appliances

One of the two major programs created by these two organizations is to help the average consumer to have a better understanding of the amount of energy they use.

The actual rating is to let you know actual the efficiency of an appliance as well as it's expected cost to use it every month. When looking for a new appliance, you can use this rating to like a quick reference guide toward the efficiency of the appliance you are using.

This can be helpful in figuring out if you save more by spending a bit more upfront on something more energy efficient. In the end it might pay for itself with the energy savings.

Can the Energy Star Rating Tell Me Which Appliance to Buy?

You definitely can use an appliance's the rating to figure this out with some simple calculations. Just follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to look at the bottom line – how much does each appliance cost and subtract the lower one to see the difference in cost.
  2. Figure out how much it will cost you to run each one of the units for a month. Subtract theses two numbers from each other to see how much you would be saving per month.
  3. Now divide the difference on the monthly costs (#2) into the cost difference (#1) and that will give you the number of months you will need to use this system to break even.

Just remember that the appliance won’t just stop working when you “break even”. It’s after this point that you really start to see the savings as a benefit.

Also, check into whether or not buying an Energy Star Appliance will entitle you to receive an Energy Star Rebate from your state government as most are covered in this rebate.

If it isn’t also check to see if you can get an Energy Star Tax Credit toward the appliance.

These credits tend to cover larger more home improvement type things but check out the list because it is quite extensive

Energy Star Ratings for Buildings vs. Appliances

Ratings for Appliances: You should be able to find an Energy Star page on every Energy Star Appliance for sale (it should contain the Energy Star Logo). The rating itself will tend to give you a number and that number should tell you the cost of running just that appliance for an entire year. Most often there is anywhere from a 10-15% reduction in costs to operate most Energy Star appliances.

Ratings for Buildings: This is one measure that has taken off quite well and is a substantial way to help the world’s energy problems in decreasing the amount of energy used in larger buildings/businesses decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and slowing down global warming.

Many larger business have taken into consideration their own Energy Star Compliance and are changing out simple things from lighting to more complex details such as insulation and cooling creating entire chains of large stores (such as supermarkets) are now becoming Energy Star Compliant.

Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews

Energy Star Rebates

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