Whirlpool Gold Side by Side Refrigerator

Looking for a Whirlpool Gold side by side refrigerator? Then you’ve come to the right place. In doing all of our research here’s what we’ve found: there are currently 10 different models, with a storage capacity of 22-26 cu. ft of interior space and a price range from $1400 to $2600.

  • Tip: Don’t forget that the prices listed above are the MSRP which is only the "suggested retail price" not the actual retail price. Considering how often we’ve found at least a 10% - 15% difference from this, we’ve also added a list of the current prices on all of our individual Whirlpool Gold refrigerator reviews.

    After all of our research, we know that buying a Whirlpool Gold side by side refrigerator isn't just a good choice, it’s a great one. As you read down you’ll begin to understand the many different reasons and features that make a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator different than not only a Whirlpool refrigerator but also other brands of refrigerators on the market today.

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    Whirlpool Gold Side by Side Refrigerator Features

    So what makes a Whirlpool Gold side by side fridge special? Here’s a few of the really special features that Whirlpool created for their Gold line:

    1. Fast Fill II: The water dispenser allows you to fill items faster than usual with purified water. It’s a great thing to have when filling pots or pitchers. Best of all, the water dispenser can be told exactly how much water to dispense for recipes just by entering it on the display panel above. Don’t forget the theater lighting system on the dispenser to make all of these tasks easier to do and see.

    2. External Display: Instead of a dial to tell you how cold the fridge is, now all you have to do is look at the panel above the ice/water dispenser. It will tell you down to the degree how cold your freezer and fridge are as well as whether or not it’s time to change your Whirlpool refrigerator water filter.

    3. Sleek Styling: Instead of the flat smooth surface on the door you’d find on the Whirlpool side by side refrigerator, these fridges have a design that is smooth contoured. It’s the small details like this that make the Whirlpool Gold refrigerators into a showpiece in any kitchen.

    4. Energy Efficient: Each and every one of these models has an energy star rating, which makes saving energy (and money) all that much easier while decreasing your impact on the planet.

    Price Range: As we mentioned above, the price range is quite large going from the low side of $1400 to a high side of $2600.

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