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If you are looking for a GE compact refrigerator then you’ve come to the right place. While the choices are few, below you’ll find compact refrigerator reviews on all three types of the compact fridges made by GE.

The first thing to consider is to figure out how much space you have. Most people need compacts for secondary usage such as an office refrigerator or an outdoor refrigerator. The biggest problem in choosing one tends to be whether or not it fits in the small space available.

Three different GE Compact Refrigerator Sizes

We weren’t kidding when we said that you didn’t have many choices but the good news is they pretty much cover every size and color you might want. Take a look below to see which one is best for your needs.

The biggest size GE compact Fridge has an interior capacity of almost 6 cu. ft which dimensions of 34 1/8 H x 23 5/8 W x 24 1/4D.

The Biggest Compact Refrigerator

It comes in two different colors:

  1. Black on Black (GMR06AAPBB)
  2. White on White (GMR06AAPWW)

Both styles come with reversible hinges which allow you to change the door opening to either left or right side. Both of these models are part of the GE Spacemaker Refrigerator line.

Inside you’ll find:

  • An ice cube tray freezer with two mini ice cube trays (very little freezer space)

  • Three shelves within the door – the biggest one can hold two half gallons of milk
  • The door also has a can rack that will hold up to 7 cans
  • Two wire shelves that can be adjusted – due to the extra storage ability of beverages on the door you will be able to put a great deal of food with in the fridge itself.

  • This is definitely a fridge if you need more than just a bit of storage ability.

  • The Mid Sized Compact Refrigerator

    The medium size GE compact refrigerator has an interior capacity of 4.3 cu. ft with dimensions of 32 3/4H x 20 1/2W x 21 D.

    This GE Spacemaker refrigerator model comes in three different colors:

    1. Black on Black (GMR04BANBB)
    2. White on White (GMR04BANWW)
    3. Clean Steel (GMR04HASCS) – This is the only “look alike” stainless steel compact refrigerator made by GE. Even though it’s not real stainless it is easy to clean and resists smudges and fingerprints better than the real thing.

    All three of these models come with:

    • A very small freezer that is mostly used to make ice cubes. It also comes with one mini ice cube tray.
    • Hinges on the right (the door opens on the left)
    • Three Shelves on the door – one of which can hold up to two half gallons of milk
    • A beverage can rack that can hold more than a 6-pack of beverages
    • Three wire shelves within the body of the fridge that can be adjusted or removed

    The Smallest (Compact Cube) Refrigerators

    The smallest size GE compact fridge which really is a great cheap compact refrigerator (under $200 US) if you really only need a bit of refrigerated storage space. It only has an interior storage space of 1.7 cu. ft with dimensions of 19 1/2H x 17 3/8W x 19 D.

    The only color it comes in is White on White (GMR02BANWW), so if you want a compact black refrigerator you should consider one of the two mentioned above.

    The refrigerator itself has:

    • Hinges on the right (door opens on the left)

    • A freezer that really can only hold one mini ice cube tray

    • Two Shelves in the door – one can hold 2 half gallons of milk with a bit more space left over

    • One wire shelf that is not adjustable
Note: Please be aware that while all three of these refrigerators are great please be aware that you will have to manually defrost the freezer as none of them are frost free refrigerators.

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