Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recall

Wondering if your Samsung Refrigerator is part of a recall?

You've come to the right place if you're looking for Samsung refrigerator ice maker recall information.

The Samsung brand does a beautiful job creating its appliances. Still, many people complain about their faulty ice makers and look for recall information on it. 

Few things are worse than dealing with a refrigerator with issues because they are essential to our everyday lives. Should this be you, this article will:

  1. Inform you of the various Samsung refrigerator ice maker recalls 
  2. List all of the affected models from each recall
  3. Show you the different options available if you're affected by one

Most Recent Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recalls

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recalls

In doing our research we've been able to find 3 different recalls that were specifically due to issues that directly affected Samsung refrigerator ice makers.

These recalls go back as far as 2009 and are definitely something worth reaching out to Samsung whether or not your model is listed below.

  1. 2009 Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recall:
    While there have been a few Samsung refrigerator ice maker recalls, the largest one happened in 2009 when Samsung recalled close to 37,000 units (in the UK) as they had ice maker issues that were potential fire hazards.

    The refrigerators were purchased between 2005 and 2006 with the model numbers:

  • 2015 Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recall:

    The subsequent Samsung refrigerator ice maker recall happened in 2015 and covered a long list of models sold between 2010-2013.

    The issue was found to be that the ice maker had a good chance of freezing up, causing a chain reaction of a fan malfunction which caused temperature regulation issues for the refrigerator.

    The affected models by this recall are:


  • 2017 Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recall:
    The third ice maker recall we found occurred in 2017 when Samsung voluntarily recalled specific models that could potentially have ice maker issues.

    This recall also caused a chain of events that led to issues with food spoilage. It created a build-up of ice in the freezer, which caused problems with the door not closing correctly, lowering refrigerator temperatures.

    The French door and bottom freezer models were sold between 2009 and 2013 with the following model numbers:
  • RefrigeratorPro Tip:Whether your fridge is part of a recall or not, the most important thing for you is to watch out to ensure it is working correctly so that you and your family are safe and to prevent any future problems

Part of a Recall:
What to do next?

If you find that your fridge is one of the recalled models, we can't stress this enough-make sure you reach out to Samsung directly and take only the actions they tell you to.

If you go ahead and try to have, it fixed by someone that isn't a 'Samsung approved' repair person, they may no longer be liable to fix or replace it.

Also it's wise to ask them to send you everything in writing when you're talking to Samsung as proof that you did exactly what you were told to do should they need to pay for the repair or replacement model.

I've got the bid, now what?: Once you've gotten the bid to fix it, if the cost is coming out of your pocket then take a minute to think first.

We know the idea of having to spend any more money on an appliance that was already a significant expense can be beyond frustrating.

We recommend not just accepting the repair bid if it is expensive. Often, a refrigerator with one issue will have others down the line. It may be worth your while to consider putting that money toward purchasing a new refrigerator instead.

Other Samsung Refrigerator Recalls

Suppose your refrigerator isn't part of one of the above-listed recalls. In that case, we recommend looking at our Samsung Refrigerator Recall page to see that it's not part of a different recall.

Unless you are a refrigerator repair person there's no way to know if another issue may be causing problems with your ice maker. For all you know your fridge could be part of a recall could be a wiring, fan, circuit, compressor thing that could be the reason why.

Trust us, today's refrigerators are very complex, and you would need to be an expert in order to know how one issue could be affecting the rest.


"Could I be part of more than one recall?": If your fridge is part of one of the above-listed recalls, while it's not very common that a single refrigerator is part of more than one recall, it's also possible to be part of others.

Look at our Samsung Refrigerator Recall page to ensure you're aware of anything else that might be affecting your model.

Click here to see a full list of Samsung Refrigerator Recalls

I need to replace my old fridge
Where do I  Start?

If your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Recall means you now have to buy a new fridge then the first thing to do is to take a deep breath.

We know that the mere suggestion of spending that kind of money on a new fridge can be enough to turn someone's stomach, especially after having had a bad experience with another refrigerator.

This can make knowing which fridge to purchase very difficult.

Heck we've heard from so many people in your situation that we're guessing you could be thinking of any or all of these:

  • "What if I purchase another lemon? How do I know this one is better than the last one?"

  • "What brand can I trust if I trusted my current brand and they didn't come through when I needed them?"

  • "Where do I even begin?"

  • "It's been so many years since I bought my last one I don't even know where to begin!"

If one or all of these thoughts are roaming through your brain, then don't worry - we're here to help. Just click on one of the links (by type or by brand) on the left side of this page to get started.

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