My Kenmore Refrigerator is a Fire Hazard!!

by Disgusted in Catharpin

Last night I found out my Kenmore side-by-side bottom freezer refrigerator is a fire hazard!!

It's only about 3 years old and when I opened it last night I discovered the whole lighting fixture melted and could smell something burning. The whole control panel was black inside and melted.

This time we managed to get home in time to prevent a fire! What if we hadn't made it home?!?!

Doesn't anyone stand behind their own products anymore?!?! You used to be able to purchase a Sears appliance and count on it running for at least 20 years. No pride in workmanship.

I am so furious right now and am gearing up to deal with Sears, knowing that I will have to purchase another product - this time from someone else - not Sears.

I'm not to hopeful that I will get any satisfaction on this one. I remodeled my kitchen this year and I'm sorry to say that most of my appliances are Kenmore Elite. I'm hoping that they last a bit longer than 3 years. I am totally disgusted!!!

I'll keep you posted you the outcome. Thanks for listening.

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Feb 21, 2024
Refrigerator Fire NEW
by: Ann

My Kenmore refrigerator actually started on fire a week ago. It was terrifying! I'm so glad I was home and nearby or my house could have started on fire!

Aug 06, 2020
fire in my kenmore elite refrigerator NEW
by: Anonymous

Opened my refrigerator door in the morning and
saw that the light fixture was brown from flames
and melted.
It could have burned the house down since it happened during the night.
I will never buy another appliance from Sears!!!

Jan 17, 2020
Fire in my Kenmore Freezer/Ice Marker!! NEW
by: JMartin

While preparing dinner on Monday, January 13, 2020, I heard a pop and lights flickered for a moment. Within a few minutes, I smelled something electrical burning. My husband and I checked all the plugs in the kitchen area and our son checked out the attic. As the smell quickly escalated, I opened the refrigerator and black smoke came out. I quickly shut the door, unplugged the refrigerator and did not attempt to open the freezer. After we opened every door and window to air out the house, we attempted to open the freezer door. It was melted shut. The entire area around the icemaker is burnt and melted and the whole unit interior is covered in smoke residue. This is a Kenmore side-by-side model #106.51722410, purchased in Feb. 2015. I am not sure why I did not purchase the protection plan, most of my appliances in the past have been Kenmore with a protection plan. This is not a simple repair and this should not have happened, ever!! I have tried to contact Kenmore directly and cannot reach anyone. No recalls on this item and surprise, surprise, it is no longer available. Every number I've called with Sears goes to parts and service. Even after telling my story, there is no recourse because I didn't have protection plan. I will be calling Sears again today and see if I can talk to someone not in parts and service. Then, I will be making a complaint to the consumer protection service. Extremely disappointed and frustrated .

Dec 15, 2016
Kenmore simple side by refrigerator.
by: Anonymous

Black smoke damage on control panel and door. Called Sears, technician barely checked control. Tried to wipe off smoke damage. Said he found nothing so I asked him where did the smoke come from and he had the nerve to say "it looks like someone tried to smear something black on it".

Really??? He was saying I tried to fake a fire.! It is under warranty so tried to call and report him but just got call center and they said too bad.


Now I have to call a another repairman and pay for the inspection myself. I thought Already had a house burn and just now getting on my feet. I am 69 and disabled and don't know if I could get out of a burning house.

Certainly can't move refrigerator to unplug it if it catches fire.

Jun 27, 2015
there is a class action settlement on this issue
by: Cynthia

My fridge had this issue as well. I first noticed food feeling warm to the touch on top shelf. then there came the melting of the plastic light housing and burned sockets. I had to remove the bulbs to prevent further damage..After doing a search on the web I found that there had been a class action lawsuit in 2011 that was settled in our favor. I never got a letter in the mail and I have been at the same address for 30 years..anyway, the lawsuit provides a free repair of the light and relay board. you just have to call Sears or LG and request this repair. it is basically a limited extended warranty that covers the light issue for 10 years (or one place said for the life of the fridge....)

May 05, 2015
good thing i was home or my house would have burned down
by: Anonymous

I smelled something burning and it smelled like plastic , I opened my fridge to find the plastic cover hanging and the metal housing also hanging with the lights and the plastic melting and bubbling above. This Is A Major fire hazard!! the housing was red hot , the top of the fridge also was hot not to mention all the New food We purchased was all spoiled . We quickly pulled the fridge out and unplugged it ! The door was shut prior to this problem and I had opened the fridge 30 minutes prior to get cream and it was fine .I have a beeper if the door is open . The heat melted the fridge and now the melted bubbles touch the wires even if it was able to be put together , this is NOT safe ! This fridge also sits below our kitchen cabinets like many fridges do in homes , If i had not been there my house would have burned down and i was just on my way out for the day !

Apr 08, 2015
Kenmore 3 door refrigerator fire hazard
by: Anonymous

I also have one of these refrigerators that the light stays on and started to burn. When are they going to do something about this?

Oct 27, 2014
Fire Hazard!!
by: Eric Karter

Kenmore Side by Side bottom Refrigerator is a fire hazard. Similar to the other experiences, I opened the door and hazy smoke and an acrid smell confronted me. I then notice that the digital display and lamp unit on top were melting off the top of the refrigerator. Several calls to Sears and no assistance whatsoever. I can have a service call in 5 week time. In the meantime, no refrigerator. Shame and Sears! No respect for the consumer or the pride in the merchandise they sell. I will tell everyone not to purchase through Sears!

Sep 10, 2013
Kenmore Elite
by: Anonymous

My Kenmore Elite started smoking. The lights inside were so hot that it melted the plastic housing around the lights, blistered and bubbled the top of the fridge. The jars in the sheles where so hot that you couldn't pick them up with your bare hand. Luckily we looked in there before a full fledge fire started. If we had not been home there is no doubt our house would have burned down. Now Sears is giving us a hard time about fixing it.

Aug 19, 2012
Fridge Smoked
by: Portlandia

Same exact issue. Came home tonight, wife opened fridge and the smell of smoke poured out. Fridge is 5 years old while it has Kenmore badging it is made by LG.

Apr 16, 2012
ditto Frig is a fire hazard
by: Digidan

ditto Frig is a fire hazard. The bulb gets way too hot. Deseign sucks - sockets, motherboard, light bulb, light cover - everything was deseigned by idiots

Feb 15, 2011
My Kenmore Elite is a Fire Hazard too!
by: Anonymous

I just had the exact same experience with my Kenmore Elite this morning!!

The light bulb housing was so hot it melted and the light sockets had turned brown. Had I not caught it when I did my house might have burnt down and would no longer be standing.

I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Agency. I have no illusion of Sears being helpful or doing the right thing.

I cannot believe this has been going on for so long... AND SEARS KNOWS IT AND KEEPS SELLING THE REFRIGERATORS!

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Aug 30, 2010
Tip on Buying a New One
by: Anonymous

You may not have any better luck with Whirlpool family (Maytag, Amana, etc.) The quality has gotten poor.

GE products are not better. This I speak not only through experience but reading about or talking to others.

I'm spending a little more and buying foreign -- Samsung. I hope their product aligns with their reputation of good products.

Aug 08, 2010
Did your light bulb remain on?
by: HeidiPro

We've heard more than once about how something like this can easily happen if the light bulb in your refrigerator doesn't turn off when you close the door.

The worst part about this is the fact that no one would ever think to check this because you assume the light goes off when you close the door.

Personally I never even thought that the heat of a single light bulb to overpower the cooling effect of an entire refrigerator. Though from all of the comments we've gotten on the subject, trust us, it can!

Hope you have a great deal of luck with Sears.

You might also want to report this to the the Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if there are others who have had the same problem. If so they might even recall the fridge across the board.

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