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Is buying one of the energy efficient refrigerators really that important? In a word, yes. Between all of the concern around global warming, the increased cost of energy and the larger global energy needs you want to be as energy efficient as possible.

Now that we've got that settled: Which one is right for you? To answer this question we we created a list of many of the best, most energy efficient refrigerators on the market. Click here.

Though if you want to know a bit more first, below you'll find a few tips to think about before buying. Something as simple as which style you are looking for is important. (Choose one you'll love for a long time. We've found that something with a classic and timeless style is the best choice.)

Remember this is a purchase you are going to keep for at least a decade. If you make the right choice you should like it as much today as you will in 10 years.

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4 Tips to Find Energy Efficient Refrigerators

  1. Size matters.

    We've found that the most energy efficient size of refrigerator has 16-20 cubic ft storage capacity. This may seem a bit small but a household with 2 people in it can easily live off of a refrigerator of 15 cubic ft. Be honest with yourself and think about the smallest possible size refrigerator you could live with because the smaller it is, more often than not, the more energy efficient it is.

  2. Style matters.

    Even though they really have fallen out of style, top mounted freezers (10-25% less) are the best energy-wise with bottom mounted coming in second place and then side by side for third. The good news is that french door refrigerators do fall into the bottom mounted freezer category.

  3. Extras matter.

    While most of us really love the convenience of ice makers, to truly save on energy then we recommend avoiding through door and automatic ice makers. Though remember this is going to have to be a refrigerator you live with for the next ten years. If you feel you need an internal ice, maker then we recommend getting it because otherwise you will find yourself wanting a new refrigerator in the next few years.

  4. Do your homework.

    Check to see which models you love the most then see which are the most efficient. You might be surprised to find models that are more efficient than minimum 20 percent energy efficiency required by Energy Star.

How much can I save with an Energy Star?

If you want to see how much you can save with an energy star refrigerator check out the EPA Energy Saving Calculator.

While there is a savings in money in buying energy efficient refrigerators, there is also a savings in emissions. At this point you are probably saying, "Emissions?!?! We're talking about a refrigerator not a car." But we're here to tell you that, yes fridges do give off emissions and the older your refrigerator is, the more emissions it's probably giving off. If you want to know how much your current refrigerator is giving off then first find out the wattage and put it into the following formula:

(# of Watts x # of hours used daily x 365)/1000 x 1.34 lbs = pounds of CO2 per year

This will give you the number of pounds of CO2 your are producing per year by having your refrigerator on all day, every day. Then compare this amount given off by the refrigerator you are looking to purchase.

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Energy Star Refrigerators

Energy Star Refrigerator Reviews

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