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Here are more Top 10 Refrigerator Models on the market for 2019!

Here are the rest of the Top 10 Refrigerator models for 2019! If you didn't see the first page of this list be sure to click the link at the bottom of the page!

Determining the Top 10 Refrigerator List

We use a combination of user reviews, consumer review magazines as well as the results of our own in house testing of each model.

We try to look at all styles, colors and price ranges. But to be honest, to be a Top 10 Refrigerator, it's rare we consider models under $1,500.00. They typically don't have the list of unique features, durability, styling and quality as more expensive models. That said, we certainly didn't want to recommend a bunch of $10,000.00 refrigerators no one could afford. So we found a happy middle ground. Take a look at the refrigerators we recommend below.

  • Tip: If you're confused as to what type of refrigerator you need, be sure to check out our Refrigerator Buying Guide to narrow down the selection a bit.

6. Bosch Linea Series B22CS50SNS Side by Side Refrigerator

OVERVIEW:  The Bosch Linea Series B22CS50SNS Side by Side Refrigerator is one of many great refrigerators from Bosch.  The features SuperCool and SuperFreeze will turn this fridge into a superhero!  (Ok, not really.)

But when you need it to work faster than normal, you'll love these features.  Those are just two of the things about this Bosch refrigerator that caught our eye. 

We love this counter-depth refrigerator and so will you.  Read the full review.

7.  Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator GX2FHDXVY

OVERVIEW: The Whirlpool Gold French Door Refrigerator GX2FHDXVY is a great, inexpensive refrigerator and is a perfect option for a family up to 4 people.

It has 4 adjustable, spill-proof shelves and a 22 cubic foot capacity.  It's energy star rated and has Whilrpool's exclusive Accu-Chill Temperature management system.  Humidity controlled crispers are yet another great

A must see.  Read the full review.

8. Samsung Four Door French Door RF4287HARS Refrigerator

OVERVIEW:  The Samsung Four Door French Door RF4287HARS Refrigerator is definitely a consumer favorite as it is the one of the most popular Samsung refrigerators on the market.

Having a second drawer gives this refrigerator huge marks in energy efficiency.

It's classic styling will add to any kitchen, and its functionality is top notch.  Read the Full Review.

9. Frigidaire FPHC2398LF Side by Side Refrigerator

OVERVIEW:  The Frigidaire Pro Series FPHC2398LF Side by Side Refrigerator initially didn't seem like one that would bowl us over, but it proved us wrong. 

It was one of the only stainless steel refrigerators that had the Easy Care doors which did an excellent job at minimizing fingerprints. 

The 7-touch dispenser and exterior temp controls made this Frigidaire fridge one to stand up and take notice. Read the Full Review.

10. Dacor Epicure EF36BNFSS 19.8 CuFt Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

OVERVIEW:  The Dacor Epicure EF36BNFSS 19.8 CuFt Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is one of the most popular refrigerators among all consumers -- and for good reason. 

This fridge is simply one of the best on the market.  In overall durability, styling, capacity and features, this is a fridge that belongs in your kitchen. 

And remember, that Dacor has fixed pricing so you don't need to worry that one dealer will undercut the next.  Read the Full Review.

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