Best Refrigerators

The Best Refrigerators on the Market

Finding the Best Refrigerators can be a long, arduous process if you don't know what you're looking for.

If you just want a list to see which is best for you, click here to see our Top 10 refrigerators.

Want to see more than just the top 10? Not a problem.Take a look below for a more detailed breakdown on each topic.

The brands by style have refrigerator reviews of the top 3-4 refrigerators for each style in that brand throughout the site.

First find the brand you are interested, then go to the style and you'll find your top 3-4 refrigerators.

Samsung RF323TEDBWW French Door Refrigerator

Best French Door Refrigerators:

Do you want a French door refrigerator?

Then take a look at some of the best French door refrigerators on the market today.

Shopping Search Results

Shopping Search Results

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Best Refrigerator Brands

Here is a list of some of the Best Refrigerator Brands. After reviewing thousands of online consumer reviews and refrigerator ratings, these brands consistently come out on top.

LG Signature LUPXC2386N FRONT

Best LG Refrigerators:

LG Refrigerators are quickly becoming the most popular refrigerator brand in America. You also might not realize it, but that GE or Kenmore refrigerator you're eying, just might have been manufactured by LG!

GE GTH18ISXSS Top Freezer Refrigerator

Best General Electric Refrigerators:

GE has taken a number of steps to dramatically increase the quality and design of their refrigerators. See why we like them.

Tips to Find the Best Refrigerator For Your Needs

If these links weren't able to help you then one way to narrow down your choices amongst the plethora of available refrigerator models, we need to first consider three factors:

  1. Budget:
    How much can you really afford? It's one thing to WANT a beautiful new refrigerator, but what is your exact budget?

    You'll want to know this number BEFORE you go to the store (or shop online) so that you don't get suckered in to buying something that's well outside of your price range.

  • TIP:Buying a fridge on CREDIT can end up costing you a lot more in the long run than if purchasing it outright.

    Remember this when the sales person tries to sell you a more expensive fridge than you can afford.

Amana ART104TFDS top freezer crammed full


Two things to consider: What type of EXTERNAL space do you have available within your kitchen (making sure to take into account the radius of the door swing when it's open)

How much INTERNAL STORAGE SPACE you actually plan to use? There's no point in buying a refrigerator that either doesn't fit in your kitchen, or won't adequately suit your refrigeration needs.

LG InstaView Feature 1


Do you need an ice-maker? Do you need an external water dispenser? What about a vacuum-sealed vegetable crisper?

The best refrigerators have these types of features and more and you'll want to narrow down which of these features are must-haves for you BEFORE you start shopping for your particular unit.

Remember, high end features also usually come with a high end price-point.

We suggest narrowing your selection down to only those refrigerator models that have the features you need.

The Best Refrigerators Aren't Always From Refrigerator Brands You Know

There are almost FIFTY different refrigerator brands just in the United States alone. Worldwide, there are probably 100 or MORE.

Needless to say, there are a lot of choices to have to sift through, so how do you know which refrigerator brand has the best refrigerators?

You can start identifying which brands are top in consumer's eyes by reading refrigerator reviews.

However, you need to keep in mind that just because there aren't any GOOD customer reviews or any reviews at all on your particular model, that doesn't mean that it's not a refrigerator model worth considering.

When it comes to Refrigerator Reviews the most popular refrigerator brands will often have the most reviews.

And, people are 10x more likely to COMPLAIN about something than to PRAISE something.

So, just because you read 10 negative reviews on a particular refrigerator model doesn't necessarily mean that it's a lemon.

How Else to Determine the Best Refrigerator Models

So, if refrigerator reviews don't tell you everything you need to know, how else can you determine best available refrigerator models?

  • Look beyond CONSUMER reviews, and look at CONSUMER TESTING reviews such as many of the reviews on this site as well as sites like

    They will often look PAST the negative comments of a consumer, and try to make their assessments SOLELY upon their own observations and field testing procedures.

    For example, in many of our reviews, we have tried to also include data gathered from local refrigerator repairmen (and women).

    If there are a number of similar comments (such as the ice-maker breaks down, or the condenser runs hot, etc.), we will add such commentary into our reviews since these people see these units every day and know which ones are prone to fail.

  • You may also want to make sure that the refrigerator model you're considering hasn't been a part of a Refrigerator Recall.

    We try to stay abreast of any recalls that we know of, but it's always good to do a Google or Bing search to see if there's updated information that we may be unaware of.

    Keep in mind that recall information is ESPECIALLY important if you're buying a used unit.

    Some unscrupulous people have been known to sell a recalled refrigerators without fixing the problem that prompted the manufacturer to issue a recall in the first place.

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