Samsung RF4289HARS

28 cu. ft. 4 Door Refrigerator with 8” Digital Display with Apps

Overall: The Samsung RF4289HARS really is an interesting refrigerator as it is the first of its kind in the Samsung refrigerator line. Not only is it a 4 door refrigerator that offers a great deal more storage space and convenience within its FlexZone drawer, it also offers connectivity and apps to help with everything from music to pictures and even recipes.

Capacity: 28 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. 8” Tablet with Connectivity: Now you can have easy access to many things you need right on the front of your refrigerator. The applications or apps built in to this include:

    • A note pad for grocery shopping or to tell someone what time you’ll be back
      Samsung RF4289HARS French Door Refrigerator

    • Picasa to be able to post all of your newest photos for all to see

    • Epicurious to help you create delectable entrees all from refrigerator door

    • A daily calendar to remind you of the day’s schedule just as you’re having your first cup of coffee

    • Check the weather before you leave the house – you’ll never end up caught in the rain unprepared again.

    • AP News that streams the latest happenings to keep you informed

    • What’s life without a bit of music? Pandora is here to help you with that.

    • This Twitter app will help you keep updated on everything you have going on in your life

    • A special app to keep track of how your refrigerator is doing with things like ice dispensing or how warm or cold it is.

  2. FlexZone Drawer: Not only is this a 4 door fridge, the second smaller drawer falls into the category of what do you need storage for right now. It’s incredibly easy to access, and is great if you have young children who come home in need of a snack.

  3. Perfect for Entertaining: Not only will you be able to play music in your kitchen from the Pandora app, this refrigerator makes ice very quickly and is able to store larger quantities for when you need it the most.

  4. Colors: The Samsung RF4289HARS only comes in Stainless Steel

  5. Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated

  6. MSRP: $3499 is the price Samsung says it should cost but this very new refrigerator. to our happy surprise, can already be found seriously reduced at 20-30%. Take a look at the prices below to see what we mean:

    Similar Models to Samsung RF4289HARS

    While this is really a fantastic new refrigerator and worth considering, if it’s too ahead of its time or more than you would like to spend then take a look at the three others listed below:

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