Amana ABB1924WES Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Amana ABB1924WES is an 18.5 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The Amana ABB1924WES Bottom Freezer Stainless Steel refrigerator has a well appointed and spacious interior. But, surprisingly, has an attractive exterior that will make this refrigerator the perfect addition to any existing kitchen decor.

Although at $1549 (MSRP), it's a bit pricier than other Amana bottom freezer refrigerator models, it comes with a few extra bells and whistles that make it worth the price. Amana even puts it in it's 'Better' category of good-better-best.

(Before going any further down this page, we want you to know that this refrigerator has been discontinued. But don't worry, here's a list of our favorite bottom freezer refrigerators by brand on the market today: Click Here to see them.)

Capacity: 18.5 cu. ft. Perfect for the average family of four.

Notable Features:

Amana ABB1924WES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
  • Half Shelves: Half width shelves are designed allow you to customize the interior storage as you see fit. Just slide the front portion of the shelf back and forth as you need it.

  • Best of all the Amana ABB1924WES has of 4 of them!

  • This feature gives you the ability to store a wide range of oddly shaped items.

  • Try storing a turkey and a bottle of wine on the same shelf of a refrigerator without this. You can with the ABB1924WES! (BTW, Amana so needs to come up with cooler names for their refrigerator models).
  • Great Organization: If you look at the picture you can see how it not only has huge amounts of storage for larger items on the door (gallon storage), it also has 3 clear drawers for produce and meat or cheeses. The dairy drawer is actually the top one on the left.

  • Changeable Door Swing: Considering you probably don't have a ton of room to spare in your kitchen, you'll want to be able to open refrigerator from one specific side to get the best functionality for your kitchen. Pick a side -- any side!

  • Easy Freezer Access: A single basket pull out freezer drawer is typically not a favorite. Somehow the one item you need always ends up at the bottom - one good reason to keep gloves in your kitchen. But with the dual wire freezer baskets, you can easily organize everything to make everything easier to find (and avoid frostbite ;).

    Black, White, Universal Silver (this is their stainless look alike) and Stainless Steel. fyi... The sides of both the silver and stainless are black not gray. If you want it all to be silver and gray then you'll need a Monochromatic Stainless Steel model.

    This model IS Energy Star rated.

    $1,549 for the Stainless Steel model. Other colors (white and black) were typically a few hundred dollars less but as we already mentioned above, this model has been discontinued.

  • Refrigerators Similar to the Amana ABB1924WES Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

    Considering this model has already been discontinued you probably won't be able to find it easily so we suggest taking a look at what else is available in your price range. Here are a few other bottom freezer refrigerators you might also consider by checking out our favorites.

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