Thought GE Was a Good Brand--Sears Needs Help with Their Customer Service!!

by Al

We thought GE was a good brand, but maybe not. Even worse, Sears could really use some help with their customer service!!

We have had this GE French door bottom freezer refrigerator model CFCP1NIXSS for just over one year. It has been out of service since 8/7/10.

The repairman ordered parts on 8/10/10 (inverter and BOARD ASM MA) for a total of over $1000 for parts and labor.

He said parts would be emergency ordered, and delivery of the parts should be on 8/13/10.

On 8/16/10, after calling SEARS 3x we are told that the parts will be delivered to SEARS (not sure which store) on 8/28/10..... then we will have to call to arrange for a repairman to install.

We will have no refrigerator for at least a MONTH. SEARS provided no alternative until PRESSED (more like PRIED), and on the fourth or fifth call on 8/16/10. They offered an $80 reimbursement for the purchase of a mini refrigerator or to get a loaner (Sears would pay) up to the repair date.

The problems we had with our refrigerator went like this:

  • We had temperature problems with this refrigerator that were resolved, we thought.

  • Then it suddenly just stopped cooling.

**The repairman asked whether we had unplugged the "fan" in the back of the refrigerator.

We have a five-year maintenance contract with SEARS for the refrigerator, washer, and dryer. I got it because our dryer stopped working after a year.

Just recently, the refrigerator had a one-year "check-up" and passed with flying colors..... repair person never mentioned/asked if someone unplugged the "fan." Wonder if he even checked the back of the refrigerator.

Thought GE was a good brand. Maybe not, at least not this model. SEARS? ..... they definitely need help with customer service.

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Aug 04, 2021
Baaad refrigerator
by: Anonymous

Try five months they did not offer a loaner they offered to reimburse me if I rented a refrigerator up until they got mine repaired , My husband and I are on disability and we paid over 3000 for out fridge and I told him we can't afford to rent one then he offered us 125 for a mini fridge this is rediculous

Aug 17, 2010
A month without a refrigerator?!?!
by: HeidiPro

That's a really long time to go without a refrigerator!! I'm glad that they offered to get you a loaner in the end but it certainly sounded like you had a great deal of work to get there.

Let us know how Sears handles this in the end and if it actually takes as long as it seems.

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