The Inside of My LG Fridge Looks Like a Piece of Junk!! All of the Plastic is Cracking!!

We bought our LG fridge (model LFC25760ST) about 3 years ago and before paying our last payment on it all the plastic parts inside started cracking and breaking.

I wasn't sure if my children were being to hard on it or if it was an inherent problem with the fridge. Now I know it was not us.

I don't even want to call LG to get replacement parts because I don't know how long they will last.

My LG fridge works fine so I am happy with that, but the inside looks like a pile of junk.

The sales person at Home Depot said it was a good product, NOT SO MUCH!!!

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Mar 30, 2021
LG Refrigerator interior cracks
by: Anonymous

The inside of my refrigerator walls are all cracked. LG’s solution is to put tape over the cracks. The technician said it would look wors than the cracks. My refrigerator is less than a year old. Has anyone else been offered a better solution from LG?

Mar 26, 2021
Shelves NEW
by: Anonymous

The plastic shelves have cracked! I have a Kenmore refrigerator (kept in the garage for drinks, etc.) in perfect condition that is 36 years old! Come on LG. I expected a better product.

Mar 02, 2021
LG Freezer is cracking all the plastic parts! NEW
by: Angry in NJ

How could a company use such cheap thin plastic to manufacture a freezer? The materials should be compatible with extreme temperatures, but they aren’t. One year after we purchased it, the drawer inside the freezer started to break. Random pieces of plastic would be found on the floor here and there and then I finally realized where they were coming from. Customer service is a joke. They do not want to be responsible for their products poor craftsmanship. Then the ice maker decided to work when it wanted it and now has completely shut down altogether. Today, 3 1/2 yrs later, the bar that holds the drawer on the track cam crashing down because , you guessed it, the plastic parts that hold it on broke off. I t makes me so mad because I could have got a better deal on Maytag or Whirlpool and from what I’ve heard, they are built to last.

Feb 11, 2021
LG Replacement parts arrive cracked NEW
by: Anonymous

Even LG replacement parts are bad!
The veg crisper basically fell apart after just 2 years. I ordered a new one from where I purchased it. It arrived "pre-cracked", they ordered me a replacement for the replacement and the handle came apart within 1/2 hour!

Feb 10, 2021
GE refrigerators are garbage too!
by: Beyond disappointed wife and mom

My hubby and I did a remodel and replaced our old refrigerator that was hideous but worked fine with a brand new mi-grade GE refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom (drawer). We paid for the extra protection plan through Home Depot. Within 1 month there was a random crack in the liner. Home Depot said they couldn’t help b/c it was still under manufacturer warranty. Then GE said their warranty doesn’t cover "cosmetic" issues. Seriously?! We paid THOUSANDS and they won’t cover a random crack that appears in less than a month? I was so mad. Called them every day demanding to talk to someone else. Called Home Depot back and demanded help since we paid for that extra plan. After 2 months of lots of stress and ever day calling, and after filing a complaint with the BBB, I finally got a call back by someone high up in GE. Funny thing they stopped making my model even though I had only had it 3 months. Anyway they replaced with a similar model and now I’m noticing lumps all in the liner under my drawers in the refrigerator part! What the heck do they make this stuff out of? It’s like it’s so thin it just disintegrates. It’s sooo cheap! Now I’m worried it’s going to break too and then what? I am soo mad. We BABY that thing. I’m so sick of companies making complete JUNK!

Jan 14, 2021
Inside refrigerator is trashed NEW
by: Anonymous

Glad I'm not the only one dissatisfied with the compartments in the LG fridge. We are an older couple so not hars on our appliances...bought it 4 yrs works great but inside is completely finished!!!!! i am so disappointed! Never again!!!
Where do we get replacement parts?

Dec 30, 2020
by: Kevin

our fridge is going to be almost 3 years old and the bins are all cracked and broken. Wife sent them an email and complained and wanted to let her no that she could buy the replacement (junk)parts. DO NOT BUY FROM LG! this is a WARNING

Dec 20, 2020
Lg sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

Same with my Lg Fridge . It’s only 3 or 4 years old by far the worst appliances on the market... never again

Oct 15, 2020
They are junk NEW
by: Anonymous

All of the shelves are cracking and was told they are not under warranty but the Rest of the refrigerator is this is BS

Oct 11, 2020
LG should stand for Lame Garbage NEW
by: Anonymous Jay

After owning our LG refrigerator for a little more then a year, we noticed every single interior bin and anything made from plastic is cracking. The the freezer basket now almost falls out of the support rails because the whole thing is cracked. Every door bin on both fridge doors is cracked and wanting to fall off the doors. The meat drawer is falling apart just the same as both veggie drawers! Obviously the plastic they used to manufacture all these components is not suitable for cold locations because it is just destroyed under regular use! Maybe time for a class action!!

Sep 03, 2020
32 LG fridges NEW
by: Anonymous

We ordered 32 new LG refrigerators (freezer on top model) for our brand new apartment buildings. Two years later we started seeing shelves dropping randomly out of their tracks because the insides were pushing outwards which apparently happens when the room it is in gets very warm?? Yeah, never heard that before. Some of the shelves have broken also cracked and broken as a result of this. To replace them is around $80. We’ve had to replace 4 already. So, $32,000 plus taxes, and two years later, they are slowly warping and falling apart. Very disappointed, why is everything so cheaply made and expensive to buy?? I don’t think there’s a brand out there that’s built to last, you make more money this way I guess. Hey LG, "life’s NOT THAT good". Oh, and by the way, the 17 year old Roper refrigerators in our older buildings still work fine and the shelves are great. Just saying...

Sep 02, 2020
fridge NEW
by: Lauree

I am so disappointed in my lg fridge have glued most of my shelves together just to be able to use them what a disappointment and waste of money 😒

Jul 08, 2020
I'll have the same...with a side of house fire NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't help but laugh because our LG has been nothing but trouble from the start. First, the inner lightbulb wouldn't turn off which subsequently melted it's housing and melted/toasted everything kept above the fridge. If we hadn't smelled the cheerios it could have totally caused a house fire! Then shortly thereafter all of the housing for every drawer has completely cracked as well as the tracks that the top two run on. Finally, the bottom shelf (which should be able to hold the heaviest of typical fridge items) has also cracked on both sides and is sagging towards the front. We are lucky this fridge has not destroyed our home or wasted any of the food we are storing. So far the ice maker is the only thing winning in the race for longevity.

Jun 22, 2020
Can't even buy parts NEW
by: Anonymous

It also appears you can not even buy several the parts any more.

Jun 17, 2020
LG = Lemon Grade NEW
by: John Mac

Most of the inside plastic parts are cracking and coming apart. Over $1000.00 to replace it all. What a shame but its going to the dump and I will never buy another LG product.

May 09, 2020
Replacement Parts NEW
by: Michele S

We've owned our LG LFCS22520S/01 stainless plain french-door since July 2018. The first thing we noticed was that the outside began getting 'bump' indents in the 'stainless' veneer. Then some weird seeping discoloration began appearing at the bottom of the freezer door veneer, as though the veneer clear-cover patina was not sealed properly at the bottom. Now the meat tray cover plastic connection tab busted off on one side and the LG replacement part we purchased doesn't close all the way. The part looks the identical, but my husband thinks it may be the wheels. Can't tell for sure where the replacement part was made. ☹

Feb 21, 2020
Cracking plastic in lg fridge. NEW
by: Anonymous

After reading the comments, I'm stripping the shelving and putting in sterlite stackable drawers.

Feb 03, 2020
broken plastic parts
by: Terri

I just got my LG fridge in September and already the cover over the deli drawer and one of the door bins has broken.The plastic parts that latch into the holes are way too thin and have snapped right off. I haven't even paid for it yet!!!! Ihave never had a fridge before where this has happened.I didn't buy a cheap fridge because i wanted it to last. This is ridiculous!

Nov 25, 2019
Crappy plastic NEW
by: Anonymous

The plastic isn’t cracking yet on my LG fridge, about 2 yrs old. Seems a little different than most. It appears the inside wall of the fridge is stretching out. In my case, that means the shelves are about to come off. What a mess that’s going to be.

Sep 26, 2019
LGs response is as crappy as their shelves. NEW
by: Anonymous

The LG customer support is a circular hell of people who's department doesn't handle this sort of thing and transfers to numbers that have a canned response and hang up at the end of the message. LG is dead to me after this.

Sep 15, 2019
Kenmore uses LG parts... NEW
by: Anonymous

Kenmore uses LG parts!

Sep 15, 2019
by: Anonymous

3 y/o KENMORE fridge shelves cracking up... bought a replacement and that too cracked in one year! Sears/Kenmore says it was caused by putting items on the shelf that were too heavy?? Yeah, like what, milk and eggs?? BullS***ers!! So much for Sears quality... They should be sued!

Sep 09, 2019
LG cracked too NEW
by: Anonymous

I have replaced my parts three times. I put in for a complaint to LG and they were all ready to send me a new fridge until they learned how long I have had it. If yours is within a few years old, have your service tech call them and see if they will replace it.
Not sure that I would want another, unless it was free.
It is junk on the inside, but still works fine as long as you don't need to open drawers or put food on the shelf!

Sep 05, 2019
Oops - Not a french door. NEW
by: Sarah

It's a top fridge / bottom freezer 2 door. Model #795.76293600

Sep 05, 2019
Kenmore Elite / LG French Door Fridge NEW
by: Sarah

I just broke down and purchased a replacement for the plastic shelf housing above the crisper draw - the current one is completely shredded at two corners and no amount of epoxy can fix it.

I have already replaced several of the door bins. Right now there is a combination of tape and epoxy holding one of the door bins together and one of the replacement ones now has a crack in the corner.

One of my crisper bins front compartment latch is broken and the plastic front is cracked but at $120-$150 to replace it's going to stay that way.

They obviously have used a low quality plastic...and I'm jaded enough to believe that it is planned obsolescence and a secondary revenue stream for LG.

Aug 18, 2019
Junk NEW
by: Anonymous

I’ve had my Whirlpool fridge for a couple of years. I’m having the same problem with the shelves cracking and breaking.

Jun 30, 2019
Most Import - What to Do? NEW
by: LG Junk

I have similar issues and mine is only two years old purchased from Costco.

What shall we do about it? Anybody here has suggestions/knowledge/experience? How to start a class action lawsuit? I'd be happy to join the group or stat one if somebody can show the rope.

Jun 07, 2019
LG Refrigerator is junk NEW
by: Anonymous

Like everyone elses comments...LG plastic drawers and trays are junk....already purchased a new shelf, and now the fruit bin and door shelf have cracked and are useless.

Apr 08, 2019
A disaster zone inside NEW
by: Anonymous

Just like others have commented, cracks all over --bins in the door, frame for the crispers, the snack/meat drawer fell apart.... Not functional, really... oh, and the light cover falling off. I think they should pair up with duct tape makers--that's where my money is going trying to patch it up.

Dec 21, 2018
Slelves NEW
by: Anonymous

I have the LG French door style. I think I've spent more money replacing cracked, broken shelves than wh as t the frig is worth. Wondering what other brand designed their shelves to last.

Dec 07, 2018
Duct tape works ... NEW
by: Anonymous

We've gotten by with the duct tape and make-shift fixes, but it's always a struggle keeping up with it. If you can afford it, buy new ... and send LG a nice letter about WHY you didn't buy their brand again.

Dec 06, 2018
LG junk NEW
by: Anonymous

My fridge is 5 years old and I was very happy
until three weeks ago when it began to self destruct. Plastic holding the glass shelves edge
is going to pieces, the drawers have fallen as
the track they slide in fell apart.
I don't know if I will attempt repairs or just
get a new non LG fridge.

Aug 16, 2018
LG...Looks lovely inside, if you like duct tape NEW
by: MJ

The plastic frames on the interior of my LG fridge started cracking just after my 1 year warranty expired. It was all downhill from there. I could no longer use the meat tray because the plastic frame above it was completely cracked. The frame AND supports above the crisper boxes cracked, so is now useless; I rigged up a makeshift shelf until dear hubbie can make a new wooden shelf (as someone suggested in another comment) the moment I have to drag out the drawers to get out my veggies as the drawers no longer glide. In the lower freezer, I rigged up long twist ties so that the glider mechanism can hold the upper basket ..But, hey, the ice-cream is just the right consistency.
I wrote up comments for the Home Depot reviews, but they didn't publish it. Also, a letter that I sent to the LG executives went unanswered. A return to old-fashioned metal shelves would be a smart move. I keep the darn thing because replacement parts are just too expensive, and I refuse to give in.

Apr 09, 2018
LG Refrigerator Shelf Cracked In Multiple Places! NEW
by: Camille

We have an LG Model: LFC21776ST /05. We have owned this refrigerator about 3 years.

A week ago I heard a loud BANG. I thought the "ice breaking" feature of the refrigerator had broken up some ice.

The other day I was cleaning out my refrigerator and at the back left corner the plastic frame that holds the glass over the bottom crisper drawers was cracked and broken in 3 places - all right at the corner!

I called LG and was told the warranty is only 3 years. To add insult to injury they do not make the replacement part any more!

How can this be? I thought LG made great appliance to LAST. We also have LG washer and dryer and our television is LG. Now I don't trust them.

I had to find a replacement part on the Internet from a company that will custom make the replacement shelf for us.

I have never had a refrigerator shelf crack in my life. I miss my Sub Zero!!!!

Mar 08, 2018
LG refrigerator is junk on inside NEW
by: Anonymous

bought LG french door frig and the inside is falling apart. all the shelves are cracked and the draws are falling apart. would never buy another LG product EVER.

Feb 23, 2018
9 different cracks and breaks within 3 years on inside of LG fridge NEW
by: Anonymous

what a disaster - fridge runs fine but completely falling apart on the inside -total junk. Duct tape and glue on our shelves -9 different cracks and breaks on the inside. even the slider for the fruit / veg crisper has come off. paid a log of $$ for this fridge and it is completely cheap on the inside

Dec 08, 2017
broken door bins and drawers NEW
by: Anonymous

At about two years all of the door bins and drawers started cracking!

Dec 08, 2017
broken door bins and drawers NEW
by: Anonymous

At about two years all of the door bins and drawers started cracking!

Sep 25, 2017
Lack Of Available Replacement Parts
by: Joe

Same problem that everyone else here has experienced. The problem is compounded by the fact that many replacement parts are no longer available. I had to resort to EBay to buy a new meat storage shelf and tray assembly. Disgusting as our LG fridge is only six years old. Planned obsolescence.

Aug 26, 2017
Everything cracking and breaking
by: Anonymous

I will never buy another LG appliance. My refrigerator is only five years old m, but it looks like crappy. The shelves and bins are all cracking and breaking. I looked online to buy a new bin and it's $38. I'm not going to give them anymore money. Nei bought my LG gas stove at the same time and I've had a part replaced twice in the oven because it wouldn't work. Never again will I buy LG.

May 26, 2017
Add me to the pile
by: Dwayne Biggar

Our LG fridge is a nightmare too. I'm going to replace all the shelves with plywood, it'll work better. The 25 year old Kenmore that we gave away when we bought this is still working and looking perfect. Wish I could ask for it back.
BTW, our LG range almost burned our house down last night. Check the recall page to see if yours is on the list. Burner came on and wouldn't shut off, we're lucky we were home.

Never again will I buy anything LG, (we have 4 things...all junk... slowly replacing).

Apr 21, 2017
Class action lawsuit? plastic inside my LG cracked
by: A. Hagman

I am disgusted that so many consumers are having the exact same issues. My story mirrors most others. It started with the plastic liner around the glass shelf, now multiple plastic parts are cracked and falling apart.

Two meticulous adults occupy this home. Everything is cared for. The notion that these parts are breaking due to negligence is insulting.

Has anyone considered suing LG? These parts should be recalled and replaced for free.

Apr 15, 2017
Same issue
by: Anonymous

This morning I opened the fridge door and the door bin came crashing down in pieces. I believe it broke before it hit the floor. The fridge is less than 2 years old. Replacement cost is $75.

Apr 14, 2017
LG FRidge falling apart inside
by: Anon2

The inside of our 7 y/o LG fridge is literally crumbling. The plastic seems to crack and then break off. Pretty soon there wont be any shelves or drawers left!
By comparison, our 25 y/o Kenmore is solid as new.

what kind of BS is this?

Mar 15, 2017
LG Fridge lining also cracking
by: Paul from Brisbane2017

LG is a poorly made product ,After 4 years and even with a extended warranty , doesn't cover you for cracked lining , cold water freezing and strange noises .LG has admitted in writing the fridge is a faulty product and needs to be replaced , LG will only offer less the half of its current valve or keep the fridge and give $200 . Every Australian should be ware of LG's poorly made products and stay far away from them ! Only when LGs profits decline will they get the message .
LG will lie to you and say the cracking is a one off ! they also say that the cracking does not effect the running of the fridge , but an fridge expects say a different thing all to gether , say yes it will and it makes perfect sense that the fridge will not work effectively .

Feb 20, 2017
Junk is right
by: Anonymous

I can't believe they haven't fixed this yet. I got my fridge in 2005 and it started cracking a year or so later. next, one shelf looked like I had taken it outside and run over it with the car. Metal and glass only was intact, plastic in so many pieces I couldn't count them. Next, the handle pulled off on Easter Sunday as I was trying to serve dinner. The screws came with it and it appeared that they were not actually connected to the door itself. I super glued it back on, but don't dare use the handle to open the door. The super glue has lasted about 5 years so far. Today, the $75 replacement shelf fell out, and one crisper drawer is hanging crooked, crumbled plastic under both. My original call to LG was met with a rather abrupt response in effect saying, "well what do you expect lady, the thing is 6 years old" and they denied that they had any complaints similar to mine. The internet said otherwise. I will never again buy an LG product or any made by LG, nor will anyone in my family or several friends. I was more upset by the rudeness of the customer service rep and the company's refusal to recognize a problem than I was the problem itself.

Nov 16, 2016
Plastic has cracked! Unbelievable.
by: LydiaL

My LG fridge is now 4 years old. After the first year I had one crisper drawer crack where the wheel is attached. By the next year they were both cracked, still usable, never complained. Next was the glide and serve plastic that broke. Then a few months ago the plastic on the mullion (flapper that allows you to close either door first on a french door system). It is my husband and I and it is definitely not abused.
LG offered to sell me the drawers $110 each and glide and serve for $130. The mullion I would have to order from a technician.
I told them I loved my fridge (except the plastic) but would never order from them again, they didn't care.

Nov 05, 2016
Plastic cracking on inside back wall
by: My LG dishwasher is awful, too!

I noticed the crack this morning, and I am not sure if it will affect the performance of the fridge. I'm reluctant to have LG come again to inspect and repair since we've already had issues in the past, and I'm over giving them anymore of my money. Any advice? Has this specific issue happened to anyone else here?

Nov 04, 2016
same with a whirlpool !!
by: Anonymous

I have exactly same problem with a whirlpool !!! After one year all the plastic is cracked, broken and I stress when I open it because all the drawers broke !!

Jul 11, 2016
7 years old LG
by: Anonymous

I agree that LG uses BAD plastic. Our drawers started breaking when it was 3-4 years old, but that is not such a big deal. The big deal is that the water in the fridge contacts degrading plastic.
Last year the water valve broke and I removed it to change it. Inside, all the black rubber seals were turning to a black dust, which was mixed with water used to make ice and to drink. The plastic body of the valve was also degrading.
That's what we drink from the LG fridge!

May 30, 2016
cracked within 2 years
by: Anonymous

purchased a lg fridge 5 years and thought it was odd that the plastic parts cracked so quickly - within 2 years. first it was the bottom supports, but now even the crisper bins have broken edges and it takes quite an amount of shoving to get them back into place. now i see that lg clearly uses cheap grade materials. will be buying a north american or japanese brand next time.

Apr 06, 2016
LG shelves cracker
by: Anonymous

I've had my LG french door refrigerator and both door shelves cracked within 2 years. LG won't replace it. We also have LG front load washer and dryer and both doors are cracked in the same places. They definitely have some quality control issues with their plastic.

Apr 01, 2016
Not just me then
by: Susan

Within a year the salad tray had broken, we cut new wood to line the internal door racks, the glass shelves broke away from the plastic surround...etc etc.....the back of the bottom tray is so badly broken it's sharp jagged plastic...never again

Mar 15, 2016
LG french door
by: janice morosini

Not even 15 months old and the interior glide and serve drawer cracked. The shelves are collapsing and the plastic door storage broke in half and everything in it came crashing to the floor. Called LG twice and twice they sent the wrong parts. I returned to the store where I purchased it. They, as well as LG, will not do anything about it. Never again will I purchase anything from LG. Did someone mention a class action lawsuit?

Feb 20, 2016
I feel like I have found a much needed support group
by: Anonymous

Everything breaks on the inside of my LG refrigerator...we have had to replace the shelves MULTIPLE times. It is also very loud (which I've heard is the case with "newer" refrigerators). Anyway, I'm so stressed any time I even pull a drawer open or put something on the shelves...hold a gallon of milk on the shelves???!! Are they crazy!? Will never buy an LG fridge again. The fridge works great otherwise....using decent plastic for the cosmetic stuff should have been easy for LG -- FAIL.

Jan 15, 2016
Mine is Junk too!!!
by: Anonymous

All of the drawers and shelving are cracked and falling apart we can't use the produce drawer I had to buy a basket to put everything in. The bottom shelf is all cracked and the center support completley broke off. PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!

Jun 24, 2015
My LG Fridge too
by: D Ellis

We purchased our LG Fridge (bottom freezer) in about 2012. The plastic of the shelving became brittle, the top of the glass shelf for the bottom drawers cracked with very little use. This is my 4th refrigerator and this is the first time I have ever encountered a problem with the parts deteriorating like this. The Customer Service person I spoke with at LG claimed it is 'cosmetic' and therefore not something they will repair. We debated for a short while about what actually constitutes 'cosmetic' and when it was clear that her cue-card only had the one answer, I gave up. I have now paid $160 Canadian for 2 shelves. This is the second time I've paid for a replacement shelf...
I agree.. maybe we should look into a class action lawsuit.

May 09, 2015
Lg 25760st insides breaking from the beginning
by: Anonymous

We purchased an LG refrigerator from Home Depot, they recommended it. The drawer wheels popped off withing weeks, now it's the shelves are breaking, drawers broken, crisper broken... Where is that class action lawsuit?? I called lg, they want me to hire a service person to drive 2 hours to my house, look inside charge the crap out of me to say, yep it's trashed!

Apr 25, 2015
Same Problem
by: Anonymous

We bought our LG refrigerator in 2008 and not even 2 years later the drawers and shelves starting breaking and we had to throw them out. We did not replace them because the new ones would also break, and we didn't want to throw more money away on defective parts. Know what we are using now? BINS WE PURCHASED AT THE DOLLAR STORE!

We have a nice house, and a beautiful kitchen, and this is what we have had to put up with.
Yes, LG should do something about their crappy product!

Jan 22, 2015
Still falling apart
by: Anonymous

Mine just keeps getting worse. I've commented on my LG refrigerator before, but I've had new problems. The door handles have fallen off so now we have problems just to open this piece of junk. What I don't understand is why a lawsuit against this company isn't possible????? I'm sure there are many more people with the same problems that don't know about this site, I feel we have been robbed of our hard earned money.

Jan 11, 2015
LG refrigerator is falling apart
by: Kristen

Every time I open the refrigerator it seems another part has broken. The drawers have fell part, it looks like a massacre

Jan 11, 2015
LG refrigerator is falling apart
by: Kristen

Every time I open the refrigerator it seems another part has broken. The drawers have fell part, it looks like a massacre.

Jan 05, 2015
Salesmen Don't Care
by: Anonymous

I recently ran into a salesman for LG who tried to convince me after I am fed up with all the broken parts of my fridge to buy another one. She said she had actually not heard about all the plastic parts breaking and gave me her card. I sent her all the pics of the broken crap in my fridge and sent her to this website, with the comment that I couldn't sell this crap to people with a clear conscience. Needless to say I never heard from her again. I know most people dealing with the problems of these fridges don't even know about this website. I am not surprised after bringing it to their attention that they don't care.....they have your money, why should they! I too am about to cut my losses and dump it in the recycle where the dishwasher went not too long ago.

Jan 05, 2015
Same with electrolux
by: Anonymous

I have been searching for replacement plastic freezer drawers, shelves and accessories even if not brand name or other make/model to no avail. Just moved into a fairly new flat but problem is with a completely working fridge but want to replace all parts inside. The prices are just astounding at anywhere from £25-£35. It would be cheaper to throw away a working fridge and buy a brand new one?

I would have thought a mere £5-£8 but shocked as He*l to find out that a plastic piece that will eventually break again costs more than an Oak dining chair I bought!

This is a definitely untapped market to get into.


Jul 27, 2014
Not just LG
by: Nana

The interior plastic problem is not just with LG. I bought a Frididaire Gallery Series refrigerator and the plastic literally fell apart in my fingers. I am a senior living alone so absolutely no abuse to the unit. I had it taped everywhere with duct tape to keep it halfway usable. I then moved and vowed to not buy another Frigidaire. I paid a premium price to buy a Maytag, relying on their good name. Low and behold before the first year was up the plastic started doing the same thing. My crisper drawers are now just sitting on the bottom of the fridge as the slider simply fell apart. I am now once again getting ready to move and need to buy a fridge and I have no idea what brand as this plastic issue seems to be a plague on all the brands. Kids toys have better quality plastic. I do not understand why the companies are not addressing this problem. The unit works fine but the interior is a disaster.

Jul 20, 2014
Annoyed & Frustrated
by: Cherie Kelly

I've only had my fridge for a couple of years and I am seeking replacements parts - broken plastic shelves and crisper drawer that fell apart in my hand also - and I can't get them anywhere in Australia. My parents have a fridge in their garage that they've had for 40 years that looks better inside than mine. It works fine and is also silver on the outside. I was relieved to find this forum. I like the twitter idea - I might do that.

Jun 23, 2014
Update on LG Fridge Shelves
by: Gaald

I have an update on my post below. After getting nowhere with LG customer service using their toll free number, I vented my frustration with LG and their customer service, and their crap fridge shelves on twitter. I included @lgcanada in the messages I posted and within an hour someone there responded, and they helped me get my mother sorted out.

Her fridge has a full set of shelves again, and they gave them to us at no cost. It was nice to have someone finally understand how bad the situation was, and they went above and beyond to help my mother out. It's too bad the shelves are still flimsy crap. But at least we have them.

Jun 09, 2014
LG Fridge Shelves are total junk!
by: Gaald

We bought an LG fridge in 2008, the LRBN20514BK and while the fridge itself still operates satisfactorily, the shelves are a total disaster!

A few years after purchasing the fridge the bottom shelf completely fell apart, we called and purchased a new one for a ridiculous price. Since then shelf after shelf started to show damage. We tried to manage as best as we could, because buying replacement parts were expensive, and it's the same easily breakable junk. At this point our fridge has lost the full shelf, the half shelf without the drawer, and for a second time the bottom shelf has totally broken again.

I tried looking for other options, like finding metal shelves that might fit instead of the plastic, but either my google foo is terrible or there is no such thing.

Jun 01, 2014
Plastic inside.........rubbish
by: Woody in Sri Lanka

So LG products are everywhere! I assumed my problems were Sri Lanka based.I have an upright fridge/freezer, top of the range in stainless steel. Looks GREAT, BUT......I have been waiting a year to have a replacement snack-drawer side runner, so cannot use the drawer,and need a similar side runner for the salad crisper, recently cracked and broken in several pieces. I have ordered from Colombo, and imagined a speedy [if expensive] replacement, but no luck.In the great scheme of things, LG appliances are comparatively cheap, obviously using inferior plastic for the interior; so why are replacements SOOOO expensive. From comments below, all customers appear to suffer from the same problems. LG, PLEASE GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS......

May 26, 2014
Update on my piece of junk
by: Brenda

Forgot to mention the handle on the freezer drawer (botton) lasted about one month before it came off in my hand. Like another person stated- only 2 seniors living here my husband and myself and we are not hard on our possesions. This is so wrong of LG to not back up their product. Can't believe there uis no class action going against these crooks. We are on a fixed income so we are stuck with piece of junk until we can afford to replace it.

May 26, 2014
by: Liz

Well I am updating my comment. It's even worse than what I last posted. I purchased a new piece to hold the glass to the tune of $125 and now that is broken in not 1, not 2 not even 3, but 4 places so my bottom crisper won't pull out. I just threw out the part directly above it that held the third drawer as all that was holding it in was a twist tie I put there. So that and the drawer are gone. As I posted before only 2 seniors living here, nobody is hard on the fridge at all. My husband never opens the door. I went to the store where I bought it and they are going to give me a credit for a new fridge. I am purchasing a GE which the repair store in this area said is the only appliances that aren't requiring a lot of new parts. I hope someone can get this class action going. He also said it's worse if you bought a GE washer as the parts are not available at all. Many people have said it but this is criminal behaviour, fraud, and anything else you want to call it. They are simply taking peoples money and giving them nothing in return.

May 26, 2014
LG should be ashamed !!!
by: Tom Dragos

Saw the comments on this board and couldnt agree more. The inside of the fridge(LRSC26925TT) looks like cheap plastic there is not a shelf in the fridge that is not damaged!!! To boot if you want to replace a shelf or drawer the cost is 90$ minimum per part, but who wants to pay that much for the same garbage.
LG should step up to the plate and offer the replacements at a deep discount -- maybe what they are worth 3-4 $$ each - because LG will never get another penny for any product they put out from me.
Cant wait to replace this piece of garbage.

May 04, 2014
Lg LDN20718st - FAlling apart
by: Anonymous

Wow, I cannot believe the comments, it's exactly my problem. All the plastic in my fridge, only 2 years old, is cracking and falling apart.

I hope this webpage stops most people from buying LG appliances. I will never buy another. Great looking fridge on the outside but now we have only one shelf and the crisper drawer is sitting on the lower shelf above the vegetable drawer. Parts are expensive and I'm sure will also break. So I have a disposable refridgerator. I work too hard to waste my money on a product built to gain the most profit by using cheap plastic.

Years ago people would use old fridges out but their house with the back to the ground to use as a garbage box. That's what this product is with garbage already in it.

Mar 24, 2014
Plastic Disaster
by: David K

I have over the past few weeks corresponded with LG about my disintegrating fittings inside my refrigerator. A
Further requests from LG to provide photos and original purchase details, which I duly obliged. Despite my compliance LG's response has been they will not replace the damaged items. The responses have been bereft of any explanation or reason why they are refusing to support this product.
The product was priced at a high quality price and clearly made from substandard materials. Has any one had any satisfaction from LG?

Feb 26, 2014
LG. refrigerator model LRFC21755ST. Is garbage
by: Jan Byrne

I'd like to join a class action suit! This fridge has fallen apart from day 1 !! Clip snapped off that holds left door closed
Light melted its own casing & any plastic tops of containers stored on top shelf! This defect won a class action suit against LG
Freezer leaks & forms 1/2 " solid ice slab on bottom of freezer floor. Has caused damage to my wood floor & cabinets on either side of fridge. This I'd like to file suit for as many others have same problem!
All drawers have cracked off runners & bottom whelp warped as well.
How can anyone buy an lg fridge??? The government should ban them from bringing Korean made crap into our country under false pretenses of quality appliances!

Feb 26, 2014
LG. refrigerator model LRFC21755ST. Is garbage
by: Anonymous

I'd like to join a class action suit! This fridge has fallen apart from day 1 !! Clip snapped off that holds left door closed
Light melted its own casing & any plastic tops of containers stored on top shelf! This defect won a class action suit against LG
Freezer leaks & forms 1/2 " solid ice slab on bottom of freezer floor. Has caused damage to my wood floor & cabinets on either side of fridge. This I'd like to file suit for as many others have same problem!
All drawers have cracked off runners & bottom whelp warped as well.
How can anyone buy an lg fridge??? The government should ban them from bringing Korean made crap into our country under false pretenses of quality appliances!

Feb 23, 2014
LG Plastic disaster
by: David K

5 year old LG 2door fridge, every shelf has cracked and broken the are no shelves left in the doors. Haven't been able to get replacement parts the fridge is running fine but is useless. I have a 30 yr old rank arena fridge in the garage the plastic shelves in the door are are as good as new.. Not happy

Feb 21, 2014
LG Lousy Gargabe
by: Liz

I have had the same experience, everything in the fridge crumbled. They also have the worst service ever and my regular appliance guy said they are not allowed to get the parts only the Lg Service men can get them. I am also tired of being told I am the only one. I agree that there should be some sort of action, that this ranks in with criminal behaviour. At this point LG knows there stuff is crap. I have had 2 of those plastic pieces that hold the glass in, in less than 3 years, now I glued it (@$150 ea). I am not buying another one. I now plan to print and take these reviews back to the store where I purchased it and ask for a trade in value. The dishwasher has had $200 repairs and the paint wore off the stove. They replaced the top after a fight and the same thing has happened. L ousy G arbage. Tell everyone you meet, maybe the bad reputation will stop them.

Jan 10, 2014
lg junk
by: Anonymous

We should start a petition against Home Depot they recommended the line of appliances

Jan 08, 2014
cheap inferior plastic insides
by: Anonymous

My SS LG is 3 years old. I have already replaced the bottom pull out drawer the first year. The two crisper drawers are broken and the top glass shelf is not being supported by the cheap plastic. My Amana refrigerator lasted 10 years and was in perfect condition when I replaced it with this piece of $%#@@. LG is not quality.

Oct 16, 2013
LG Fridge falling apart inside
by: Anonymous

I could not believe the mess of my well cared for fridge. All the bottom has completely fallen apart. The crispers literally have a piece of glass over the drawers as all the plastic tracks have crumbled. Piece of crap!! I will NEVER recommend this company or their products to ANYONE!!!
Completely disappointed!

Aug 06, 2013
LG Junk
by: William

I have replaced my shelves once and the new ones are falling apart. This is a fairly new fridge. LG should do something to make this right - at least put out better quality replacement parts. Never buying one of these again.

Aug 06, 2013
Piece of junk
by: Brenda

My LG refrigerator started breaking after one month of normal use ( we don't have any children at home) just my husband and I.So disgusted with this garbage.We are senior citizens and can't afford to buy another after only four or five years.

Mar 11, 2013
Westinghouse too
by: Anonymous

My 'new'Westinghouse model WSE6100PA7 is cracking up. When wiping down found rear interior wall has several cracks and a shelf has the corner broken away as thought it has been whacked against a brick wall. Utter disbelief until I began googling. My old Westinghouse fridge was 25 yrs old when I decided to renew after a reno to the kitchen.

Jan 06, 2013
I second the motion for a class action suit
by: Anonymous

I second the motion for a class action suit.
It is absolutely criminal to sell this kind of junk to the public.
Where do I sign on?

Jan 06, 2013
the interior plastic is total crap
by: Anonymous

the inside of my refrigerator is also destroyed. In fact, it started to fall apart within the first year of getting it!!! the shelves and drawers just began to snap and crack all over the place. We were in shock! The refrigerator we had before this lasted over 25 years and the plastic was still in perfect shape when we retired it! But the LG is absolute junk!!!!!!! It is criminal that they should be able to sell such garbage to the public!!!!! Our refrigerator also has a defect with the light bulb--basically, it doesn't turn off occasionally which means that it melts through the mouldings and whatever food might be nearby.
This stuff is total junk and they should absolutely NOT get away with pawning this stuff off to the public!!!

Nov 26, 2012
class action suit against LG?
by: Anonymous

My LG fridge is total garbage. The refrigerator "works" but the plastic started breaking within months of getting it. Two years in and it looks and feels 20 years old.
The ice machine is also so badly designed that I would recommend tarring and feathering the person responsible.

The light bulb is also a hazard and does not relilably turn off so we woke up one morning to find it had not only melted through itso own cover but also through some plastic lids on our food.

Short of forgetting to put in a cooling system, it is hard to imagine how they could have made a worse fridge.

Nov 26, 2012
class action suit against LG?
by: Anonymous

My LG fridge is total garbage. The refrigerator "works" but the plastic started breaking within months of getting it. Two years in and it looks and feels 20 years old.
The ice machine is also so badly designed that I would recommend tarring and feathering the person responsible.

The light bulb is also a hazard and does not relilably turn off so we woke up one morning to find it had not only melted through itso own cover but also through some plastic lids on our food.

Short of forgetting to put in a cooling system, it is hard to imagine how they could have made a worse fridge.

Oct 21, 2012
piece of junk
by: mickey

i have lg lsc26905tt i noticed so many cracks does any one know why this happens????

Aug 19, 2012
by: Dave Pike

I just became a member of the "lg plastic is crap"
community. Parts are now breaking on a refrigerator used by two seniors (read no children). I guess I should be happy that it took 5 years to manifest itself. I will never recommend LG products to anyone again. What happened to the days when you purchased an appliance and it lasted for 20 years or better.

Jul 21, 2011
by: Cusnator

I have had our LG refrigerator LFC25760ST for 4 years.

The plastic rollers and clips have been falling apart under normal wear. Repairman has been to my house 3 time to try to figure out why freezer is cooling but the top fridge is not working.

He defrosted the whole system and changed thermostat but it's still not working. I'm over $400 into repairs and I still don't have a working fridge!

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Jan 30, 2011
Inside My LG Side by Side Fridge
by: Anonymous

I purchased my LG side by side fridge with freezer at the bottom. But, I am so disappointed with the crap plastic they used in what looks like a great product from the outside.

In less than a year I started to hear cracking sounds and unfortunately paid no attention to it as I am the only one who uses the fridge.

Eventually in November I pulled the tray at the bottom and realized it was all cracked. After a bit more examining I found that the plastic that the shelves hang on was also cracked. It is now all in pieces as I tried to fix it.

Of course I called in January and was told the warranty is expired. This product really should have a longer warranty.

I think LG manufacturers need to look at the quality of plastic they are using....


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Jan 26, 2011
LG Plastic Parts Nightmare!!
by: Anonymous

I KNEW this was common!!

I have replaced almost EVERY plastic part in that piece of junk and now 2 years later They all need replacing again!!

I'm not just being melodramatic here, I mean every shelf bracket, drawer guide, door catch, etc needs to be replaced. They OBVIOUSLY did NO research on the type of plastic they used.

We replaced whirlpool model that we put in the basement that was 30 years old and it 's held up better than our 4 year old LG unit.

We've gotten NO help from the liars at LG customer service that told me "We have not heard of this kind of problem with that model".
F-ing liar !!!!

SO LG stick to phones and make it right for people like about a RECALL?!?!

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