Samsung RF260BEAESR

26 Cubic Foot French Door Refrigerator with Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The Samsung RF260BEAESR French door refrigerator is roomy and has one of the sleeker designs available. The interior lighting is some of the best in its class and the interior shelving is exceptionally well designed.

This refrigerator is especially great for a family of four. Not only does it have ample interior space, but the way each compartment is incorporated into the overall design, you feel like there's that much more room available.

Beyond the interior capacity, there are a few more innovative features that really help this fridge stand alone:

  • Plenty of drawer space
  • EZ Open handle on the freezer door (perfect if you have kids or elderly living with you)
  • Power Cool and Power Freeze Options -- perfect for unexpected company!

Capacity: 26 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. Accurate Cooling: Nothing can be more frustrating with a refrigerator when it doesn't chill properly. Too cold in back or too warm in front.

    Samsung's Cool Tight door system keeps the cold air where it needs to be and their Multi-Air-Flow system keeps a constant temperature throughout the fridge.

    Its Cool Select Pantry and Chilled Crisper drawers keep the temperature and humidity at optimum levels preserving your foods for as long as possible.

  2. EZ Glide Freezer Drawer: The EZ Glide freezer drawer might first seem like no big deal. But it makes opening and closing the bottom freezer drawer a breeze. If you have small children or elderly living in your home, you know how important this feature might be.

  3. Twin Cooling System: No one wants the smells from the fridge mingling with those from the freezer, so why would you ever have a single cooling system for two separate units? Well, the Samsung RF260BEAESR does not.

    It's Twin Cooling System not only makes temperature accuracy that much more possible, it keeps the air flow completely separated from the freezer and the refrigerator.

  4. Lighting: This unit has High Efficiency LED Lighting in its interior. You can see from all sides with this well lit fridge.

Colors: This model is available in Black, White, Stainless and a new finish from Samsung called Stainless Platinum.

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated

MSRP: Although this model retails for $2499.00, we've seen it as low as $1,999.99.

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