GE Refrigerator Water Filter

Getting the Right GE Refrigerator Filter for Your Needs

The GE Refrigerator Water Filter is broken up into two basic categories:

  1. 1. Performance
  2. 2. Every Day

The GE refrigerator filter is part of GE's Smart Water purification systems and are in extremely high demand both for the quality of water they provide as well as their ease of use and affordable price.

Every GE refrigerator filter is made to provide a minimum of 750 gallons of clean water. For most families of four, that means you'll need to replace your water filter about once every six months.

You may find that your water needs are more excessive than others and will have to replace your water filter a bit more often. Things to look for are a funny taste or smell to your water, or if there is sediment. Cloudy ice is another good indicator that it's time to change out your filters.

Performance vs. Every Day

As mentioned above, GE fridge water filters come as performance or every day models.

The performance filters reduces: Lead, Cysts, Atrazine, Lindane, Turbidity, Chlorine (the one you can really taste) and basic sediment. These filters are a bit more expensive, but they are extremely effective.

Every Day filters reduce chlorine, sediment and rust. They are a lot less expensive, but not quite as effective at removing contaminants.

Basic Rules to Follow for GE Refrigerator Water Filters

GE filters are fairly easy to handle, but there are a few things you'll want to take into consideration when installing a replacement water filter cartridge. These basic rules will help you to greatly extend the life of your GE refrigerator water filter.

  1. Don't Place a Water Filter Cartridge in Freezing Temperatures: Your water filter cartridges are made to endure cold, but not to the extreme. Water filter cartridges are meant to be installed either outside the unit, or within the refrigerator portion of your GE Refrigerator.

  2. Only Filter Cold Water: Water filters in general don't work well when filtering hot water. Because most filters are made up of "earthy" type of materials, they can break down more easily when exposed to heat. So, avoid this where possible.

  3. Use Proper Maintenance: Be sure you properly maintain your filtration unit. We recommend you follow the cleaning guidelines provided in your user's manual when changing out your cartridge. Sediment and other impurities build up over time and can damage the unit if not held in check.

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