Problems with Samsung RS267LASH Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer

by Pam D.
(Kingwood, TX USA)

our Samsung side by side refrigerator keeps freezing up. We only bought it a couple of years ago and began having problems within the last 6 months.

I looked for the coils (to clean them) and they were nowhere to be found.

I called Samsung and they couldn't even tell me where they were! I searched the internet for answers and found one complaint after another regarding this and other issues with Samsung refrigerators. Wish I had done more research before I purchased.

However, I did find a Service Guide online and now know where the coils are. (In case you are wondering the same thing check the back of the fridge underneath the duct work - yep, you're going to have to take the back of the fridge off to get to them. What a pain!)

Samsung may make good electronics, but they need to stay out of the appliance business in my opinion!!

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Sep 05, 2021
freezer side only NEW
by: Anonymous

samsung rs267lash temperature goes up and down

Aug 29, 2020
Samsung NEW
by: Anonymous

I bought a Samsung a while ago I had problems with the fan, the pump,and now the panel that o control everything in the refrigerator I have put to much money in iti will not spend no more

Aug 13, 2020
Defrosted drain tube
by: Anonymous

I unclogged/defrosted drain tube & still leaking water under crisper, so now what? Front panel is now blank & can't set temps for freezer/fridge now either!

Nov 17, 2019
Defrost heater NEW
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem as everyone else with the RS267lash model I have been reading about. I tried the easy things first, nothing helped. I finally bought the evaporator assembly and carefully took just the heater off with all of the sensors and replaced it. Normally I would have to defrost with a hair dryer every three to four days. I did this ten days ago and took it apart today and found it frost free.

May 22, 2019
Parts replacers don't help anyone but Samsung
by: Thangfish

I also own an RS267LASH and I'm no happier than the rest of you. Same issue... evap coil in fridge freezes and then the fridge warms up.
Regardless, there is bad bad advice in this thread. "Replace this, replace that, bla, bla"


If you do THAT, you are throwing good money after bad.
Educate yourself online, spend $20 on a cheap multimeter, and figure out what is not working.
THEN come back here and buy a replacement part.
But don't think that your problem is always the same as someone else's.

[Rant] /end

Just trying to help

Apr 06, 2019
coil freezing up NEW
by: Anonymous

this piece of junk needs to be thrown out back for junk, same case here, quit cooling due to coil freezing up. I ve had nothing but trouble from day of purchase. DON T BUY ANY APPLIANCE FOR SAMSUNG

Nov 30, 2018
Rsw67lash NEW
by: Michael

Nothing but 3 years old all of the plsactics inside refrigator side started cracking and breaking. At 8 years o.d the compressor went out. The ice maker soon followed and today the refrigator side stopped cooling. This is total junk.
I have a whirlpool side by side I bought in 1996 that was moved to the utility room to be used as a second fridge. It still works perfect looks new and has NEVER been serviced. Tnis replaced a ge that was bought in 1970 and never serviced.
Samsung is just deal. I will never buy a Samsung appliance again.

Aug 15, 2017
Water Build Up and Icing
by: MikeH

Had I known about this, I would have never purchased Samsung.

I have had issues with water in the crispers. I jury rigged a copper line and while that did fix the water issue in the crispers, now the coil unit is freezing up.

It got so bad that the fan started hitting an iceberg that built up inside of the condenser area. I have had to completely thaw out the refrigerator ever few months.

Samsung needs to stay out of the appliance business from what I can see. Their engineers that are designing these have no clue what they are doing.

Just look at the complaints about refrigerators. Also washers that sound like a jet airplane and practically breaking out of the machine.

The list never ends. Run, do not walk away from Samsung Appliances!

Nov 11, 2016
Samsung RS267LASH (a piece of junk)
by: Ann G

Samsung should refund our hard earned money that we paid for this piece of junk. This side by side fridge (purchased a few years back) has been nothing but trouble from day one) and Samsung should stand up and take responsibility for putting this appliance on the market! When Samsung started getting so many complaints on this model RS267LASH they should have had a recall on all these appliances. All they seem to care about is getting customers money! They DO NOT realize-- customers buy Once from companies that treat them this way!!!!!!

Apr 08, 2015
me no likey samsung.
by: lance

These Samsung fridges are notorious for freezing up most likely due to faulty drain and or bad temperature sensor cleaning the coils has nothing to do with freezing up.

the drain on the rf26 and rs26 I believe had a lawsuit for the faulty design.

Basically u have to unplug the fridge for 3 days on the rf26 to get the frozen back panel off the unit inside fridge compartment due to Samsung over insulating the evap coil in fridge compartment (Styrofoam) which is a new design flaw.The temperature sensor is a white or black probe with yellow wires.If u go through the trouble of getting the panel in fridge compartment off u should replace that sensor (probe). And clear the drain at bottom of that compartment under evap coil is a drain in plain sight flush that drain and replace that sensor along with the other sensor clipped on coil Defrost tstat.

The back panel pops off there are youtube videos that can walk u through it.

Apr 08, 2015
by: lance

The temp sensor is the little pill located on the coil replace that every time u open the back has variable resistance.if unit is frosting up check heater temp sensor and defrost tstat.

Mar 30, 2015
Video on YouTube

I found a video on youtube that shows how to relocate the little white temp. sensor on the inside of the refrig. It's about and inch long with white wires and looks like an oversized pill. Combine this with extra rubber seal as mentioned below, might work.

Although my sensor was covered in ice in its original location, I may try this by extending the wire and relocating it to the top tube with all the ice on it, as shown in the video.

I have already been able to reduce the amount of ice by sealing the hole the upper tube goes through, as it wasn't quite sealed completely.

The video also explains the heating coil should have a resistance between 600 and 700. My coil is reading 100, so that may be the real issue.

Mar 30, 2015
video found on fixing problem
by: Anonymous

I found a video on youtube that shows how to relocate the little white temp. sensor on the inside of the refrig. It's about and inch long with white wires and looks like an oversized pill. Combine this with extra rubber seal as mentioned below, might work.

Although my sensor was covered in ice in its original location, I may try this by extending the wire and relocating it to the top tube with all the ice on it, as shown in the video.

I have already been able to reduce the amount of ice by sealing the hole the upper tube goes through, as it wasn't quite sealed completely.

Mar 05, 2015
dont put money into a new board without testing board its a waste of money
by: Anonymous

For one u guys aren't rich real rich people get a subzero lol jk Samsung is The same as every other fridge just has a bunch of coumpters instead of a typical timer. Most of the tume u guys are having problems with defrost in fridge don't replace the board without replacing the fan assembly in the fridge. Locate in the inside upper back section it pops off the defrost sensor is included and the bi metal switch is attached to the evaporator suction line.

Feb 24, 2015
by: Christy

We purchased Samsung dishwasher, frig, stove and microwave in a two year span. It is beautiful, but the worse appliances ever. So far our frig and dishwasher have given us nothing but problems. The frig makes a noise like it is taking off and now the frig part is turning into a freezer (2 years old). We have had the dishwasher repaired twice (1 year old). Customer service is not very helpful and rude.

Nov 02, 2014
Set minimum temp to 40 degrees
by: Anonymous

As mentioned in a previous post, I set the fridge temp no lower than 40 degrees and have had no problems since. Give that a try. Good luck.

Nov 02, 2014
samsung sucks
by: Anonymous

I have a Samsung 2 door fridge/freezer.
Freezer keeps icing up have replaced the computer card or whatever it is. Worked okay for a little bit still freezes no one knows why this is happening having to de-ice every week with a blow dryer (not a Samsung blow dryer!!!!!!)
Live in a high set house and need to hire a forklift to get a new fridge upstairs as we have no access. Will be buying a fridge but it wont be Samsung or LG

Sep 07, 2014
RS267LASH Broken short of 8 years
by: Matt

Have had a Samsung RS267LASH for a few months short of 8 years. Never a problem with it until now, and sounds like the same problem as everyone else. The fridge side doesn't stay cold...does not work.
Customer Service - said my serial number, which I read off from the inside of the refrigerator, was invalid. Took my request, but did not take in computer, so dropped off and nobody called me or e-mailed me. Not sure why he verified my phone number and updated my e-mail address.
Only authorized repair company is located over 100 miles away. I'm in Olympia WA area, and they're in Portland OR area. They gave me an appointment 1.5 weeks away. I canceled. Bought a new refrigerator, obviously not Samsung.
Good thing I had a 23 year old GE refrigerator in my garage. Never had any problems with that one!

Jun 24, 2014
Don't buy a Samsung Appliance
by: Corbin

We bought both a dishwasher and a side-by-side fridge/freezer maybe 6 years ago and I have regretted it for about 5 years now. Neither work properly after countless repair visits and it's never covered under the warranty. The model numbers don't seem to matter: Samsung appliances just suck. Get yourself a consumer reports buying guide and do some research. Talk to some repair people and get recommendations.
My freezer constantly ices up, the ice maker works when it wants to, the water filter is a bitch to replace. The dishwasher consistently covers my dishes with what I have deemed "dishwasher vomit" and I have to scrub about 25% of my dishes after each run. The fuses on this thing blow out at least 4 times a year. Never again. will never again buy samsung appliance.

Apr 10, 2014
absolute garbage
by: Anonymous

nothing good to say about samsung products . They dont stand behind what they make and their customer service is worse than their products. way to go samsung you will never be recommended

Jul 26, 2013
wont keep temp setpoint !
by: Anonymous

I have had My Samsung side by side for about 7 years ~after about one year the frig side would suddenly loose temp~The fan in the back panel was making noise because it was iced up~This happend several time over a four year peroid I would remove all the food then use a hair dryer to deice the panel that contains the fan unit,And that would always work fo a couple of months~About two yeas ago I got the idea of increasing the temp set point to 40 Deg's lo and behold it actually worked~So if your using a temp set point below 40 Deg. and having problems I would sugest you thaw out your frig. and try 40 Deg's it worked for me. BTW 40 deg's still keeps our food and drinks cold~I also changed the frezer side to 4 Deg's above zero~

Mar 20, 2013
Samsung fridge/freezer problems
by: Rustee

I purchased one in 2008 and just inside the warranty period the fridge section failed. A 'technician' came out removed the internal panel inside the fridge section and de-iced the fan which is located on the back of the panel.
He said it was a common fault with the Samsung side by side fridge/freezers but not with the model I had. He put the same panel back in the unit and away it went. The tech also said that he would order and instal a 'modified panel' which he did 4 wks later. About 12 mths after this the same problem arose (no warranty now). I then removed the panel de-iced the fan, put it back together, only to have the same thing happen 6 months later. I decided to have a closer look at the fridge itself and found the area where the panel fitted to the fridge was rough and bubbly. Nothing was going to seal on that and thus air getting into that area was creating the problem. I ground off the rough bits and gel coated the surface. Purchased thicker seal from Clark Rubber and stuck it onto the panel and replaced it. Haven't had a problem with the fridge for 3 yrs until today when the power went off and the digital display wont come back on.
Samsung - poor quality control.
Technician - No idea.
Result - buying new unit NOT SAMSUNG

Mar 12, 2013
by: Irene

Started having cooling problems on fridge side of 6yr Samsung like others here. We had "expert" tech come, defrosted fridge from all ice and replaced & defrost sensor, works for while then keeps icing up. We wanted to replace computer board, but from posts, that wont work either-will spending more $$ fix it?

Last year a post from John got a samsung rep to say it's an unfixable valve problem in sealed unit. Is that correct??

Has anyone got a working fridge again or just buy a new one?

Mar 26, 2012
by: John

Same problems with fridge side not cooling. Replaced mother board(no workee!). Samsung rep has indicated it is a valve problem in the sealed unit which is inaccessable and cannot be repaired. So, if you can get a service technician to write up a repair order stating they can not fix and it is condemed...then send it to Samsung with a copy of the original sale invoice. They will refund your money less 10% per year from time of purchase. Not good, but better than nothing!

Mar 05, 2012
Fridge side not cooling, only 13 months old
by: Mike

Samsung model RS265TDRS side by side stainless, with fridge side won't cool. I can't believe I didn't see this many complaints about them when I bought the thing a little over a year ago. Purchased from FutureShop Online in Ontario, Canada.

I have no faith the local Samsung repair dealer(Northern Electronics, Barrie, Ontario) can fix it either, because they haven't been able to fix my now 5 year old 61" Samsung DLP TV which has had a problem of shutting down within minutes when it gets hot, since it was only a few months old either.

I guess the lesson learned from this story is NEVER BUY SAMSUNG!

Jan 12, 2012
Samsung Rifrigerator/Freezer RS269LARS
by: Anonymous

The icemakers in these units are junk. I have had to replace mine once a year for the past 3 years.

Do not buy one.

Jan 10, 2012
Samsung Class Action Lawsuit
by: Anonymous

There IS a class action lawsuit in the works. One of the law firms involved is Zimmerman Reed 800-755-0098.

Click here for more on this Lawsuit

Jan 06, 2012
Same Issue with My Samsung Refrigerator
by: Rick

Same issue with my Samsung refrigerator as the others. The unit is only two years old -- bought it at Sears.

You think they might stand behind a guy too and help nope.

Well it's landfill material now!

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Aug 28, 2011
All Aplliances Break
by: Anonymous

GE sucks, Whirpool sucks, and yes, Samsung sucks. The list could go on and on.

Our 267LASH just went out on us, though it worked without problems for almost 5 years, and we loved it. We were having the fan noise and then the fridge stopped cooling though the freezer still works.

I'm not happy that I can only seem to get 5 years out of an appliance. Our GE dishwasher broke when it was two years old and we repaired. Our GE microwave flashed when it was three years old and then you had to leave the door cracked or it would run continuously. We just replaced it.

The one constant seems to be there is a reason no one will give you more than a 5 year extended warranty. Refrigerators seem to be especially bad with the major repair rate ranging from 7 percent (Whirpool) to 25 percent (GE). Although, even if you look at the Whirlpool board, you'll see people there saying "Whirpool sucks...I'll never buy another...".

Oh well, maybe I'll go out and buy an LG. Then 1-4 years from now I can go on the LG board and say "LG Sucks, I'll never buy another."

Aug 01, 2011
Mad as You Know What
by: vida triste

I, too, like many others have the Samsung side by side, 5 years, paid 1,850.00( RS267LASH).

Frig side warmed up to 63 degrees, the freezer melted everything. First time unplugged from the wall, waited and plugged it back & it re-set itself. Now it happened again. Frig side now working, freezer is so far, hope lasts thru the night.

Tech coming tomorrow, to see if it can be fixed. Never will I purchase another Samsung product.

Samsung should be ashamed of themselves!

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May 12, 2011
I am Having Cooling Problems Too!!
by: Ken Duncan

I have a Samsung refrigerator model RS267LBSH. Overall it is very good, but a design flaw allows ice to build up in the air circulation duct work that is crucial for this one to work on.

I thought the freezer had gone out because I had heard the fan making noise prior to this. What was happening was the fan had ice buildup and was stopped by the ice. This keeps circulation at zero and causes the top of the freezer to thaw while the bottom still frozen.

Cleared out the ice and put it back together works fine.. similar thing happened in the refrigerator portion... cleaned and clear ice in air paths and once again service was restored.

Just happened again with the freezer. Cleared and going again now. This should not be happening ..

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Apr 07, 2011
Same Samsung Refrigerator RS267LASH - Same Samsung Refrigerator Problems
by: Mary Lou Grymyr

I have the same model of Samsung Refrigerator and have had repeated problems as the others have described. Last July 2010, the "specially trained Samsung repairman" installed a freezer evaporator fan.

In September 2010 the display panel settings started blinking but corrected itself before the "Samsung Fixer" came, and I cancelled that appointment.

But, lo, in March 2011 it started warming up inside again. This time, I lost some serious groceries! My Samsung Fixer says I need another new freezer evaporator fan, because it "couldn't breathe". My American Home Shield Ins. won't cover it and I want to declare war on somebody. If I get satisfaction, I will post it here.

You all have my sympathy.

Dec 28, 2010
Good Luck Getting Your Samsung Refrigerator Fixed
by: Pamela

I finally gave up on fixing my Samsung fridge after spending close to $400 on repairs and the refrigerator side still kept freezing all the food. The freezer side started getting too warm, so I went out and bought a new Whirlpool side by side. It just wasn't worth the hassle anymore, so good luck!

PS: If anyone comes up with a class action lawsuit again Samsung, please post the info here so I can jump on board!

Dec 28, 2010
Same Samsung Fridge -- Same Problem!!
by: Anonymous

My Samsung side by side fridge is acting up with power cool button turning on and off by itself.

It's driving me nuts listening to it turn on and off. The fridge side seems to be getting colder and then causes my veggies have frost on them or they end up frozen.

The freezer side seems to be fine but I'm just waiting for something to happen.

Is it the computer that needs fixing or compressor? Not sure having someone come out and look at today.

Dec 23, 2010
My Samsung RS267LASH Has LOTS of Problems!!
by: Anonymous

I've had my Samsung RS267LASH for a few years and I already have had to replace the sensor once and now its doing the same as before. The refrigerator side gets freezing cold and then as high up as 60 degrees.

When the refrigerator is freezing, the freezer side was below zero where the water pipe got frozen.

2 techs have told me different problem parts:

  • One said its the sensor like the prior issue.

  • The 2nd tech said I need to replace the computer board --$165.00 plus labor. Who knows what that is going to cost me as their coming out to look at it cost me $65.00.

Between what I've already spent and the recommended fixes I will have to spend a total of $365.

I thought this was outrageous so I decided to go out and purchase a new refrigerator other then Samsung.

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Nov 12, 2010
Yep, Still Sucks!!
by: Anonymous

I replaced the computer board and it still will not work. Looks like a new fridge will be coming here.

Nov 07, 2010
I Agree Samsung Sucks!
by: Anonymous

I also own the Samsung side by side refrigerator (model rs267lash) and I agree Samsung sucks--that's my refrigerator review!

Neither side of my refrigerator will cool properly. The repairman put new heating element which worked for a week. Now the same problem is happening -- only worse.

Now the repairman said it's the computer board. I have the part now and I am just waiting to get it installed.

Does anyone have a repair service manual? I can't find one of these either.

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(**If you're looking for a repairman, we've heard a lot of good things about those found on Angie's List - Click here to see if they can help you.)

Nov 06, 2010
Samsung Sucks!!
by: Anonymous

Both my freezer and refrigerator keep freezing up.I was told it was the sensors. Only 3 years old and I'm having this kind of problem. I don't suggest buying any Samsung appliances.

Nov 04, 2010
Problem with RS267LASH fridge side at 63
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with this mess of a device, since the first six months after purchase, the fridge has been falling in pieces.

Now the freezer side seems ok, but the fridge side is at 63 degrees for the past 36 hours dangling between 50 and 64 degrees.

Feb 11, 2010
RS267LASH refridge nothing but PROBLEMS
by: Jason

I am having the same problem. I purchased the RS267LASH approx. 3 yrs ago.

About 6 months ago the refrigerator started to freeze up. The coils next to the compressor were clean. The coils in the fridge were frozen with ice. I defrosted it and 4 weeks later the problem started again.

I called Samsung earlier with a switch problem. They never resolved that problem.

While their computer/TV electronics seem to be OK, but there appliances are HORRIBLE. I would NEVER recommend ANY of THEIR PRODUCTS to anyone. I refuse to buy there cell phones because they are plagued with problems.

Jan 19, 2010
I'm not the only one who thinks Samsung sucks!
by: Julianna S.

I'm really not alone in thinking Samsung sucks!I have been looking all over the net and keep on hearing all about the problems people have been having with their Samsung refrigerators!

I can't get anyone at the main offices to help me with my problems and I am going crazy. Has anyone else had more luck with this than me?

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