My Brand New GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model #GTH18HBTZRWW) is a Piece of Junk!!

by Mary
(Toronto, Canada)

I just bought my GE top freezer refrigerator at Home Depot, and it's a piece of JUNK!!

I am so returning it! It runs nonstop. Honestly unbelievable! It's not even that large of a refrigerator, so it should cool faster! And it's supposed to be energy efficient. Now that's a laugh.

I just turned the temperature down, but the freezer has been running for 3 hours nonstop.

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Comments for My Brand New GE Top Freezer Refrigerator (model #GTH18HBTZRWW) is a Piece of Junk!!

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Jan 09, 2012
My GE Top Freezer Refrigerator Works Fine
by: Max

I have the same GE top freezer fridge and it works great. I have no complaints.

It is also very energy efficient, and I have the electric bills to prove it.

Sep 21, 2010
by: Tony

It may sound like its running all the time but have you tried using Kill-A-Watt to see if its actually using any power?

My 16yr old GE Profile refrigerator sounded like it was running a lot also, so I bought one from the local Home Depot. You plug in your refrigerator to and and it tells you how much power it's using.

What I found out is my 16yr old refrigerator is not only just costing me $84.00/yr to run, its using 25Kwh LESS power than its Energy Star rating says it should.

I still have other problems with it, which is why I am on this site today to research the best replacement fridge to buy, but power over utilization is not one of them.

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Sep 21, 2010
this may keep it going for awhile (to the gal from Toronto)
by: JIM

If your freezer is cold w/ fan running constantly & bottom of fridge gradually gets too warm - the refrigeration coils at the back of the freezer have over-frosted.

A way to get it functioning (at least for the short run is to defrost the freezer).

  1. Put all the freezer stuff in a styro foam cooler while you do this. Put a jug of ice (1/2 gallon milk container)in the bottom of fridge with the most perishable items right next to it. Your freezer can still freeze the water jug.

  2. Keep the bottom closed.

  3. Unplug the unit to defrost the top.

  4. Open it up(top only) & remove shelf and back panels. You will see the solid block of frost.

  5. Just let it melt and keep removing chunks that fall off.

  6. Cover the drain to the bottom with a cloth you can wring out as it gets soaked.

    (You need a good evening to do this. Keep wringing out the cloth and sponging & wringing what moisture and slush drops either side of the cloth.)

  7. When totally defrosted and towel dried (a fan can help that along from a distance),check if the defrost element toward the bottom center of the coils that frosted up, has it's connections tightly in place.

    You can kind of follow the wires at the left & right to see where this rod is put it all back in place.

  8. I don't know if your drain pan on the bottom can be accessed from the front or rear, so you may have to take the lower rear cover off to see if it has a lot of water collected that made its way down the drain tube.

  9. If the tray doesn't slide out just sponge out the water into a pail or kettle. Til it's all out.

Your fridge should be functional at least 'til the defrost function can be assessed.

My fridge was set on 5 when they installed it & it did the same thing.

I have it set on 2 right now and the freezer is at 5 degrees and the fridge at about 40. (2 is a warmer setting than 5 on my model).

Regardless of this fact it seems to be running efficiently and normally until I can have the defrost function checked by a technician.

(I'm still under warranty but I'm checking to see if they'll charge for a house visit).

Hope this will help you out some.

Jim in Wisconsin

Sep 20, 2010
Ge Refrigerator
by: Wendy at GE

Hi, This is Wendy from GE and I saw your post about your new GE refrigerator.

I am sorry you are not happy with it. Please e-mail us at and we will be glad to help.

Sep 18, 2010
You are Right! A piece of Junk
by: Carole

Hello Mary from Canada. I'm Carole from Brooklyn NY.

We have something in common..that piece of Junk GE refrigerator!!

I believe you have the 18cubic while I have the 16.7 cubic due not having space above my cabinets.

I purchased it on July 10th,2010. It runs non-stop..and the Noise Factor. I call it the submarine. Wah,Wah,clang -- ear piercing sounds.I can't stand it. All night and day long.

GE better come and throw it in the ocean where it belongs. I've had 3 service men here and they've all told me that's new technology. I'm waiting for another Tech on Sept 22,2010.

I told GE to put this noisy and poorly made refrigerator in their Kitchen and see if they could sit and eat,cook and have company while listening to this Noisy-Loud Piece of Junk.

Better come and take it outta here..Carole

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