LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator Review

A 31.5 cu. ft. 3-Door Stainless Steel Refrigerator with SpacePlus™ and Door-in-Door™ Features!
Model No:  LG LFXS32766S

OVERALL:  The LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator is another great option in the LG Refrigerator line. 

We LOVE the Door in Door feature of LG.  It's truly one of the standout features of any refrigerator.

In a world where there are a ton of Smart Appliances this particular model gets back to the basics.

There's a huge interior storage space both in the refrigerator and the freezer. 

This LG French Door Refrigerator is loaded with other features as well.  Many of which are outlined below. 

It was one of the better refrigerators and was recently named one of our Top 10 Refrigerators for 2019 and rated a Recommended Buy by Consumer Reports.

LG LFXS32766s Door in Door French Door Refrigerator

Notable Features of the LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator:

There are a number of notable features in the LG LFXS32766S French Door refrigerator.  Here are a few worth mentioning:

  • Door in Door -- The door in door feature allows you to reach for commonly used items with ease.  This energy saving feature keeps beverages and snacks within easy reach.

LG LFXS32766s Door in Door French Door Refrigerator
  • Easy Reach Bins:  The bins of the LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator are wide open and make storage a breeze. 

    The Smart Cooling Technology designed to maintain the best possible conditions within the refrigerator. The Linear Compressor and Dual Evaporators adjust to humidity and temperature levels to help keep your food fresh for as long as possible.
  • Adjustable Shelves:  The LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator has adjustable shelving as well.  This allows you to store taller items simply by flipping up the top portion of the shelf. 

    These may be slide-in or flip-up depending on the model you choose.

  • Dual Ice Maker:  You'll never have to worry about having enough ice in the home with the LG LFXS32766S French Door Refrigerator.

    There are ice makers in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.  The Refrigerator Ice Maker is part of the
    Slim SpacePlus design.

    This allows you to maximize your storage space by minimizing the amount of shelf space taken up by a bulky ice maker.  This feature allows for more door bin space.

    The freezer ice maker is quick and puts out a huge amount of ice per day.

Other Relevant Information

CAPACITY:   20.7 Refrigerator and 10.8 for the Freezer -- 31.5 cubic feet in all.

COLORS:  Stainless Steel

MSRP:  $3,499.00 (But closer to $2,499.00 online.)

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