KitchenAid KFCP22EXMP French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

22 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Pro Line Series with Stainless Steel Finish

OVERALL: The KitchenAid  French Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is part of the Pro Line™ Series of KitchenAid Refrigerators.

KitchenAid is typically a bit higher priced then similar models, but frankly, you get what you pay for. The models in the Pro Line™ Series are of inspired design. They have a number of high performance features as well as bold styling that takes its inspiration from high end gourmet kitchens.

This particular model leaves very little to be desired as it really struck a chord with us.

NOTABLE FEATURES: The KitchenAid KFCP22EXMP has a number of features that helps it stand apart from similarly priced competitors:

  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified: This feature never seems like a big deal until you realize just how much you save with an energy efficient refrigerator.
  • FreshChill Temperature Management System: With high tech sensors, this unit manages to regulate temperatures to almost exact specifications. When it comes to keeping your food as fresh as possible, this feature is crucial.

  • Well Designed Interior Cabinet: With an interior capacity of only 21.8 Cubic Feet, this model really needed to be sure it maximized as much usable space as possible. And the KitchenAid KFCP22EXMP delivers. With well designed shelving, drawer space and a Tri-Level Freezer Shelving System it's ideal for a typical family of four.

  • Interior Water Dispenser: This unit also features an interior water dispenser which not only saves on interior door space, but also keeps the face of the refrigerator looking sleek and modern.

  • FreshSeal Humidity Controlled Crispers: Keep your meats and produce as fresh as possible as long as possible with KitchenAid's exclusive FreshSeal technology. These drawers were quite impressive as they seem to add 2-3 days extra life to most of our test produce.

    CONS: There isn't a lot to complain about with this particular model, however, we noted a couple of flaws that we feel are worth mentioning:

    1. the interior water dispenser button was a bit difficult to push. Our unit may have just been a bit "sticky", but for whatever reason, we felt it took a bit more pressure to operate than it should have.

    2. The top freezer drawer would sometimes be difficult to pull out if something in the drawer below it got shifted. We had to make sure that all items in the second drawer were flat otherwise, the freezer wouldn't close because the top shelf can't retract.

    3. A bit more expensive than it should be, but we still feel compared to other models, this is relatively well priced.

    MSRP: $3549.00. This model was released in 2011, so it's already on the down slope with regard to price. We've been able to find it as low as $2700 online.

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