GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator ice-makers = JUNK!

by Scott
(Pittsburgh, PA)

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GE Profile side-by-side Refrigerator ice-makers are complete junk!

I had a certified GE repairman at my house less than a year ago due to the ice machine not working. He said he works on these almost daily because they were designed improperly.

Here I am less than a year later, and the ice machine is not working again. The repair bill last time was $220!!! Who knows how much it will cost this time? I was told it would be a minimum of $80 for the service call, plus parts and labor costs. The ice maker was supposed to have had a 5-year warranty when it was installed.

Just waiting to hear later today how they will try and get out of that when the GE repairman arrives.


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Comments for GE Profile side-by-side refrigerator ice-makers = JUNK!

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Feb 28, 2022
GE refrig ice makers are garbage
by: Fed up Bear

But then all of their appliances are pure Chinese Garbage.

The fridge in my last house was GE and had nothing
but problems with icemaker. They wanted 250 just for the part. It didn't work either l. Finally ripped it out and put a wire shelf with ice trays where the icemaker parts once were.

Moved to a new house, it has a newer GE FRIDGE and guess what? It's ice maker doesn't work right either. Ejects blocks of ice that should be 4 or ore individual cubes. No adjustment like the older ones you have to replace it for $300.

GE appliance is owned by the Chinese. All the parts are made in China and shipped here or Mexico for assembly.

It'll be a cold day in hell before I ever buy another GE appliance.

Aug 10, 2021
Junk ice maker
by: Anonymous

Least than a year It’s out junk

Sep 25, 2012
GE Icemaker Junk
by: Ripped Off

Have the same problem with my GE freezer on the bottom fridge. Broke within a year (under warranty) and had it repaired. Broke again just over a year later (not under warranty). You would think that a company that has been making these things forever would be able to get it right by now. Called GE and they won't help fix the piece of crap they sell. I tell everyone I know not to buy GE. I also tell people I see in appliance stores looking at fridges to avoid them as well. Revenge, you bet.

Jul 29, 2012
Piece of JUNK G.E. appliance
by: Anonymous

I agree that they are a piece of JUNK our icemaker is rusting in less than 3 years We also get ice under the lower tray must remove every two weeks. Their belief is that self defrost means the customer unplugs it once a month The HELL with the food that spoils. Had the fan replaced after two years. The man Knows nothing. He spends more time here than at home. His resume is a blank piece of paper.We will never buy another G.E. appliance I won't even get into our piece of junk front load washer made by non other than G.E. We thought buying the top of the line profile would be a better product. I feel sorry for those poor bastards who bought their lower end JUNK. They must engineer and build their junk in some third world country by retards.

Nov 14, 2010
by: Midge

This is our LAST GE monogram refrigerator for sure!!

Not only the icemaker but the frig is all plastic and junk also.

I only had it for 7 years and teh plastic cracked and broke right from the beginning.

I have an old frig in the basement that beats it by a mile. Need to learn how to repair plastic.

We are twp retired folks so we can't blame it on the big family we had when we used the refrigerator in the basement -- which by the way, is still in great condition. So much for progress.

Oct 24, 2010
Total HUNK of JUNK!! Stops working and freezes up.
by: Anonymous

This is the worst hunk of junk ever!! The thing freezes up once a week.

I had a repair man out and he charged me $100.00 to unplug. He said to let it sit for 24hours. That was fun.

At least I had another fridge that is dependable. Well after 24 hrs it worked, but after 2-3 weeks it goes out again.

I figured out if you turn it off at the breaker when I see the temperature start to rise, it resets and works for 4-5 days.

I probably should not have to be doing this because I did pay 3-4,000.00 for the hunk of junk.

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