Ge Profile Side by Side Model pcf23wgtebb, Serial am405513

by Barbara
(Elk Grove Village, Il)

I HATE my GE Profile side by side refrigerator model pcf23wgtebb, serial# am405513!!! I can honestly say it's never worked well from the beginning. How can they sell something that doesn't work when you get it home? I mean, honestly, how can they?

Our main problem is that both the freezer and fridge heat up intermittently. I'm sorry, but I thought I purchased a refrigerator and a freezer, not a warmer.

We have had it serviced multiple times, and it continues to heat up for no reason. I honestly wish they would give me my money back and we could buy something else.

I usually love GE Profile, but this is a piece of crap, an expensive-to-replace piece of crap!

My best advice to anyone looking to buy a GE Profile refrigerator is -- BUYER BEWARE!!!

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