GE Monogram Side by Side Fridge

(New Jersey)

My TERRIBLE GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator with Panels

My TERRIBLE GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator with Panels

I hate my GE Monogram side by side refrigerator!!

I would never buy another GE appliance ever again! Forget the thousands lost to the fact that I paid more for a Monogram product.

Apparently there's no fix for the poor customer service.

I own a 'top of the line', so it's called, GE Monogram fridge, with built in cabinets as in the picture showcased.

Never again will I buy from this 'China imported parts' American-ish company. Just go on online to see the continuous complaints with GE fridges!

The water completely stopped coming from the water dispenser. After multiple calls and complaints they outsourced their service to a small nearby company who refused to come to our house until 2 weeks after. Mind you our family drank warm tap water in the summer heat!

After coming numerous times each 'technician', if you can call them that, would come and then make an excuse "I have to go to the bank" or "You need this this this this and yeah its going to cost this plus our commission fee". Like are you serious?

The total came out to buying a brand new competitors fridge. Finally we forgot GE's bad service and contacted Sears technicians to fix our fridge. Currently it's still being worked on. They all say that GE is just a name, a marketing gimmick, don't fall into the trap and buy a monogram.

We own a Viking stove and we love it! Wish we went with SubZero or Viking fridge vs. the crappy GE Monogram line.

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Jan 16, 2016
Junk quality
by: Paula

I have a monogram refrigerator and have had to replace the door shelves numerous times. They cost a ridiculous amount for a piece of junk. Also the other shelves inside are bending and are not strong. Will never purchase another monogram product.

Feb 16, 2014
Monogram refrigerator
by: Anonymous

The worst!! I hate mine and will never buy GE again
The plastic parts are cracked and the refrigerator section continues to be too cold, despite what temp we set. We frequently have "popsicle lettuce" and "popsicle celery". What a disappointment!

Nov 11, 2011
Never, ever buy a GE Monogram
by: Anonymous

I agree! After paying over $5000 for my GE Monogram refrigerator the condenser broke--the only part not covered by the warranty.

Now a few years later it's broken again. We have to pay almost $100 just to have someone come out and look at it. We ditched our GE Monogram dishwasher after just a few years. We'd had it repaired three times and it leaked and warped our hardwood floors!

Never, ever, ever buy a GE Monogram anything.

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