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If only you didn’t have to go to work everyday to earn money. For most of us there seems no way of making that into reality. We though it was just pie in the sky until we started this website.

Our Story...

In the summer of 2007 my husband and I found ourselves in a financial slump with a failing business and me pregnant with our first child. We decided to go back to our original careers to save up some money (and pay off some debt) before the baby came.

I was able to find work quite easily, though that wasn't true for my husband. After a month or so of looking for something/anything he knew it was time to try a different path.

We'd heard you could earn money online but neither of us had computer programming skills and really didn't know where to start. One day my husband found something that seemed really interesting. It was a system that held our hands in building a website, and showed us how to get our pages naturally picked by the search engines which brought traffic to our website!!

Of course we were both cynical but both after reading/watching the many success stories of those who had used this system to earn money online and a decent amount...we nothing to lose. (It really does change lives. Take a look why so many people love Solo Build It...)

We Jumped In!

I went back to work while my husband stayed at home with our daughter and worked on the site while she napped. A few months later he was offered a job that, combined with the money we were making from the site, I was able to stay at home. (This was when I took over the day to day runnings of the website.)

It's been 2 and 1/2 years and we are ecstatic to say that the site does earn money and the MORE than I would make if I went back to work and had to pay for a nanny -- and I get to be with my daughter every day!! What a great way to earn money!

Financial Freedom

I can tell you without a doubt that starting this site was the smartest financial thing we have ever done. We have always talked about trying to find ways to create residual income and besides real estate, this is the only one I've truly believed in (best part is your investment is really minimal and your time). Without a doubt, I believe/know that it will allow us to make enough money so that neither of us will have to go to work again! Currently my husband is still working but my goal is that by March of 2010 our site will make more than his salary. At that time he will be able to chose if he wants to work or not. I can't wait!! (May 2019 Update: We aren't that far from my goal and at the rate we're going it could very well happen!)

How to Change Your Life

Regardless of whether you’re looking for quick ways to make money on the side or for a new way to support yourself, then take just 2 minutes of your time and watch the video below. I can honestly say that it changed our lives and for all you know it might just change yours.

Before the invention of the internet the only way to earn money was to work a day and then get paid for it. The only problem was you then had to start all over to get paid again. The beauty of internet allows you to change this process and also find creative ways to make money on topics you love.

Typically when you stop working, the paychecks stop coming = no more cash flow. That's not true when you are working with the internet. You only have to put the work in once and (here’s the really great part) the income from that work keeps on coming and coming...

Don't worry if you can't do something like this full time. Most people start on their sites part time. Regardless of the amount of time you have to offer, you are accumulating more content and all of your previous work continues to keep working for you either by giving you more income or bringing more clients for your offline business!

How To Make Money With a Website?

We found a company (and community) that we credit with our being able to take financial control over our own lives. With all of the internet scams, phishing and ad ware out there, we really had to dig deep to find a company that was truly looking out for our own best interest like Solo Build It did.

It changes lives. Take a look why so many people love Solo Build It...

Refrigerator reviews are something that we chose to do because we needed a new refrigerator for our home and continued doing because we want to--not because a boss told us to. That’s one of the best things about internet -- you can earn money by sharing your ideas and views on just about anything. Once you get started you'll find that it's easy to find quick ways to make money, and more and more and more of it.

When we first came across Solo Build It, we found a page where hundreds of Solo Build It sites were listed with all the various subjects that people have chosen to start their sites on. We are sure that you'll never find a Web host that can display results like this...

The world is huge and without a doubt you have something to share with it…something that you are good at and enjoy talking about. And the best part is you don't need to be a Ph.D. to succeed on the internet.

Take our advice, all you do need is just follow the Action Plan that you get with Solo Build It and stick to it. With all the help and advice from Solo Build It forums we’ve learned that the only way to fail is to look for get rich quick schemes and shortcuts. There really is no such thing.

We didn't huge money overnight but truly this is a way to becoming financially and personally free, doing what you love. Doesn't that sound justperfect?

If you want to learn how you can earn money this way, I suggest you take the Fast Visual Tour on the SiteSell.com homepage...


Heidi and Phil B. www.RefrigeratorPro.com

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