Can't Wait to Put My GE Side by Side Refrierator (Model #GSH22JFTAWW) in the TRASH

by Trisha H.
(Church Hill, TN)

I am so disappointed with my GE side by side refrigerator. I have had it a few years now and its been nothing but problems. Here's some of what I've had to deal with:

  • GE does not honor their warranty even when the problem is their own design flaw. Like placing a single element heater in the freezer when it needed a dual one.. cost to repair? $125. Amount reimbursed by GE? $0.

  • The auger in the ice maker lasted only a few months, of course GE would not fix that either.

  • The water dispenser in the door constantly freezes up. GE of course with send someone out, if you are willing to pay their fee, however you can probably get it done cheaper with a local repair service.

I always swore by GE appliances/products but this is definitely be the last one I will ever own. IF the company that makes it doesn't want to stand behind it, why should I want to buy it?

The fact that they will not stand behind their appliances shows there is something badly wrong with them. I live on a limited income and it took me 18 months to pay off this piece of junk.

I hope that one day I can afford to buy a new fridge of another brand so I can put this one where it belongs... in the trash!

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