LG French Door Refrigerator LMX28988ST

27.5 cu. ft. Four (4) Door Refrigerator with Ice & Water Dispenser – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The LG French Door Refrigerator LMX28988ST is quite unique in the fact that it has two freezer drawers for ease of access to frozen items. This may not seem like a big deal but you'd be surprised at how much easier this second drawer makes things.

It also has a huge amount of internal storage and is a great option for any household of 4-6 people.

Capacity: 27.5 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    LG LMX28988ST French Door Refrigerator

  1. Double Freezer Drawers: While this may not seem like a huge deal, anything that makes freezer storage easier is hugely appreciated. The idea of having to sort through frozen items in a single freezer drawer ends up being painful. If you store large items in your freezer like a turkey, then this freezer configuration is not ideal for you.

  2. Fast Freezing Option: This feature allows for a quick drop in temperature for when you bring home frozen items that might have had a chance to defrost on the way home.

  3. Very Large Storage Abilities: Just the size alone makes storage easy but LG added lots of specific storage spaces for fruits, veggies, meats and cheeses as well as gallon sized items fit comfortably in the doors.

  4. Door Alarm: While a door alarm may not seem all that important it can actually be the key thing that keeps you from ending up with a fridge full of spoiled food. It’s especially helpful in homes with young children. While French door refrigerators do close well, they actually need to be closed and a door alarm is helpful here.

Colors: Stainless Steel (also comes in Smooth White and Smooth Black finishes)

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated

MSRP: $2999 is the price LG expected it to sell for but it sells for a great deal less.

Similar Models to LG French Door Refrigerator LMX28988ST

Its always good to compare models before purchasing but in this case you’ll probably end up looking at 3 door French door refrigerators to compare. Just realize that the extra drawer in the freezer both costs more and makes a bit difference.

Also, not every brand makes a 4 door refrigerator, though it is becoming more popular. Here are a few other French door refrigerators that are worth taking a look at:

(Click here to see the Samsung's 4 Door Refrigerator. Just remember that their extra drawer is a refrigerated space not freezer space.)

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