LG French Door Refrigerator LFC21776ST

20.7 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator with Ice Maker – Stainless Steel Finish

Overall: The LG French door refrigerator LFC21776ST is a fantastic counter depth refrigerator in more means than one. It adds so much in style but it also functions well with a great amount of energy usage (and recognized for it). We really thought this is one of the French door refrigerators you needed to take a look at.

Capacity: 20.7 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

    LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator

  1. Great Styling With Low Price: While French door refrigerators can add so much to a kitchen in looks, a counter depth refrigerator really does a great deal more. Not only does it take away from your functional space in your kitchen (the larger regular refrigerator size tends to stick out), it also mimics that of a much more expensive built in refrigerator. If you’ve looked at the prices of these refrigerators you’ll see what we mean, typically they are a great deal more $$$$$.

  2. Very Energy Efficient: Of course this refrigerator is Energy Star rated but it also was designated the “most efficient” in 2011. To give you an idea what this means, Energy Star only gave this award to only 2 (yes we said TWO) refrigerators in the industry and this is one of them! Click here to read the review on the other one.

  3. Better Reliability: Quite often a compressor can fail on the newer refrigerators on the market, especially considering the number of moving pieces. LG took this into consideration when they created their Linear Compressor as it has fewer parts to break and comes with a 10 year warranty (and piece of mind).

  4. LED Lighting: While to most this feature may not seem like much but to us it is a huge thing. Not only should LED lights last almost forever, they don’t heat up which helps on using less energy. Also one little known fact is that in not heating up they substantially breduce the chance of every causing a fire in your home.

Colors: Stainless steel with a grey cabinet

Efficiency: Is Energy Star rated

MSRP: $2399 is the recommended price for this refrigerator but we have found it for a great deal less. Check and see what it is selling for today:

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In case you aren’t really sure about this model or at the very least need to compare it to other similar refrigerators, here are 3 more counter depth refrigerators that are worth looking at:

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