GE Profile PSB42YSXSS Refrigerator

42” Built In Side by Side Refrigerator with Ice/Water Dispenser – Stainless Steel

Overall: The GE Profile PSB42YSXSS refrigerator is a beautiful 48” stainless steel refrigerator that will add beauty, style and function to any kitchen. While the outside offers so much, so does the inside with special features like a child lock and a door alarm, to name a few. Take a look at the other features below.

Capacity: 25.2 cu. ft.

Notable Features:

  1. Secure-Close Door System: No more thinking you’ve closed the refrigerator only come back and find it open. This feature actually pulls the door closed for you if it doesn’t get closed all of the way.

  2. Clean, Clear Ice & Water: This refrigerator has a GE Water Plus Filtration System that makes sure you always have good tasting, cold water and ice ready to drink. The Quick Ice function on the ice maker will also help keep you from ever running out of ice when entertaining.

  3. Dual Evaporators Overhead: When these evaporators work they give off heat which can make keeping the internal temperature the same quite an effort. By having them above, the temperature remains constant.

  4. Easy Temperature Management: The digital temperature controls are located within the ice and water dispenser. At all times the actual temperatures are visible allowing you to increase or decrease by as little as one degree when needed.

Colors: Stainless Steel

Efficiency:Is not Energy Star rated

MSRP: $6594 is what it is ‘suggested’ to be sold for but not what it’s actually on the market right now. Take a look at some of the great deals on this fridge right now:

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